How Bainimarama's Illegal Ministers are being Paid via Nur Bano

by Sai Lealea

Manu Korovulavula, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, had twice summoned Ms Nur Bano to explain the method of payment to all Ministers. On both occasions, she refused to reveal how it is being done.

Rumors and speculation abound on exactly how Bainimarama and his group of illegal Ministers are being paid. It is well known that their pay gets channeled to Khaiyum's aunty, Nur Bano, who then effects the payment to Ministers. As to exactly why such arrangement has been put in place defy common sense and explanation. It is also in full contravention of civil service rules and procedures. Yet nothing has ever been done to investigate or inquire into it. To make it worse, no government expenditure records is available to the public to verify how government monies are being used. 

Normally, it is the Ministry of Finance that pays government salaries including those of ministers. Yet great secrecy surrounds the manner in which Bainimarama's ministers are being paid.  

A sister pro democracy blog, Fiji Democracy Now, had posted a story about a number of staff in the salary section of the Ministry of Finance being investigated for violation of  procedures and processes. The story asked the same question around the secrecy of ministerial pay and whether the staff concerned may have stumbled on it.

"The Ministry of Finance is investigating 6 staff from salaries section “for ignorance of procedures and processes”. Have these people stumbled into the scandal of the secret payment of multiple ministerial salaries for Bainimarama and Khaiyum, who between them hold no fewer than 14 ministerial posts? What are the “procedures and processes” which all six staff apparently forgot overnight? Bainimarama knows that smoking gun evidence about this massive fraud would be even worse for his reputation than his massive leave pay-out."

Latest information from sources in Fiji reveal that Manu Korovulavula, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, had twice summoned Ms Nurr Bano to explain the method of payment to all Ministers. On both occasions, she refused to reveal how it is being done.

Why all the secrecy unless there is something sinister going on, in addition to the clear contravention of civil service procedures? Is it because the regime does not want the public to find out the actual amount ministers are being paid? One wonders, how much exactly does Dictator Bainimarama and Khaiyum get paid given the multitude of portfolios under their wings. Exactly what is to be gained by such an arrangement? Are there tax benefits in it? Are there other outside contributors topping up the salaries?

ANY ONE WITH ANY INFORMATION ON THIS FRAUDULENT ARRANGEMENT IS ASKED TO EMAIL THIS BLOG. Any information provided will be treated with utmost confidence. 

The only way to defeat tyranny is to recognize it, expose it, and educate others.

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Comment by Tifare Sosefo on December 19, 2012 at 1:38pm

Fellows, I think we are aware that as is common with every Organization of a criminal nature—transparency and accountability in its operations—are all unheard of but are instead conducted in great secrecy.

I think Manu Korovulavula and the rest of the Staff at the Ministry of Finance had probably by now learnt that by calling any attention to inconsistencies or ‘red-flag’ alerts—are a waste of time.  They are more of a big head-ache than anything else.  In fact they may find their every good intention in doing their jobs more troublesome and detrimental than worthwhile.

How about Ms Nur Bano’s ‘in-your-face’ defiance? 

Is it—just because the Attorney General is her nephew—she has total immunity to any wrongdoing?   

Comment by Mike on December 18, 2012 at 5:41am

Vinaka Sai,


If they truly believe that they are providing a great service to the country why are they so reluctant about being transparent regarding a process which is suppose to be public anyway?  


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