This is a prophesy spoken in the solid past 10 years.

"This nation shall experience a cloud of the glory of God, the anointing coming down upon this nation like a thick cloud filled with rain, filled with great potential and it will come down and it will blanket all of the islands like a cloud and it won't come and just wash across and go, but it will settle and it will continue to fall...the rain of God's presence will fall on this nation in a powerful way. And the reviving of the Spirit…literally within five years, this nation will be awash with a great Revival. One side to another, this nation will literally be under the blanket of a move of the Spirit of God like you've never seen before. Just about every denomination will be touched...only those that are very, very resistant will hold out against it, but whole denominations will be swept into this move of the Spirit. There'll be unprecedented unity amongst the church together in Fiji. There will literally be a wonder to people of other nations. You will have many people visit your islands, not because of the beauty, not to be a tourist, but because of the presence of God resting on the islands. It won't be one little spot here or there, but it will be like a blanket that sits over the nation and the Spirit of God will move back and forwards. Sometimes, it'll be so intense in another island and another city and then it'll move and come and sweep here and then it's like it'll move around and the Spirit of God will literally be like waves across the island back and forth around the island, but together you'll be under the blanket of God's favour and blessing. But a number of things will happen during that time. One will be that a man of sedition, a man of scheming will rise up in your political arena and he will come quickly into prominence. Before you know it, he'll have a position of influence in the nation, but he'll be a man of sedition and he will bring conflicts. There will be a time when you have civil unrest on your streets and there won't be a massive across the nation, but there will be civil unrest in areas of this nation and there will be even some bloodshed. This man will rise very quickly, but because of the anointing of the Spirit blanketing the island and the church being in revival, the church will rise up and call and sound an alarm. When they see this happen, this man who begins to cause unrest in the streets, the church will literally flock together in huge prayer concerts, great prayer gatherings and will break the power of that thing. Where in the natural, the papers will be predicting doom and gloom, they will break the power of that thing and bring it to nought and the revival will continue on. In fact, because of that, many people will turn to the Lord in that hour, will come to the Lord…great move of the Spirit. You'll know these things are happening because both in the natural, God will show you things and in the Spirit, you'll be able to recognise them. Within maybe 2-3 years, just in the next few years, one of your sporting teams, I don't know which one, but one of your sporting teams will gain great prominence. They will win a great event beyond what they were expected to win and they'll come back to Fiji and there'll be great celebrations and they'll be national heroes. You, the church, watch! When that happens, God's telling you that as a sign, because at the same time as that happens and I saw this vision of the nation celebrating this great victory and it was almost like in the middle of their celebrations, something happened in the nation and the joy turned to mourning. The Lord didn't show me what that was, but it's like there was a disaster or something happened and the laughter just stopped in mid-sentence and they began to mourn. But out of that turn-around, there would be rising, it's like there would rise up a cry unto God from the nation. Even those outside the church will cry. They will be praying together in public,"God, help us!" Out of that will come a great release even again, of people being led to the Lord, finding the Lord. There's a tremendous awakening starting to happen amongst the people of this nation, out of religion, out of Hinduism, out of culture, an awakening concerning the things of the Spirit of God. You watch that continue in the next few years in this nation.

Your economy will continue to increase over the next few years and there'll be a sense of, well,"This is wonderful!" and then, there'll come a crash and your dollar, I literally saw your dollar will plummet. And again, these things in the natural, God turns them around and uses them to bring favour to the church and the government will literally turn to the church, not those churches that are playing games, but those that are full of the Holy Spirit, who've shown they love their nation. The government will turn to the church and say,"We want you to take over this area of ministry to the broken. We want you (and the government will begin to favour churches) to minister to the homeless, to the children, to those that are broken." Churches will be raised up who will have great strength to be able to minister to the broken and the hurting in the nation.

God is going to raise up across this nation, many men and women that will go out from this nation. The fire of God will be upon them and they will literally be sent forth from this place. You will have people that go to nations that in the past, have sent missionaries here. You will send missionaries to these nations. I literally saw, out of Fiji, a great like a volcano erupt and many fiery arrows, people alive with the Spirit of God literally being translated, transported, transferred, removed from this place and set in another place and God would cause them there to take the anointing and the fire of God that's on them and begin to burn in other places. Some of you already have a burden for other nations. Listen, the time is here to set your sails towards those places. God wants to raise up men in this place in the next few years that have learned how to live under the cloud of His presence, so that when you go, the cloud will go with you and places where they have literally had a little rain of the Spirit, just little showers, you will take the cloud that rests on this nation and you will take the cloud and it'll rest on that place also and it shall continue to rain and spread across the nations.

I saw planes flying, criss-crossing across the islands. The airlines are going to have to put on more flights because of the revival. People are going to want to go from town to city to city, town to town where God's moving and they will come in masse to a place and celebrate and then they'll go somewhere else. There'll be more flights coming in. God will bring ministers in that you haven't even invited, but the Spirit of God will put it upon their heart,"I must go to Fiji! I must be a part of what's happening there. I must sow the gifting that God's given me into that place."

I don't think I've prophesied over a nation quite as significantly concerning a revival, as I am even here today for Fiji. Wherever I go, I prophesy this revival and blessings in many nations, but I feel a stirring about Fiji. I feel like God is saying,"There is something significant that is going to take place in those islands, for you are prepared to abandon that which has been, for that which is coming. You are prepared to embrace the move of the Spirit with abandonment that not many other places are." The Lord says,"I am going to cause a people that will rise up that literally shake off the shackles of their past, of their upbringing, of their culture and begin to dance with joy and celebrate the Kingdom of God, manifest in their midst, with an incredible liberty and freedom." You're going to have meetings that go all night (isn't that fantastic!), meetings that go all night as the Spirit of God comes upon. There'll be some meetings where you'll just literally sit under the power of God for hours. Nobody does anything, but the glory of God rests upon the place. Just a few hours later, a song will begin and that will go for hours, singing and worship and the Spirit of God's going to completely dominate the church scene in this nation. Dominate…that's the best word. The Spirit of God's going to come and dominate the spiritual arena of this nation.

There are some leaders that are presently in leadership in this nation. You will wake up one morning in the next couple of years and they'll be gone...just gone, just no longer in key

leadership because they have not allowed the Spirit of God to come. God is not into bowing to anybody. When God marks out a nation, there are times when the river begins to run and goes around the rocks, but as it gains strength, it sweeps all before. Some of those rocks are monuments to man's best efforts and as the Spirit of God has begun to run, it has gone around. But you watch! In the next couple of years as the tide of the Spirit gains momentum, it will literally sweep all before. Some of those things that have been strong monuments will'll wake up one morning and they won't be there because God will have decided to bring His agenda into focus in that place.

I see God taking off the robes that you've worn of ministry of yesterday of a certain rank. I see God taking it off and putting on a robe, a garment of leadership of a different rank. God wants to promote, even here, many of you. He wants to promote you to a new level, another rank this season. When the Spirit of God breathes afresh in a nation, it awakens new heroes, new leaders. God often doesn't use yesterday's leaders, yesterday's heroes. He looks for people that want to be promoted to carry a greater anointing for this hour. One of my greatest prayers in this hour is,"Father, please use me to carry your anointing." I don't presume on anything that I had yesterday. Oh, I did for a while. I said,"God,I've got a good church. I've grown up in this stuff. I know it all." God said,"No,no. I don't count on those things in the day of revival. I count on those whose hearts are hungry for more." I began to pray,"God, please consider me worthy to carry this revival." God said,"If you'll let go of everything else and take off the robes of yesterday's achievements, I can entrust you with greater things, yet, by My Spirit."



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