The word Fijian is for the Indeginous only...

Just what to put the feelers out there to constructively work on the naming all to be Fijians, when Fijian was known throughout time memorial that it was the Kaiviti, taukei ni vanua ko Viti, indeginous,aborigines of Fiji, were known as Fijians.

Let it be known that Fiji is the name the islands, and was occupied by Fijians only..its race and name of the place.

Now the immigrants wants to be called Fijians but they are not. Indians came later, Chinese, Solomon islanders and other all migrated by force or by fate or by accident. They were given Fiji Islanders.. they did want to own that.. they want what is ours.

We were never slaves nor were we forced labored. Though we at times left as second class citizens, not because it was our way of life, but just because it was not our lifestyle, I believe we were set on a acclimatization path. And when we were ready we allowed to drink beer, drink kava, listen to radios etc during the ealier colonial era.


As indeginous of Fiji we have the right to retain what we have always have,and we have responsibility to look after our guest in our homeland.

Looking at the changes this current administration is doing to the Fijian Affair Board, eg: name changing, and changing of landmarks and ownership or custodian, then villages demarcation is on the move silently and stealthily, then Chiefs to be reviewed without any care of thoroughly and meticulously why it is, the way it is... this administration will harm all that is Fijians, where the Indians we be laughing and saying " Kabiti lialia" .....your comments please

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Comment by Tevita Bolekinaivalu Masi on April 7, 2018 at 1:44pm

I beleive the democracy have extent the scope of the entitlement Fijian due to the state citizenship law of Fiji. The first citizenship maybe customary was th adoption of the Beachcombers Togan, Samoa, Solomon, British, and Indian. Since Fiji was colonised by Britain, the law of citizens was under their rule. Since Fiji was independent, most Indian was adopted in Rewa. However this adoption was merely by words, but the truth is they have the right to claim any entitlement to the Vanua whom adopted to them, since the Vanua accepted them, as given the rights as well. The Vanua should put them into their Vola ni Kawa Bula, put them into a Mataqali qali to the Vanua. 

The above will not have a different through James Ah Koy case, where was the Court established a precedents that James was not only citizens , he had the natives right through the vasu protocol. Now when someone called to be Fijian, as long as having a passport have the right to be adopted to a Vanua and have the rights to excess native rights.

The possibilities of the future to erased the mataqali system, since that is core legal elements of landownership in Fiji. Since the GCC have been diluted, the power reversed to the mataqali . It is a customary law. GCC were come to existence as lords of the land, however were attacked by Rabuka coup, to remove the British Governor as the protected of GCC. Since the removal, GCC were having no value, as the 1997 Constitutions state there was GCC, but not entails any legal details about it. Now the GCC is erased so as the result, the Chiefs system have no legal authority and power to play. The results, the law enforce police and military can raid any village anytime. This action is ultra vires of the State. 

The State have good understanding with the Vanua, that every traditional warriors of every vanua or bati had put down their wau or traditional weapons to enhance peace.The questions remained if this village boarder can relied to the Vanua system of security, or it is time for the Vanua start training own warrior. This is the belonging, of the true Fijian. The mechanism of the Vanua can define was we called today iTaukei. I may not right, but opinion is opinion. Malo

Comment by Don on November 18, 2016 at 2:07pm
True, how come this cara wai pani to be called Fijians!!!!!



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