Bula vinaka again to my brothers and sisters here on Matavuvale. I hope that life is treating you well and i pray that you a constantly being blessed.

I got up early this morning with great expectations that my day was going to turn out better the the last, but you should know in this life we must never look forward to the best of everything because there is always something that just manages to pull you down when you least expect it too. 
Today wasn't really different from any other. Breakfast at 8.30am and a normal read through the papers, now you'd think that the world would have it's own happenings and that what goes on in America doesn't happen here but whatever is going through your head right now just isn't enough to soak the problems that our little "PARADISE" is going through.

I picked up the papers and as usual took a very deep glance at the front page and <BOOM> there it was, PM head China mission as he moves are underway to attract investors. Fare enough there is a brighter future as this could see a steady growth in our economy should this mission be successful.
So i read on and i cannot help myself but too move on to the page that matters the most and thats the editorial page where people voice out their thoughts which most of them make no sense at all but are just worthless words that are highlighted with highly defined definitions. Now most people here in Fiji would get all worked up about the issues that are posted up on the editorial pages but for one such writer his made it a norm to say what he thinks is very meaningful.

Mr ALLAN LOCKINGTON a very popular columnist and a fine one at that, if i may add. He recently had an article that was printed put a couple of days back unfortunately i'm not certain of the day and date but he wrote an article about how the poor should be blamed for their status. Now many of you may agree with Mr Lockington but today i finally found someone that agrees with me, no offence to those of you who have other opinions. Anyway, at this point in time i would like to thank Mr Kevin Barr for his article in the papers today about BLAMING THE POOR.

Mr Barr stated in one of his paragraphs that poverty is a structural problem and not an individual failure. I agree 110% you see many of us and i know i was once like that, we blame the poor for their status in life without realizing that somewhere along the line their lives took a turn for the worst and it resulted in them being where they are. we fail to understand and contemplate that theres many things we can do to help and promote a better life for everyone in this country. "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS" but realistically  many of us believe in words when it comes down to acting for a better purpose.

Mr Barr's letter also states that 35 percent to 40 percent of our very own population is living below the poverty line, this maybe an estimate or the real deal i'm not too sure but i can say that if this is so then we as individuals have to start worrying and for me personally i am ashamed to know that this is the state of our beloved FIJI. 

How can i go on living a normal life when out there somewhere is a little kid and his family who have missed a meal maybe two and struggle for their very own existence. Yet there are promises to financially aid those who have been swallowed by poverty. How can i say that my life is any better when an alarming percentage of people in this country are branded with the poverty sign, and who knows come another 3 years i could be a part of that branded society that are being blamed for their lower status. Understandably the rich keep getting richer. Why? Well honestly why would people bother a rich person if he holds a higher status in life, for who could tell if this so called rich people are making an honest living to earn their so called wealthy status. 

You know what i think, maybe this country is filled up to its brim with rich people. Rich people that have no issues with those that need their help, i mean yeah that money may have come from their hard work regardless who cares but the point is Fiji shouldn't be divided by race,religion culture or economic backgrounds, we are one country one banner and one name "FIJI" Think of it this way, if you were poor and living in Fiji with the current economic crisis that we are going through how would you survive??



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kenji what difference have you made in your life in this world? I saw your comments on my thread about the two fijian soldiers who passed away in Afghanistan and I saw you looked down on them like you looking down on rk here yet again and I hope it will worth it what you are doing because only girls do what you are doing.Be a real man and join the Army in UK or Fiji and see what life is really like in the battlefield and that way you will know what the people like those two boys from Nakelo do in the name of freedom and justice to people who are not given the chance or happiness you are enjoying in Fiji.Sa kua mada na veibeci tiko ka yalo va tagane mo join mai na Army mo qai mai kila kina ka raica na bula vaka sotia baleta e laurai ga vei iko na vakalelewa ka sega ni dua na ka o rawata.WALK THE WALK AND DO THE TALK not just bad mouthing people from the background like a girl or a desperate guy after something he cannot have
bro he is not worth it mate because he will not hack the walk..well i hope he have achieved something in life in making a difference in this world and i think you are right there.. acting like a girl and a desperate guy after something he could not have..lol..ok josh keep the faith!!..lay low and move fast!!
i think he just beats you to something that you longed for and you create a pure jealousy for him and i read your comment on Joshua's thread and its how the person you are and that is looking down on a person and pure jealous of him because we can clearly see in your comments the low life you have and speaking of insecure its clearly seen that you are
Kenji lako mada lai raici ira na luvemu era sa bini tu mai nomudou with different mothers now a burden to your own mother..ohh that Ra girl who died suddenly my sources from hospital says she died of HIV..she was one of your nights joy and if i were you bro go get a check up...tobo tu o van damme ena nona saqamua!...hahahahahaha heheheheheee
Why do you always personalise in your comments?.. this is the give away mate
-yalo va tagane mo join mai na Army
Real Men join the army? Real soldiers?

Do you mean terrorists occupying a land where they are not wanted?

Murdering innocent women and children in what they claim to be a “war” on “terror”?

At least when the RFMF are in the middle east they go as peace keepers not to slaughter!

And as for those two fijian boys, yes ok, its sad. We mourned them as 2 Sons of Fiji.

There you are fighting for queen and country??!!

Whose queen and whose country??!!

How about you be a man and work a job that doesnt pay you in gold and is worthwhile for your country?
ohh yeah you are an expert in everything then?? get a life and stop assuming because its you the one we see here who is seeking attention when someone beats you to a topic lol
"you change your name, like a girl changes clothes, la la la di da la la di di da, your hot and your cold"

Just cant put my finger on that song lolss
Link's something worth reading.. I must commend the author of that blog, great info to bare in mind.
Bula vinaka Kenji.

Will you kindly disclose the age distribution within this family (parents and children)? Any dependents other then the children? What of employable skills within the household? It is obvious that the Father in this scenario, was formerly employed and is under retirement age@FNPF

Would also appreciate any detals of probable annual income after taxes for the canteen operation, if available.
I know people can still get their fnpf money even if they are out of work..a guy i know who works there confirms it..they can also ask the Indian Embassy or LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA( LICI ) for help because they also gives out some scholarship to indo fijians to study in India like they have been doing so for years
Mozdive - You obviously meant to reply to Kenji@scholarships :) I agree that the India High Commission (Fiji) is a progressive alternative for economically challenged students the worldover, irrespective of their ethnic make-up, as did many Fijian i taukei in the 70s, some of whom peruse this forum, as are those who are presently there pursuing their tertiary education. Yes - there is that Indian by Ethnicity Bill which was recently passed in India, where Indo-Fijians (as ethnic Indians of Fiji nationality) will qualify, however, I am certain grades will still factor in to their ability to be offered an academic scholarship. This in no way means that they are India citizens from what I understand, in that they are still discounted from India-born and Indian by nationality citizens' privileges. This was a major issue with the Indian Diaspora.

Kenji didn't state that his neighbours were of Indian extraction. No matter, either way, great suggestion.

In closing, when it comes to poverty, education is a luxury. Families need to prioritise.




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