Does the Fijian bible needs to be retranslated into a more contemporary and mordenised version of the Fijian language that is easy for the average person to understand?

Has the fijian bible to some extent  because of its lack of depth robbed us of the richness of God's word.


But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: (John 1:12) KJV


Ia ko ira kecega sa vakabauti koya, sa solia vei ira ko koya me ra yaco rawa me ra luve ni Kalou, vei ira sa vakabauta na yacana.


Power -- Exousia (Greek), it means power, right, liberty, jurisdiction and strength. Simply  the ability or strength with which one is endued, which he either possesses or exercises. 

What are your thoughts on this topic?
All comments and contributions appreciated.

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Thank you for your comments Ratu Semi. Don't you think we still need a Fijian translation of the Bible that the average person can read and understand whether they're from Australia, USA, UK, NZ or from any other part of the world for that matter?



.... contemporary and modernised...?

I agree it must be re-written.

It also should be written in the Fijian dialect the majority of Fijians understand - the Bauan Dialect - don't even mention the Ah Koy translation!

A lot of studies have been done by the translators of the KJV, NIV, NASB, ESV, ... where the Fijian translators ought to take their que from. Just a few words need to be changed/added to give a more descriptive understanding of the root word it is derived from. We do not need to "create" new Fijian words to try and shorten some verses.



Thank you Jerex, my question is this what about in words where we do not have a Fijian word for it, or the translation of it in Fijian doesn't do justice or it falls short? How can we get around that problem in the Fijian translation? For example Love, Mercy, Charity; Sin, Inquity, Transgression.

Can we create new words in Fijian that is applicable and conducive to today's generation so that the Gospel can be effectively shared?

Not really easy translating some of those English words. Some could instead of being translated, they could be defined to give its meaning. New Fijian words could be created, but I generally do not go along with that idea because they cannot be said to be really "Fijian" words. i think it will be more difficult to create "new" Fijian words than it is to translate using existing Fijian dialects.

My definition of some words you mentioned : (open to correction)


-          Agape : brotherly love    : loloma vakaveitacini

-          Eros  : intimate love       :  veidomoni, na yalo ni loloma e tubu mai ena nomu dodomo

-          Philia (Philos) : general love; love between friends, family       : loloma ni veiwekani


-          Storge  : natural affection from parents to offspring        : loloma vakatama (vakatina)

Charity  :   Almsgiving      :  Dau solika (ni loloma) ; Dau solisoli

Mercy  :  Compassionate; clemency ; kind and forgiving   :  yalo vinaka , yalo e veivosoti

Sin  :  deliberate disobedience to the will of God ;             :  valavala ca

Iniquity : Gross immorality or injustice; wickedness          : veivakaloboci ; dukadukali, yaloca

Transgression :  to go beyond or over (a limit, boundary)          : kocokoco , garo (sa) 



@ Jerex vinaka vakalevu na vakaitavi tiko mai ena ulutaga oqo....


Perhaps it would be something similar to the Amplified Bible. To add clarity other words may be placed in brackets or braces that speaks of the same subject.



i think history proves that every time it is re translated,we loses more and more truths.It will happenned again.

Just let it be,before we lost more and more truth. 

@ Rock ....YouRock ...well said. Fijian translation is better than some New English translation. How dare you wana change Fijian translation. Let it be, you're already off track by those new English translation. Second why is a Chinese guy to come and change my Native word.
Fijian Word GATA represent Double edge Sword,
Second, God represent Snake and a Lion. Satan always Wana Copy God. So the Fijian word Kalougata fit perfectly and no room for improvement......Moses Snake ate Degei and all other Snake God, other God's Snake bit those Israelites in the wilderness, God told Moses to make a Snake Bronze and put it on the Cross and raise it up, who ever see that Snake will be save....... it will just like the Son of Man..... if you wana change it ...go ahead ....but remember Degei will be crawling in your Bedroom ...just a thot.

may be your GOD ....O KALOU GATA SE O KALOU VU...NOT MINE. How do you bless people in kalougata tiko mada mo kalouca....why can't we used? Mo kalouvinaka or .



Really Miliniani? 


If you really want to strip this to the bare bones, then you must also be very aware of the Fijian words you use.


eg: 'PASITAKI' in the latter part of your sentence "GAUNA EDA PASITAKI IDIA MAI KINA".


'Pasitaki' is not a Fijian word! 

so it goes back to the selection of words we used....I cold have used:.gauna eda lako siviti Idia mai kina.....siviti is also not a fijian word, ...can you get me a word that should replace a word I used to give the same meaning. Well to continue from the above.....Why it is easy for our brothers from Indian to be in Fiji. Didn't they came to fiji to worship that same God of theirs. Remember they could have made a deal on their way...because that Snake help them on their way they had a deal to used his name in every good things they come across. My interpretation don't take it seriously. Don't take me wrong, I love the Indian people because of Jisus Christ love at the cross for them and me as a sinner. We need to reach out for them inorder to save our country. I don't want any other God in my country or in my house

Kelton invests in the ‘Word of God’


  A local company is breaking new grounds in the investment industry.

Kelton Investments project manager Anthony Ah Koy says they are optimistic that the project - the New Fijian Translation of the Holy Bible - was just the beginning.

“The bible is a living work and has a huge history.

“Parts of the Holy Bible were first translated to the i-Taukei language in 1839,” Mr Ah-Koy said.

“In 1847 the whole of the New Testament was published in i-Taukei in its present form. The first and still only complete translation of the Bible (both Old and New Testament) was completed and published in 1864, almost 150 years ago.”

The company hopes to reach out to everyone and rekindle the love of i-Taukei scriptures.

“This project aims to publish a new and complete translation of the Holy Bible into the Fijian language (Bau, the official dialect), the first translation since the original 1864 translation was published,” he said.

“The original translation of the Bible (from english) was completed by the Methodist missionary, Reverend John Hunt, and his team who had earlier transcribed the i-Taukei language from being only a spoken language into a written language for the first time in history.

“This translation is also the first to be completed by a project team comprising only of i-Taukeis, and the first translation to be made available on-line and at no cost because we believe salvation is free.

“We had already distributed about 500 New Fijian Translation bibles and they were distributed first to the Fiji Police Force, the Fiji Prisons and Corrections Service, prison inmates and the Fiji Military Forces.”

Mr Koy thanked all those that had a hand in the project.

“The New Fijian Translation (NFT) has been translated on the basis of a number of English language versions of the Holy Scriptures, with no single English version being solely relied upon in a literal translation, in order to best capture the interpretation of the various English idioms, grammar and nuances of meaning in the biblical text, into their i-Taukei equivalents.

“The project team was assembled, commissioned and solely funded by the Ah Koy Christian Trust, and commenced work in July 2007. The translation into the i-Taukei language was conducted by the team led by Pastor Peni Seru and Pastor Samisoni Seru, the two Bau pastors commissioned to complete this work.”

He said the NFT edition was different from other bibles.

“Improvements made in the New Fijian Translation include;

n Exclusion the word kalougata, which we contend has been mistranslated to convey the meaning of blessing, from English to i-Taukei in the Scriptures and we have used kalou vinaka, kalou sautu whichever in the context closer to the English Bible.

n 100 per cent consistent usage of the Bauan dialect of the i-Taukei language, replacing the mixture of Tongan, Bauan, Lauan and other Fijian dialects used in the current 1864 translation of the Bible into i-Taukei.

n Translation of the Scriptures into contemporary i-Taukei language in order to facilitate easier reading and understanding, utilising newly available reference material containing a more complete body of i-Taukei vocabulary, including the new Fijian Dictionary.

n Updating the translation of the Scriptures on a as consistent as possible thought-for-thought basis, resolving numerous issues with the first translation that had inevitably arisen from the infancy of i-Taukei as a written language.”

Kelton Investment publishes and distributes bibles in Fiji, with the hope to produce translations and biblical resources, and offer programmes and resources to churches and ministries.

The company provides Bible translations in various vernacular languages in HTML and PDF formats.

It publishes its publications online where people can download or give their views in a forum on the website

I have read Ah Koy's Fijian Version of the Bible and its a lousy translation. I have written to them already to show them just a few areas that  I was concerned with and they had acknowledged it but they cannot do anything now as it is already in circulation. We have been using the Old Fijian Bible now for so long and I believe we can still get by with it.




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