Bula vinaka my fellow countrymen and women. Just stumbled on your site while surfing and thought I should stop by for a little talanoa. My name is Rajesh Kumar and I come here with Jesus by my side, leading me on, just as he always has done ever since I was a little boy growing up in the '70s amidst the tin shacks and stony mud tracks of Samabula's shanty town near Suva. I have many good childhood memories but have been scarred by some bad ones as well. Please allow me to tell you some of my stories so that I can get to where Jesus is guiding me.

My family was dirt poor and my brothers and I often went hungry and we will be forever thankful to the local Catholic parishioners who helped us when times got too tough, such as when people stole from our little teitei along the slope beneath our house. To get us past each day, my dad packaged spicy peas and peanuts and walked around Samabula, Raiwaqa and Rawai selling the little packets. Etched deeply in my memory is the time when dad came home one day with a swollen eye, cut lip and smashed spectacles. When I asked him what had happened, he just patted me on the back and told me not to worry. Then we all huddled together around the family bible and prayed under the candle-light like we always did. My dad passed away in the early nineties while I was on an Australian Govt scholarship studying in Sydney. He will always be my hero and I just wish I could hold him now and hug away all the hurt of the past. I later learnt from my mother that the incident wasn't an isolated one and that he was bullied and constantly assaulted as he went around selling his little packets for 10 cents and 20 cents each.

"Bean peanut ….. bean peanut …. bean peanut."

"oi kai'dia ...moku na kai'dia, baku, boci, kulina, carawai ...”

My mother said dad had reported the matter to police once but since nothing changed, he just learned to live with the abuse and assaults, suffering so he could buy my school books and the kerosene to light the reading lamps at night in our tin hut. Mother used to say to me: “You must be strong. You must be ready to be hated and ridiculed and abused daily because of your race. We will always be outcasts here. It is just the way things are. But never forget what your dad told you: ….every time it happens, just say Jesus' name to yourself and you will find the strength to go on.” But the best part about this story, my Christian brothers and sisters, is that the only time, I ever saw my dad cry was when he pulled out a $10 note from his pocket after a long day walking around Raiwaqa and said, “I saw Jesus today.” One of the youths, who had assaulted him months before, had given him the money and apologised.

So, my question is, since these things were happening to my family under a democracy, and continue to be perpetrated against my race, albeit more clandestinely, under the current military-backed regime, should we all rather be instead fighting for a 'Jesusocracy' led by leaders of the different christian churches in Fiji? Na promised land ga e dai?

Naturally, there'll be people on this forum who will detest me for who I am and prefer that I was never here at all. Racism is global disease. But where else can I go? I own my own computer business in Sydney and live in a nice house that was really built by my dad's packets of peas and peanuts. Sydney will never really be where my heart and soul wants to be. I am Rajesh Kumar, born and bred beneath the breadfruit and mango and guava trees around that rusty tin hut in Samabula, Suva, Fiji; I ate home-grown tavioka and dalo and bele for dinner and drank yaqona with my neighbours as we listened to the interdistrict soccer and Fiji Sevens; and how can anyone leave behind those winding, stony, slippery, muddy tracks that I walked a million times to get to and from home each day. I have to go back there because thats where my soul lingers. Such an umbilical cord just cannot be severed. So, for those who would use racism for personal gratification, or for political purposes, or to create unrest as a means to preventing the imprisonment of coup plotters, I say the time has come to let Jesus lead. With Jesus at the helm, there will be forgiveness, there will be greater integration between the races, there will be hope, love and peace.

And I urge my Fiji-Indian brothers and sisters to throw away their false gods and march with us to that promised land glittering like diamonds, beckoning to us from that sun-burnt Pacific horizon. The Fijians are, as a whole, the most kind-hearted people on earth. To date, not a single one of us has lost our life as a direct result of Fijian political unrest. There is no other country in the whole wide world where an immigrant race has moved in and then dominated demographics and the movement of goods and services without a wide-scale bloody revolt by the local indigenous population; the aborigines and maoris revolted and slaughtered many whites 200 years ago but then were nearly wiped off the face of the earth; the American Indians killed thousands of immigrants ...then when the whites took over they imported the African slaves and then lynched and shot countless numbers of them over the years .... and a whole nation of a billion people lay down on the streets to protest the British plunder and exploitation of their resources last century ..... and the Jews, oh the Jews. Mary was a Jew, Joseph was a Jew and there's a baby called Jesus reaching out for us all, begging to be hugged.


Rajesh Kumar, Sydney.

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We are on our way there Rajesh, I know that at the end of all these suffering by everyone concerned, there will be a lasting peace because some of us, think like you and see the brighter side of every hardship, every famine or every transgression. I am not a Talatala or a priest but I am also a Christian like you, and I am touched by your story of your endurance and determination and the solidarity potrayed by the family.

Like a Christian, I also believe that God's words in the good book are there for a purpose and in the worst of times, solutions can be easily accessed if searched in faith through the Bible.

So, I'll refer to some readings that I have not only found miraculous and sometimes ridiculously mind boggling - but also have had the privelige to visit the actual places and see for myself some of the evidence of this events that - almost brought the events to life as I stood there and watched them in awe.

These are the exodus of Israelites from slavery back to Canaan, the journey back from Babylon after slavery, the seven years of famine, the life of the unrecognised and unimportant life of a sherpard called David. the life of Joseph and who could forget the jouney to Calvary.

All this events had one thing in common, they had encountered and endured hardship, tragedies, torture, humiliation, and finally death before the fresh air of freedom hit their faces. All of them also had the race problems you had talked about in your story embedded in them. Eventually, things came right.

We have gone through over twenty years of Illegal takeover, I think we are getting to the point where the whipping starts, the carrying of the piece of wood, and the eventual nailing of these bad episodes into the history books, and how we can all sit again under the mango trees and slide down the muddy slopes and say "It is done"... You hang in there my brother, we can see it in the horizon, and it is as clear and blue as your Fiji has always been.

A properous New Year to you and yours.
Rajesh......That's was absolutely touching,no place like home Rajesh and your story was brilliant and I'm sure we all went through that hardship even worse then that but I'm glad that our God is an awesome God,what say Rajesh!!!.

Yes we want democracy back and I'm sure VB is taking us where we can all enjoy ourselves in a place we all call Home....and let hope for the best Rajesh,moce mada loloma to the Family.

Thanx for that moving testimony. Yeah, Praise the lord
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bula Rajesh and welcome to our movement for democracy here on MTVVL community blog.
The market is diverse and the needs and choices of the people must be served by our leaders of choice for a civilian government.
As Christians, we take this service to a higher spiritual level and serve God through his word when serving the people.
We value people and their right to choose


I do not know whether you have come back again to this thread which you began five years ago. Your father's agonizing experiences as a result of his being bashed by ungrateful people. If those people were of my indigenous race, I am ashamed to be one of them. This is probably why we are beginning to lose much of what we had and took for granted. We called called ourselves Christians but we, through our own selfishness, pride and and stupidity chose to adopt unChristian and unChristlike attitudes and behaviours.

But Bainimarama's and Khaiyum's ways of governing this island nation still have not changed things for the better because there are still crimes, brutality coupled with corruptions of many kinds experienced by the ordinary and common people and ethnicities. 



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