Another Drubbing for Fiji Rugby Under Military Management

"Ireland A scored their eighth try in the 79th minute as Fiji continued to play a disinteresting game. Ireland A 53 - Flying Fijians 0." Fiji Village News

Military Torture Man Rokoura (right) as manager of Fiji Rugby Team

Fiji Rugby suffered another humiliating drubbing, 53-0, from Ireland in its latest Northern hemisphere tour match. The result followed on last week's equally bad score against England 54-12. Two half century scores posted against Fiji cannot be good for its international rugby standing nor the sagging morale of team members.

All this since military Torture Man, Major Aseri Rokoura was appointed Manager of the Team and as he began enforcing military-style discipline on team members.

This Blog reported earlier (12/10/2012 ), on how unhappy team members were on Rokoura's dictatorial management style and how it was affecting team morale.

In that report, team members were warned of being taken up to the military camp on their return to Fiji as punishment for any ill-discipline or for leaving the team hotel to visit friends or relatives while on tour. Team members privately revealed this to some Fijians in the British army who visited their camp!
Rokoura (middle) reporting to his Dictator master on latest torture schedule
With such dumb and pigheaded management approach, Rokoura is just being a carbon copy of his tyrannical master, Dictator Bainimarama whose every order he follows to the letter, including the torture and abuse of innocent civilians taken up to the military camp in Suva.
Just as well, such record of human rights abuse and violation are being documented for future evidence when he and his dictator master face their due appointment in a court of law.
 As long as the dreaded military continues to run and control every aspect of life and government in Fiji, and now its Rugby, Fiji and its people can well look forward to both drubbing on the rugby field and ostracism from the family of civilised and democratic nations. Get rid of the military and you rid Fiji of the contagious blight.

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Comment by Mike on November 17, 2012 at 11:15pm



Is it just a coincidence that Fiji's ranking on the IRB table has taken a slide since Tikoitoga and his goons took over the FRU in 2010? They now lie 14th on the table and if they don't beat Georgia they will tumble further down and run the real risk of not qualifying for the next World Cup in England.

I remain optimistic that Fiji will participate in the next tournament however the current management team will have to be held accountable for the teams poor performance. However this is not a proper team in the sense that everything is based on performances, it is based on whose backside you choose to kiss.

Fiji Rugby will never get back on par with our Pacific neighbour until we have strong leadership within the rugby union. We need people with good management and leadership skills in combination with a good rugby brain.

Gun totting thugs and tortures are the last thing that our national team need.  



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