Prayer to Release Me into My God Given Influence

I choose to forgive those who have come against my spiritual authority and influence. I forgive those who declared that I was not operating in the Spirit because they wanted to restrict me to a dimension of their understanding in the natural realm. I forgive them for coming against the influence that You chose for me to have.

I choose to forgive those who have suppressed women and children and limited their potential for growth. I forgive those who have silenced women and children and placed barriers over women and children that have hindered them from coming into their birthright. Lord, forgive me and my ancestors for suppressing, limiting, silencing, and hindering women and children from their birthright.

I repent for myself and for those in my generational line who have limited authority to those who express themselves logically and have shut out those who express themselves emotionally, intuitively, and through their spiritual giftings.

I ask now, Jesus, that You bring my wheel of influence into proper balance, put the spokes back into place, repair the rim, and repair all the dings and damage. Lord, please remove all influence of ungodly elders.

Lord, please put the hub in the right place and center it in Jesus Christ. I am choosing to be in the center of Jesus’ will and only have the influence that Jesus wants me to have. Lord, please remove any evil attack against the wheel, and align the wheel to Your kingdom purposes.

Lord, please place the anointing that You want me to have on the hub. Lord, please destroy any birds, especially ravens, that would seek to attack this wheel and the influence You want me to have.

Lord, please bring the speed of the wheel back into balance.

Lord, please bring the wheel back into right alignment within the dimensions and within time. I demand that Kronos get off my wheel. Lord, please release Your power on this wheel.

Lord, may the wheel only operate under Your power, not mine or the enemy’s. I draw strength only from You. I choose to have my influence totally guided by You and affected by You. If, Lord, in any way, the wheel is out of control or other people are trying to control my wheel, Lord, please break that off. I declare again that my godly influence will only be affected by You. I demand all man-fearing spirits to leave, all co-dependency to leave, all manipulation to leave and all control to leave.




Sourced from:  Aslan’s Place



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