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Prayer of Restoration and Regeneration 1

I renounce and repent for myself and for all those in my family generational line and also as a current member of the body of Christ for:

• Not interceding for justice.

• Rebellion, treachery, falsehood, muttering wicked things, disunity, mockery, and not valuing truth.

• Those who cursed or crushed the children of God who were weaker, injured, or immature. I bless them and pray that they will come into the full knowledge of Christ.

• All participation that…


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Prayer to Release Us Into Financial Freedom

I repent that I have not treated and valued the Kingdom of Heaven as I should and that I have exchanged the value of the Kingdom of Heaven for the desires of my heart in the form of an earthly Kingdom. Lord, I repent for worrying about life, food, and clothing. I repent for laying up treasures on earth where moths and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. I repent for robbing You, Lord, and not freely and cheerfully giving my offerings to You out of a heart of…


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Prayer to Establish Us As Living Stones

Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before Your throne. I repent for being so stuck and focused on the past that I have been unable to see Your calling for me.

I repent for not rightly discerning Your presence.

I repent for not acknowledging Your presence when you have acknowledged mine.

I repent for asking you for things that You have already done and are doing.

Lord, I repent for not using my keys to unlock the mysteries of the Kingdom of…


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Breaking Demonic and Curses by the Blood of Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ,

I believe you are the Son of God. And the only way to God. I believe you died on the Cross for my sins. And rose again from the dead. By your Blood, the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony I have given all power to stand against the satan. I apply the Blood of Jesus over myself and everything surrounding me. I cover my spirit, soul and body, my mind, intellect, consciousness, sub-consciousness, thoughts, will, senses and emotions with the Blood of…


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Prayer to Release Me into the Fullness of Intimacy with the Lord

Lord, I repent for and renounce the sin of transgressing Your will and command by partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

I repent for disobedience to Your known will, which stopped me from being fruitful, filling the earth and subduing it and having dominion as You intended. I repent for surrendering the authority You gave to me.

I repent for the lust of my eyes, the lust of my flesh, and the boastful pride of life. I repent for the…


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Prayer to Establish us as Kings and Priests in His Kingdom

I exercise my position in Christ and I break all agreements with laws, codes and regulations made with the ungodly sons of god in all realms, dimensions, and depths.

I exercise my position in Christ and I break all agreements, covenants and contracts with rebellion that were embedded in those codes, acts, regulations and laws.

I exercise my position in Christ and I cancel the agreement that my ancestors made that gave the enemy the right to make demands…


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Prayer to Release Me into My God Given Influence

I choose to forgive those who have come against my spiritual authority and influence. I forgive those who declared that I was not operating in the Spirit because they wanted to restrict me to a dimension of their understanding in the natural realm. I forgive them for coming against the influence that You chose for me to have.

I choose to forgive those who have suppressed women and children and limited their potential for growth. I forgive those who have silenced women…


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Prayer for Divine Intervention and Release into Your Birthright

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce:

Forgetting You, Lord, and exalting myself as lord of my life

Misusing godly supplies and money

Worshiping Your gifts instead of You, God, the Giver of the gifts

Not guarding my heart with all diligence towards You, Lord

Not reading and acting upon the Word of God

Not spending time with You

Not sowing with an attitude of righteousness and therefore not reaping the fruit of unfailing…


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28 Tips, Tricks, Apps and Hacks for Senior Pastors

If you‘d like to get more done in less time, here are a number of my favourite time saving tips, tricks, apps and hacks for Senior Pastors in the trenches.

Brian’s Productivity Rules

3 Sentence Email Rule – Except in rare circumstances, I never respond in email with more than 3 sentences. If something warrants a longer response I’ll say, “See me Sunday” or “Bring this up at staff meeting.”

“Can You Email Me?” Rule – Stop telling…


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How to Use Social Media Effectively in the Church

 “We need to get…!” is a rallying cry many churches make. When a new thing comes out and a church sees another using it successfully, it’s not uncommon for a church to follow along.

Calvin recently wrote about the church and social media. He wrote about its effectiveness:

So is social media effective for a church? It can be, but in most cases, it probably isn’t. The shocking reality is…


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Prayers before Reading the Bible


Prayer Before Studying the Bible


Dear Lord, thank You for Your written Word and the mighty truths it contains. We pray that in the power of Your Holy Spirit You would open our hearts and minds to the truths that You wish us to see.

Prepare our hearts and open our minds we pray, and give us a teachable spirit that is receptive to all that You would have us learn today. Open our ears to hear Your voice speaking to us and remove any preconceived…


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Prayers for Spiritual Revival

My Prayer For Spiritual Revival


Heavenly Father, my life is weak and seems to be failing and falling apart and in my heart I know that this is due to a long-term neglect of You and Your ways. Forgive me I pray and help me to return into true fellowship with You once again.

Lord, I believe that You have stirred in my spirit the need to turn from my worldly ways and to look again to Christ. I believe that You have quickened my spirit to call my…


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Prayers for Leaders

Prayer For Our Church Leaders

Loving Father we thank You for our Church leaders that You have appointed 

I pray that they would love Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and that their ministry would never steal from them their first love, Jesus Christ. I pray that they would love and serve their wives and family with glad hearts and that their family would have love for the ministry instead of resenting it for “stealing” their husband and…


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Prayers for Our Country

Intercession For Our Land


Dear God, give the leaders of this nation the wisdom and integrity to lead our nation in the best direction, where You are put in Your rightful position - and give each one discernment I pray, when making decisions or drawing up the legislation and laws that they pass - and may the decisions that they reach be godly and wise. 

I pray also that You would protect our nation from other peoples that may seek to enter our…


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A Partner In Marriage

“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14)


O Lord,

You know my heart. I yearn to have a partner to walk this life with. Lord, my human side is saying “take the first person that comes!” I know this is not wise. I don’t want to settle for anyone that You don’t want me to be with. Father, give me wisdom in picking a mate. You know…


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Prayers for Wives

Prayer for My Wife to Become Mature Woman of God


How I praise You for the gift of my wife and pray Lord that day by day she may become mature in the faith - a holy woman of prayer that is growing in grace and in her knowledge of Her Saviour, day by day 

Give her the inner strength to carry out her duties both at home and with others, through the power of the Holy Spirit and may her whole body, soul and spirit be kept blameless at the coming of…


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Prayer for Husbands

Prayer For Help To Live With A Difficult Husband


Oh dear Father, I come to You weary and worn with little hope of things ever getting better. My marriage, which started out so well has become a nightmare and I don’t know what to do. Whatever I try to do to please my husband seems never to be right and I find at times I am in the depths of despair and discouragement. 

But Lord I made my marriage vows before You and promised to love and to cherish…


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Prayers for Singles

Prayer Singles Who Are Wanting To Be Married


Heavenly Father – You were the One who made us male and female and You were the One Who placed each one of us in our families - You knew us before we were even born.. while we were being secretly formed in our mother’s womb.

But Lord there are many Christian men and women that long to be married but find that the person that they so long to meet and spend their life with never seems to cross their path – and…


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Prayers for Leaders of the Nations



For Christians in Leadership Positions


Loving Lord we bring before You the many leaders of the world, and those in high positions, knowing that the nation whose God is the Lord is a blessed nation indeed. We pray for those leaders around the world, who are seeking to abide by the truth of Your law and we pray that they my be tools, used by You, to maintain justice and righteousness in their respective positions and nations. 



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Prayer for Renunciation of Roman Catholicism III

Heavenly Father, I renounce the false kingdom of Jezebel, the ‘queen of heaven’, and the ‘lady of the kingdoms’.

I repent of being tolerant of the Jezebel spirit in my home, my church and my community.

I repent of my passivity and fear that has stopped me from confronting those under this spirit.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I bind everything of the kingdom of Jezebel in my life.  I come against every right and stronghold that has been built up in my…


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