To define sistry : it is a man with extra dna chromosones in their body they turn out to be like girls. they a such an adorable people to be with.... When you get to know them , they a the love of your life.  It depends what kind of person you are that makes you want to hate them ...... but it could be your younger brother who turns out to be that........but instead we should have the 3 letter words with usTLC........That 3 words matters dearly to them.........coz god created us as what we are now....... So the bible say we should not judge others .......or we will be judged also. to conclude '' DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER".!!!!!!     GO  GIRLS !!!!!!                SISTRY IN HISTORY                          

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Comment by Emilee Naulumatua on May 13, 2011 at 5:09pm

Its up to us to love them or hate them......but the only thing is `love yourself as you love others!!!!!!! its their choice of free will. Heaven is a place of love.....well this humans need love also.But its their way of life no one can take it away from them.....God has a heart that forgives us easily but why cant man have a heart that 4gives . Do we have to hate our own blood. Time will come when people will change...but dont know when???


Comment by Tomasi Niucavu on May 12, 2011 at 4:06pm

Mele au kerea keda lomani ira na wekada era vakasasayalewa tiko da tukuna vei ira na ka dina, dont cheer them, because HELL is not an easy place to be in thru all eternity.Please go to Google and check "Testimonies of Heaven and Hell" you will be amazed, you will understand why I am warning you guys; because teh WORD of GOD has never changed, we have changed. I know this is POLITICALLY INCORRECT but my concern is your soul and the soul of people you're talking about.

I'm not saying they are not fun to be with, all I'm saying God has SET UP THE STANDARD, AND THAT STANDARD IS UNCHANGEABLE. Au via vakaraitaka ga veikemuni niu lomana na yalomuni, you might say that I'm a fanatic, thats OK, I just want to keep my hands clean so you won't blame me that I don't warn you and those Sistry, and Lesbians. It might be right with you, and the Govt,or even the church, but not with God.

I hope that you will not take this word lightly, vakanuinui vinaka veikumuni.

Comment by Donald B Wilson on May 2, 2011 at 7:18am

Pretty informative maybe telling but more power to you.



Comment by Tomasi Niucavu on April 27, 2011 at 11:14pm

We serve a loving God, the Bible says that "God is LOVE!" I think you are talking about people who do not knows God. I am a Born Again Christian, Baptised by water in a river abd baptised by the Holy Spirit. I am not ashamed to tell you that I also speak in tongues.This is what I believe; that the Bible is the final authority, not your Doctrine, or your OPINION, your Pastor, or Priest. 

Second; God do not make mistake, Gays, Sistry, Homosexual, Lesbian, does not start in USA, nor in 2000, the Bible first mentioned it in Genesis 19; The word GENESIS Means "The Beginning" beginning of everything, good, bad, sin, curse, blessing etc. you can see them all in Genesis. God did not make a man who is to be a woman, God is not a double minded God, the Devil is the one who spoils everything good that God made.

But I think you are eager to know what I am going to say next; Good for you, but here it comes. God has given each one of us (human being) the freedom to choose how to live your life.Because on the Judgement Day you are not going to blame your Father or Mother if you go to heaven or hell, you will have to determine that in this life. Gays or Lesbians are not bad people, but I believe they have made bad choices. I love what God loves, God loves SINNERS not SIN, because God would not and do not tolerate Sin. In Genesis 19 He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this lifestyle.Read Roman Chapter 1 God said he will do the same now.

Finally, this is what I want to say, we love them because they  are part of us, and so many has been saved and left that lifestyle because they have come to realise that it is wrong. Genesis 18.14- Is anything too hard for the Lord? Jeremiah 32.27 -God says, I am the God of all mankind,  Is anything too hard for me?

If we really love the Sistry, Gays, and Lesbians, tell them to repent and change, to me their soul is more important then just accepting their lifestyle.I was reading in this past 7days the testimonies of people who have been to hell and came back to life, Hell is not as easy as you say, check it out if you want, may be it may be able to help you to see what I am saying. I love them, but I wont be quite, because I am going to tell what God says. I don't care what the Doctors, The Devil, or Scientist, The Wiseman says; let us tell them that Jesus loves them so do we, and that Jesus will save them if they accept Him as Lord and Savior.

Comment by Reapi Nayacakalou-Kubunavuravura on April 19, 2011 at 5:14pm

Yes...they are such fun to be with...they are loyal and would have your back when the going gets tough!! They lift your spirit when you are down and meticulous to the littlest detail....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are people with the same feelings and aspirations as anyone else...oh yes..their sexual preference may not be what people would call normal...but shud they be judged because of that?? They should be accepted as individuals just like any 'straight person'....and loved the same way as any other our self righteuosness we tend to try and remove the 'speck' from their eyes but forget to remove the 'log' from our own!!!!

Comment by sakeasi nayacakalou on April 17, 2011 at 5:54pm
trus up and i support u


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