The Little Magazine That Shared Life Well.

A Golden Era Ends

I was, still am and forever will remain a diehard Readers Digest fan. This is why it saddens me to know that an all time favorite is filing for bankruptcy. Once again the ever changing hands of time is about to bring its curtains down on a golden era of incomparable and priceless printed magic. Yes! I am so thankful to have grown up with Readers Digest and the knowledge gained from its life changing pages will always be treasured.

First Impression Best Impression

What really caught my first attention was ITS unique size which was half of what most magazines were like. Also

• Its colorful & loud cover page - I remember opening my very first readers digest around the late seventies. The cover page had former American President Ronald Reagan with his cowboy hat raising his hands in victory after having been re elected into the white house with the heading saying “you aint’ seen nothin’ yet”. THAT very first impression was an instant and firmly lasting one. I became a serious addict often getting impatient when the next edition arrived late for my parents, who were one of its many fortunate subscribers.

• Rich contents - What I liked best about its contents was its basically rich and simple variation. From super charged diets, medical tips, the best sewing guides, latest gift ideas, home remedies, building better brains and even on how to have a fulfilling sex life.

Something for Everyone

The Readers Digest always had a little of everything for everyone from just about everywhere. It always had something special for me and I can fondly recall two favorite sections - the ‘Word Power” section that had definitions and pronunciation tips and the tasteful jokes columns with the following headings complimented with some truly ‘out of this world’ illustrations – “Humor In Uniform”, “All In A Day’s Work” and “Life In The United States”. The Readers Digest for me was a familiar private world that had its little short stories that were full of flavor about everyday people doing extraordinary things. The Readers Digest was my home away from home with its endearing and entertaining magic that inspired all ages across many cultures around the world.

Digital Age

Unfortunately, my 16 year old daughter laughed when I showed her a copy of a Readers Digest that I still treasure at home saying ”OMG! Mum! You mean this was once a favorite magazine?unbelievable!”. Though disappointed I certainly was not surprised because
• Miss 16 has been brought up in an age where everything is now digital.
• She, like everyone else her age, just Google’s everything she needs to know.
• Time that was willingly spent on reading at her age during my times, is now spent texting on mobiles, listening to music boxes or catching the latest movie on her uncle’s tablet!

Best Of Both Worlds

For me, the biggest and most notable difference between the online and printed material is that when you read, IT definitely has more depth with which you can easily relate to and the only way you will get to notice this is when you read a lot, like I still do. Written material actually talks to its readers because you are “feeling” that book as you hold it in your hands. The Readers Digest was an excellent testimony of this level of depth and having had the best of both worlds, I still firmly stand by the depth of human emotions creatively expressed as ink on paper. With its own unique down to earth real life stories which were unlike any other, the reader’s digest was on a league of its own.
Similar to other forms of printed material, the reader’s digest has had to fight its own inevitable battle against the modern force of the digital world.

America In Your Pocket

The magazine culture has been evolving and to date has become very specifically specialized in order to please its fussy modern advertisers. The Readers Digest existed for its readers and this is why I consider it a special privilege to have grown during its era. According to media mark research, this small magazine had a global circulation of 10.5 million with 49 editions in 21 languages which were also published in Braille, digital and audio.
Having become the best selling magazine in the US for many years, this compact magazine gave birth to the slogan “America in Your Pocket”.
I personally salute its amazing creators and thank them sincerely for having helped broaden my developing and limited perspective by "bringing the world" right into the four walls of my own home.

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Comment by FANE NAIVALU on February 11, 2014 at 8:52pm

Cola vina Ala - vina du na veiwasei mai. Yes and I agree with you - As times have changed so fast with all its modern technological developments , I consider US lucky as we had been blessed with the cherished privilege of enjoying compared to Googling everything you want to know with our kids now! - Kalougata tiko.

Comment by Ala Naqiri on February 10, 2014 at 4:41pm

Cola sister

I for one used to love reading this magazine in my younger days. I used to go collect old ones form the bookshop and really enjoyed reading it.  My favourites were the short stories and the jokes. I still do but I hardly can get hold of one nowadays. maybe becoz of work orthey don't sell it anymore here in the nearby bookshops.


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