Here is a longer reply to a post int he group's site. It grew into a detailed investigation of the forms, so I decided to open up a different discussion thread.

Capell's dictionary has several translations for "parallel": tautauvata, sala vata, yalani dodonu. It would be helpful to see how a native speaker uses them in a sentence or phrase. How would you say "parallel lines", or "the lines are parallel"?


Here is a more detailed analysis of the forms:


A) tautauvata: To be at the same level, to make a comparison, a parable.

tau: [1] together, [2] to fall into place. tautau: presentation of gifts (perhaps from tau [2], laying down gifts in front of the chief?)

vata: [1] a shelf or platform, [2] together, same.

So, does "tautauvata" come from tau [2] (reduplicated) and vata [2]? "things that lie together at the same level"?  Or does it come from tau [1] and vata [2] (with a certain amount of emphatic redundancy)?  


B) sala vata;

sala: [1] road, path; [2] to extend, reach out.

So, "sala vata" may come from sala [2] and vata [2], "to extend out together". This one seems to me closer to the meaning of "parallel" as we use it in English, but it seems to be a verbal form. How wuold you turn it into an adjective? Maybe turn it into a relative clause?


C) yalani dodonu: Here are some elements to analyze this expression:

yala: [1] an agreement, [2] bound, limit; "yala-na" to draw the bounds of, "tawa yalani" boundless, endless.

dodonu: straight

So, does it mean "straight to the end", or "endlessly straight"?

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Parrallel, well in the context of lines, e rau cici(sala) vata.

Parrallell circumstances could be "tautauvata" na i vakarau ni nodrau bula


It brings a word to mind..

'compare" is it veidatuitaka??



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