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Paul wrote," I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.

All my life,especially during my childhood I heard Philipians 4:13,but never stopped to realize its importance.Waisale Serevi and the Fiji Seven's favorite quote and fellow mates on the streets.The message speaks about the truth and power of promise of Jesus Christ.Most of all I turned to God through personal spiritual connention,I learned that God is always present to comfort our spirits and to…


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Work From Home.


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Mo Tauri Vakasala Mai Vua Na I Talatala Ni KALOU.

The servant said to Saul,"Behold,there is in the city a man of God,and he is an honourable man,all that he saith cometh surely to pass,now let us go and see him." 1 Samuel 9:6.

The day before,the Lord has spoken to Samuel,"Tomorrow,a man will come from the tribe of Benjamin.Make him the king of Israel.When Samuel saw Saul walking up the hill,God spoke again,"This is the King of Israel."Saul asked Samuel,"Where does the prophet live?' "Come with me and we'll eat together,"replied…


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Na I Bulibuli Kecega Ena Rawa Ni Vakavinavinakataka Na KALOU.

Jesus answered,"I tell you,if these were silent,the stones would shout out." Luke 19:40.

When Jesus passed through the gates of Jerusalem on the Palm Sunday he kept his promise.The crowd and the disciple praised him,but Jesus said that if they didn't,the rocks would! All things God made can glorify their Creator.I know that sometimes I am disobedient and resistant to correction,and because I struggle with mental illness,my thoughts are scattered,my social cues all wrong.I despair of…


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Ni Sa Veikacivi Na KALOU, E Na Veivakarautaki.

The Lord said to Joshua,"Be strong and courageous." Joshua 1:6

I entered Bible College to prepare for full-time ministry and felt inadequate for the demanding work that lay ahead.Who was I to imagine that I could be a leader and Pastor of God's people?I realized that Joshua probably felt the same as I did when he was faced with the challenge of leading the Israelites into the Promised Land.

As we face the challenges of our day,we too may feel inadequate and weak.But God still…


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Viti-Talk: Cheapest Call Rate You will Ever Get!

Located in Samabula, Suva, Fiji Islands we provide the CHEAPEST call rate to anyone calling into Fiji from the United States and anywhere in the world.

Viti-Talk uses a prepaid calling platform similar to that when you use the phone card, however we don’t sell the physical card that is bought from the shop, we only sell the minutes that you will need for your talk-time.

Rate : 22c/min – any cell and landlines in Fiji

The beauty about the Viti-Talk service is that it…


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Na KALOU Sa I Vurevure Ni Veikakecega.

The Psalmist wrote," I lift up my eyes to the mountains-where does my help come from?" Psalm 121:1. God is our greatest resource. The Psalmist is not looking at as a source of help but as a source of threat or harm.Then he raises the question,'From where cometh my help?" Verse 2 is his immediate answer.Waking up another day giving me hope that my redeemer live and will meet all my needs.Yesterday ends a chapter and today starts another one to rejoice and be glad in it.

God Bless.

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Na I Vakatekivu Kei Na I Vakataotioti. (The Alpha And The Omega)

Behold I stand at the door and knock;if any man hear my voice and open the door ,I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me. Rev.3:20. A story: A painter made a painting of a house,and it was so beautiful,it was the talk of the town. A man past by and commented on the picture,"So beautiful and where is the knob of the door?"The painter replied,"You have to knock at the door inorder for the owner of the house to open." Time and Tides waits for no man and you have to make Hay…


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Personal Branding Is No Longer An Option. It’s A Powerful Leadership Enabler.

Have you defined your personal brand? Are you consistently living your personal brand every day?

If your teammates and/or colleagues don’t know what your personal brand is, the fault is yours and not theirs. Having a personal brand is a leadership requirement.

·It enables you to be a better leader.

·A more authentic…


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E Na So Na Gauna E Na Veisautaka Na KALOU Na Noda I Tuvatuva Me Da Na Vinaka Kina.

The master said to the slave,"Go out into the roads and lanes,and compel people to come in,so that my house may be filled." Luke:14:23. God often changes our plans for the better.I didn't realize that my trip to the States was to be a Pastor.I spent 15 years in the Theological School at Claremont and enjoy every moment of it.Look at the Israelites,Jacob divided eleven sons with estates except the Levis to commit in the ministry.I believe in God who cotrols this life and the after life.The…


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Na Ka 'O Tea Ko Na Vuataka.

Do not be deceived,God is not mocked;for whatever a man sows,that he will also reap. Galatians 6:7. Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion and the Law of Gravity,just as there are laws in the physical realm,so there are laws in the Spiritual realm.Our scripture above,Gal.6:7 is the universal law of the Harvest,..for whatever a man sows,that he will also reap.Paul applied that universal law to spiritually-based actions.If we sow a ungodly action,we reap godly discipline or judgment.If we sow a godly…


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Talent Deficit Syndrome:The Story of FijiFirst Party

by Sai Lealea

Even before full campaigning starts, one thing is getting clearer each day; how Fiji has been lumped with a bunch of lackluster people in government with Dictator Bainimarama who lack talent when compared to the candidates of parties now announced to stand in the 17 September Election. 

Pound for pound on intellect, intelligence and common touch,…


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Cry No More My Beloved Fiji

by Sai Lealea

There can be no doubt Fiji and its people have literally been pouring their hearts out and shedding untold tears. This has been due to the loss of their freedom and the abuse of their human rights and dignity since the overthrow of the elected government of PM Qarase in December 2006 by the Dictator Bainimarama. That national outpouring of grief and tears is beginning to abate and tears are slowly drying as they see a glimmer of hope in the…


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Na Vakabauta, Na I Nuinui Kei Na Loloma, E Sa Uasivi Cake Ga Na Loloma.

And now abideth faith,hope,charity,these three;but the greatest of these is charity. 1 Cor.13:13. Na vakabauta,e na tu ena so na gauna e na lailai na nomu vakabauta.Na vakanuinui,'o na vakanuinui tu ki na bilocicila.Na loloma e sa na volai tu e utomu me vaka e volai e na vatujasipa.That's the greatest Spiritual Gift one could get is LOVE or CHARITY which is to have God in you.When my three boys were still young,they love to eat Mcdonald.When driving around the "Drive Thru,"there's always be…


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The Problem With Arrogant Pastors

The Problem With Arrogant Pastors — And 5 Ways Not to Be One

by Ed Stetzer



Ed Stetzer: Arrogance stifles mission. It redirects the focus of our ministry to us instead of the Kingdom.


Even writing a blog post on this almost guarantees comments about pots and kettles. And I get that. I'm as human as you are. And if we are all honest…


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Neither death,nor life,nor angels,nor rulers,nor things to come,nor powers,nor height,nor depth,nor anything else in all creation,will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. John 10:1-5.The passage confirm us that our creator lives and will meet us after this life.And in Romans 8,Paul reminds us that nothing can orevent us from having a relationship with Jesus Christ if we accept and get to know him.How good it is to know that no obstacle can prevent us from…


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E Da Vauci Tu E Na Loloma Levu Ni KALOU.

For sin shall not have dominion over you:for you are not under the law, but under grace. Romans 6:14. We are so glad to be reminded by the Word of God.We serve the Holy Trinity,three in one.We cannot differentiate them but applies to different times.The Jews Law is "Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth," but Jesus change the Law to,"Love your neighbor and No violence," and we can see the outcome today.Always forgive your enemy and always pray for others.

Have a blessed Day!

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