I can't bare the thought one day a Fijian child will be asked, where are you from, and the answer will be somehting like : EPA, Sacramento, Redwood City, Santa Rosa, San Francisco,LA ...etc.
So, I would like everyone from the Island of Vanua Balavu with in this group, to at least mention their village and what ever history it has, to be shared with our next genration on this page.

For you readers please forgive us for any misspelt names and mistaken roots with in our group. But, your suggestions and corrections are very welcome!


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Vinaka Richard, i rily appreciate wat ur doing here.... esp talkin abt history, even if its 4rm ur own village... but i tell u, its rily interesting 2 read....
I am glad that you do agree...........and I am looking into different ways of making this site more interesting to visit. Since you are the owner of the site I am limited on what I can do here. So......
Richard, pls, do whatever u like 2 do... if u nid my password etc, i am willing 2 giv it 2 u... coz, wat ur doin is rily gud 4 me & am sure 4 others too.... jst go ahead & do whatever Richard....
Drau malo bula Di Ma kei Richard.I just want to share this story about a kid in Campsie,Sydney who went to answer the door bell and upon opening the door he saw a JW mission....and surprisingly the Witness(JW) was a fijian.The witness smiled as he recognised the kid to be fijian and asked him,''Where are you from?'',the kid replied,''Raiwaqa.The kid actually was from Daliconi in the tikina of Mualevu...VBL.
Very nice! "Thats what I'm talking about". Thanks again for sharing and keep it coming.
hey would like to know where we can find out information about family ties, have asked my mum but her memory goes upto her father ... Rovini Bese of Boitaci ... i know have ties with nearly everyone on Vanua Balavu but would like to know the exact connection !!! Na qai lako lako, tamata na kaya ni via vaqara connection ga!!! have a blessed weekend everyone!!!
Hey Richard, pls do not let me being the owner of this site limit u on ur contribution towards it.... Pls, if u shud nid assistance or wat, jst holla.... i'm rily grateful 2 u with all da stories dat u have, so, pls Richard, this site is urs as much as it is mine & every1 dat joins....

Richard, i giv u the rite 2 do wateva u wanna do 2 make it more interesting... if u do nid permission or sumting & it nids my approval, cen jst let me know thru' a msg, or jst drop me a note... i am happy 2 work wit u & the rest...

Isa vinaka vakalevu Kakua.... yeah, dats sumting dats rily sad... i guess its not just dat kid, but there r other kids who also does the same....

wat we cud do now, is come up wit more information, stories & the likes, like Richard is doing & post them here 4 others 2 c..... i tell u, i my self am also learning 4rm this...
Ni Bula,
My name is Sereana and I am from Natokalau , Cicia. I now live in Australia and I know I have links to Vanuabalavu, Yacata and few of the Lau Islands and probably that will be the same as Most Lauans. My point is that Richard can you help me with this as you seems to know alot about the history.
If anyone on this website could help I would really apreciate it as well. My fathers name is Pita Takayawa. My family uses the name Saunikalou or Tuiloma mostly. I know I have links to Nasaqalau in Lakeba but I cant tie up everything together. People tell me that I am related to them but I do not know how. Probably I am lost...
I would also thank you adi Ma for creating this site and keep it up.
ur most welkum Sereana & hopefully Richard wud b able 2 help u out.... or 2 any1 out cea who can, pls do so...
A few reference I would like to share with you , you wouldnt want to put these books down once you start reading, belive me.....if you like history.

Mara, Ratu Sir Kamisese: "The Pacific Way: A Memoir",. University of Hawaii Press, 1997
.Also see the Book Fiji and the Fijians By Thomas Williams, James Calvert, Lau Islands, Fiji By A.M Hocart and Bernice P. Bishop Arthur Maurice Hocart does a comparative study on two chiefs and their heralds and envoys one being the Rasau of Lomaloma
the following website has the document Fijian Heralds and Envoys but must be accessed through a public library computer.
20th Century Fiji, edited by Stewart Firth & Daryl Tarte - 2001 - this book has a very detailed reference to Ratu Edward and Ratu Mara acknowledges their mothers Web link reference to Ratu Edward.

Village of the Conquerors, Sawana: a Tongan Village in Fiji, By Alexander Philip Lessin, Phyllis June Lessin - 1970.

Di Ma thank you for sharing this page, I guess its officially our page now ha, lol.. and Sereana, let me do some research and I will get back to you.

You all have a nice and warm weekend.
yes Richard, it is OUR page & not mine alone.... i very much appreciate ur contribution & 2 those who hav sumtin 2 giv us, pls do so....


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