CALIFORNIA, USA - Too many people have a complete disregard for the platform on which the Great Council of Chiefs was established.


People like Mosese Tikoitoga, Graham Davis, Sharon Smith, Aiyaz Khaiyum, Voreqe Bainimarama, and many times, Akuila Yabaki, and all their supporters, have showed themselves to be too ignorant of the pertinent issues that made and still will make Fiji under the Great Council of Chiefs.


They have not fully understood the critical importance of a platform like the Great Council of Chiefs, an august body on which the people of Fiji have secured and will always secure its rich diversity.


Fiji is indivisible - you cannot separate politics, economics, tradition, chiefs, the people, our multi-ethnic diversity - they are together. All the time. These are our very foundation but they must be equally balanced to ensure our security as a nation.


We need living and breathing intelligence in the decisions made for Fiji, not the ones that are pulled from an air of ignorance and under the guise of policies. We are seeing radical policy changes that have somewhat destroyed our confidence in our critical institutions.


It is somewhat ironic that these individuals, in a terrible way, have denigrated the living pulse and importance of he Great Council of Chiefs to their level of logic. In many ways through their outburts, they have attempted to try and satisfy their somewhat cloudy judgement on what the Great Council of Chiefs really is.


We have continually read of their radical opinion, ones that are usually always based on a serious lack of concern for partnerships - both at home and abroad. Fiji is a regional pivot when it comes to tradition and the believes of its people in culture and diversity. The Great Council of Chiefs has protected this for many years.


We have lost our democracy. Yes, it's good to take risks but we have to take risks for the right reasons. We should be able to stick to our guts and do what is right for everybody. De-establishing the Great Council of Chiefs is NOT right for the Fijian people. It is appaling. Our founding fathers built Fiji for the common good. They were fair and were a group of progressive leaders.


We must stop dreaming small dreams and carry on politicising our people under the guise of freedom. The military regime's continuous criticism of the Constitution, the Great Council of Chiefs, the Methodist Church, former democratically-elected leaders are truly nonsensical. These are institutions that build Fiji. There is no clear distinction now between what is empowering for our people, and what is an illegal attempt for a remake of our society.


Fiji has become a failed state, far removed from a strong foundation and a controlled territory for its people. We've got to find something that is rich in detail and rich in insight. They are both missing. Fiji has become a land of unique taste but of dreadful policies. We have to now brace for things that are much too large for our common good. Are we going to mine all the diamonds out of our depths while our people stand helplessly by? Our so-called leaders have created hammocks for themselves, including these military regime personnel. They have lost their minds


Fiji was built by a group of broad thinkers, strong men of principles. The military regime and its band of men and women must concentrate on building the nation towards economic strength than destorying what we have.


Spending still continues and budgets keep busting. How can we get back on our feet as a people? What is our safety net today? How can we get rid of the cycle of poverty that has dogged Fiji for years? How do we apply the teaching of our founding fathers in our lives? These principles are very,very important for all of us. We cannot carry on making people too dependent on government.


Fiji was established with everyone in mind. National budgets were created with everyone in mind. Those founding fathers got our cheese and milk for us. We never ran out of bread. There is an all-out assault on the very foundation of our faith as a people. Listen Fiji - the founding fathers of Fiji knew what they were doing. That's the work of God for our nation. They held on to each other for Fiji.


That's what we should do today. get back to fearing God and what our nation should be as far as God is. We must get back to working together. The military regime can keep mining all the diamonds out of Fiji or quote the entire Psalm and still cannot change the way our critical institutions were established with everyone in mind.


It's time we focus on reality than rhetoric. It's time we start realising the important role of true leaders. The clock is ticking. We must address our vulnerabilities now. There's been a lot of efforst by this military regime people and their social manufracturers to demonise our multi-ethnicity. Or our rich diversity. These are God's gift to Fiji, and not something to dismiss on to a middle ground. Either we do it the way it has been done or not do it at all.


Let us get out of their pig pens and let us GET WHAT WE REALLY WANT AND NOT LOSE WHAT WE HAD!

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Comment by BULA BEE on April 18, 2012 at 8:37pm

I don't believe in what the social scientists or the social manufacturers say about the changing political environment in Fiji. The Great Council of Chiefs is critical for Fiji because they form the basis of any validation Fiji will need in times of unrest, for they are there in our midst to calm situations. They will remain firm on the pinnacle of society when everything else fails because of their hierarchical connections between Vanua and traditional alliances. They are the links between chief and commoner in the indigenous Fijian society, and also between our rich multi-ethnic society.

Comment by BULA BEE on April 18, 2012 at 8:37pm

I deeply believe that the chiefs of Fiji are not for the indigenous Fijians only but for other races as well. That has worked for our common good for many years. In the security of the indigenous Fijians, under the precepts of the Great Council of Chiefs, we must find the basis of everyone's security (Vasu, Indian, Chinese and other ethnic groups, and I truly believe that this has been our platform as a multi-ethnic society for many years. We must project a national consciousness and not demarcate our sense of beliefs in a multi-ethnic society. It's nonsensical to mute the voice of our chiefs because they are based in the Vanua, where many indigenous Fijians (70-percent) live. These military regime no longer has a national vision; and in their pursuit of power have trampled all over what the indigenous Fijian has in terms of balance by way of the indigenous Fijian's system of doing things. And the likes of paramount chiefs like Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Ro Teimumu Kepa both have strong basis of legitimacy to request the military regime not to do what they are doing to the indigenous Fijian people by way of illegal decrees.



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