I think its very overdue

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varaki tiko mo vakauta mai a kena i lavo
Se bera tiko ni Veisaumi..lol.Keda vei vuke kece kina na qai rawarawa..se vakai vei
Hey Falena o sa tu mai vei.Well O iko nomu ta o Momo Dau n Jo is your Bro rite..vosoti aaaau sa dede..pisa
au tokona....junior tuiqere LOL Bula wati :)
nu bula a weka!
Dou sa bula vinaka tale na wekaqu...Sa dede.well FYI and update

sland plans own airstrip

Reports by TIMOCI VULA
Thursday, July 30, 2009

THE district of Matuku in Lau has starting planning the construction of its own airstrip with work anticipated to begin next year.

District representative Varanisese Gade said paper work was being prepared in consultation with the district and the State through the relevant ministries.

He said the State had agreed to this proposal by the district and its representatives and a team has surveyed the proposed site.

"Representatives from the district who are here for this provincial council meeting have prepared a paper identifying Makadru as the site we have agreed to build the airstrip on and we will be submitting this paper to the State," he said.

While no cost plan have been laid out yet, Mr Gade said this was going to be an expensive exercise that would see the involvement of both villagers and the State.

"These are plans we have seriously considered back in the tikina and we believe this is one way we can ease transportation problems to the islands given that the boat only comes to the island once in a month," he said.

"Besides, there are a lot of Matuku villagers here in Suva than those back on the island and this will be one efficient way they can use to visit their families whenever they want."

The district of Matuku comprises seven villages.

Mr Gade said once all plans are in place, work would begin by as early as next year.

There are four airstrips currently operating in the Lau group, including Vanuabalavu, Lakeba, Cicia and Moala.
End of story
Sa yaga navaka nuinui..loloma yani..pisa
Nu bula vinaka a veiwekani mai Matuku, vinaka Wati, i na nomu tauyavu takina a web page koi, me da mai veitalanoa tu kina. Vinaka sara vakalevu Wati, Au via vaka bula tuga yani.
Sa ta jiko a salevu,ka na muria yani a rara ni waqavuka.
Malo sara vakalevu Junior T. kei sista Wati, vinaka na sasaga vinaka veikemunu a viwekani...
Malo bula...na lavo ni rara ni waqavuka mai na matanitu,sa vakayagataki ena veivuke vei ira era vakaleqai ena Cyclone Thomas...Budget of 2011 e sa na qai dua tale kina nai lavo e vakagolei kina rara ni waqavuka ki MATUKU...
Vinaka Kai sa qai wilika sara ni kua baleta na rarani waqavuka.vinaka na veitokoni tiko..kalougata tiko

malo...na rara ni waqavuka....


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