What Type Of Songs Should Be Played In Fiji Buses? Should It Be Played There At All?

Do you think they are noisy?

Who selects the song played? The driver? So whatever he selects you go with it?

Do you find the songs amusing, sweet or blatantly loud and disrespectful to your privacy to ride in the bus with peace?

School buses - what type of songs to be played for our children? Should pop songs be played there at all?

Are there any effect at all of songs being played in buses - school, special or public buses?

Are we supporting the negative effect of it?


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Is your privacy being invaded when bus drivers are playing songs you dont like? Do you feel irritated or you just have to go with the flow?
Tell me about it...Our Bus Company Is The Nasese Oneeeee.....Not Only Are They Loudddd But The Songs Are Just Ridiculous...And The Fact That They Have To Play It Over And Over Again....Whenever I Get Off The Bus...My Ears Are Alwaysss Ringing...Sadly It Either Catch That Bus Or Walk For Fifteen Minutes....
Bula vinaka Nitedrox,great thread bro.Au a tu mai Viti na yabaki sa oti,au a vodo basi dua na siga ya,qai rogoca na mataqali sere ra on tu,dou,vakadomobula dina...Au madaga noqu rai,sa vinaka saraga me kua ni ontaki!...Yes we are definetly supporting negative effect on youths.
I am a youth myself,but,I find it really annoying.
Public transport me sa kua saraga ni on kina dua na radio,just enjoy the ride with a clear mind and enjoy a beautiful sight of Fiji ..
My Bro@Nitedrox...I think drivers should play songs that soothes the mind..U r very much true..Some buses in Fiji do play songs that are not worth playing @ all.It has these swear words n all that..if u do know what I am talking about n it is so lloouudddd.I rimembered last yr while in Fiji, I went in a Deecees Bus n I had to ask the drive to lower the volume of the music that was playing cos I felt my eardrums were going to burst so luckily he did that for me.
Thank you for the reply Leena, Niko and UK.
FYI...most buses in Suva are installing speakers (boomed or digitally amplified)...you will see that the effect is a high pitched sound, eeventhough low, it sort of shrieks through your ears and gves you a tingling sensation to your brains. If the decibels (noise level) becomes a bit more, throbbing of the brain happens.For some its a cause of a mild headache even before reaching school or work.

Good. Your comments pls before we make a submission to LTA and CC to all bus companies....it wont hurt if we do that, aye?
Good Idea Bro...Im supporting 100% for that!
good idea...finally...i think there is a law that applies to noise pollution...usually it applies to niteclubs...but buses nowdays are twice as worst as niteclubs...seriously something should be done....
i strongly agree with that Nitedrox...seems like a moving niteclub...
Good...I wonder though if parents whose children go in the school busses (primary schools) know how their children are being bombarded with noisy/meaningless songs every morning and afternoon....or some parents simply do not care at all?
Dua na siga au a vodo basi qai blast tu mai so na sere sega tu madaga ni macala na ka e lagati tu mai. Au sa mani "fed up" ga kau tucake lako sara vei draiva me kua ni "assault" taka na daliqu ka me biuta ira na kena volume. Sa mani vakayacora sara okoya. Ka la ni veivosaki!

To take it a step further, we dont want trash pumped into our kids everyday on buses, parents or schools should write to the companies concered and make their complaints. Maybe then the "assault" will cease!
Ka dina taucoko Viti N.....vaka e da sa sega ni rokovi na lewe ni vanua mai vei ira na kabani ni basi? Au a vakasamataka tiko, " De dua beka na ka e ra saga tiko vei keda? Like a secret agenda?"



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