To all Cyber Refs and Coaches .... what should the Fiji Bati do to improve on their performance?

Give us your thoughts.....


What do you think about the 2014 Four Nations which will be hosted by Aust & NZ ...

After the huge score against our boys in the SF RLWC 2013, it seems there is a change of heart within the RL fraternity to bring back Samoa to play against Fiji for the 4th spot in the 4-Nation in 2014.....

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I believe they are sacrificing flair to maintain an orderly approach to the game.

I watched the game between Scotland and Italy, and I thought both teams played the style of Rugby taken straight out of the "Fijian" textbooks of rugby. I would dare say that if Italy or Scotland played that style and pace against Fiji, we would be in all sorts of trouble.


The game against Australia was a lot more constructed but missing the flair that would have made the speedsters in the team more effective.

Theyve improved alot,thank you boys,,you do us proud,,but,the Australian way for 80 minutes,,I missed the MAI ,,PASI MAI KE Fijian way ,lako ,,qori,,cumuta,,but to be in the game plan ,,kua ni sa mani vakaviti sara tu ,de tataqei dredre tale na kai,,,if only it could be blended somehow, somewhere in the game plans of future displays if possible,,ke sega ,,ia We still proud of you boys,,especially Petero ,,thank you,, if someone can really mould a pattern of rugby that include this Flare inside his 80 minutes,I waited for it this last few games but it didnt pop,,so i finished  my food and hope to see it in the next game,,This Aussie bully team have been playing together for decades ,,,So we didi weather,,,Go Fiji Bati Go!!!!

bula Te...


Yes... they did well to hold their own against the might of the Aussies. In my view, it was a different game plan compared to the game against Ireland. In fact, after Tim Sheens (Aussie Coach) made several changes to their team, bringing in the younger and fresh players, I believed he was expecting a fast and free running game from the Fijian speedsters. The players that started for the Aussies were the impact players to match the hard running Fijians flyers.


Unfortunately, I believe, Rick Stone (Fiji Coach) was preparing for the hard running Aussie forwards and curtailed the flair to adopt a more tight compact game, which is not exactly the Fijian style of Rugby (whether League or Union).

I hope they play a more expansive game against the English and make use of the speedsters in Uate, Koroibete, Kevin, and others.....

Can the Fiji Bati tackle the tough English?

I believe they can. They need the discipline seen against the Aussies but also open up the game a bit more. Na veivosaki me caka vakalevu. Kaciva na polo and be aware of your mates that cuts in (or out) when you make a deliberate diversion. Put your thinking caps on....! Na vakasa kaukauwa (physical) ena sega ni rawata e dua na ka .... but power and speed will give us a chance.


E wawa tiko o Samoa kevaka e qaqa o Igiladi. O Samoa e timi vinaka talega - raica ga na kai vata kei Niu Siladi.

C'mon boys, create the biggest upset of the tournament and France will be a walk in the Park.

Where there is a will, there is a way..!

Go Fiji..!!

Io ka dina Mr Jerex.Ia na open play ratou cakava o Igiladi vei Ireland ya me qaqarauni sara kina o viti.

Totally agree ... Au vakabauta ni dua na ka mai vakaleqa tiko na noda qito na Kaiviti oya na noda mai tovolea meda vakamurimuria tiko nai walewale ni qito era caka tiko eso tale na timi.

We are always trying to adopt their style but can never master it. We need to play our own brand of football. The brand that we are more familiar with and also more confident with. There are some areas to "twist" and other areas to build on., but basically play our own rugby game.


For the big English forwards, tackle sara ga na yava (below the knee), sega ni sagana baleta ni o na coqa tiko na kaukamea...! Take their legs out and they will run nowhere. Me tiko e dua me liutaki iratou tiko na Backline - me rabailevu tiko na rai - be able to read the game.

Na nodatou qito saraga na Open Play. Open mai - Open yani (vakataki Italy kei Scotland). Ni sa dua e raica e dua na opportunity me ceba kina, dua tale se rua me muri koya ....


England is one of the big 'Powerhouses' but I believe we can give them a good run for their money "if we all pull together" so the chorus goes......!


thanks gents, I think we should just blame the referee....Go Bati Go......Nomu Liga, Nomu Laga.


Io ke wini se lusi au na cheertaka ga na Fiji Bati.

hahahha..vinaka @AN.dua tale,,Ni sa vakaviti na qito KOYA DATOU VINAKATA TIKO QO,me sa ia na veipasi vakaveitalia kei na cici ,,au raica ni dau yaco na sikoa vivinaka sara.vakakina ena union rugby.Ia ni sa ATTACK MAI NA ito kadua ,,datou sa dalaga tu ka sa sega ni rawa na veivesu ,,Au TAroga ga se sa bau dua vei keda mai viti esa enalise ka tuvana oti e dua na i tuvatuva ka sa wakia vata kina na veivakasama kece era sa cauraka tiko mai na noda ena veiyabaki kece me wili me i qitoqito vakaviti ,se sa okoya ga oqo na style eda sa na vakamuria kece tu qai macala ga ni sa uvu na sici ena veiqito kece..qo ena league vata kei na union talega,,

   Sa lailai sara na kai kei Australia ena qito sa oti,,ka tukuna oya ni sa kaba cake na i vakatagedegede ..Vinaka Fiji Bati,,We are proud of Us,,,,We need some players who are Risk takers especially when we are losing,,,,sa dri yani,,Go FIJI GO,,



Truce up ...amelina ... dina mada ...oso..!

The game with the Aussies..... one of the killer blows from the ref was when he ignored a knock-on by Thurston near their try line..... but still, good discipline from our boys.

I also noticed that Sisa Waqa was not all there. This guy is as tough as they come, but he seemed a little lethargic to me ... sega beka na warm-up vinaka.... I don't know.

Groome needs to control his kicking game and attempt to make quick yards from tackle starts.


I am not sure if there are any "setup plays" from the backline. Yali tiko na ceba I sau qai pasi mai loma ..... yes we can..!!! Go Fiji....!

Jerex,,noqu nanuma ga,na timi ni Viti me guilecava na via wini vei Igiladi..meratou cakacaka taka rawa tiko yani qoka/focus sara tiko se ocei eratou na sota na quarterfinal...vinaka

Au vakabauta ni kevaka eratou lusi vei Igiladi, eratou na sota kei Samoa ena quarter. Ke ratou wini, eratou na sota kei Varanise.


Safe toka kei Varanise.... noqu nanuma ga...




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