Bula vinaka again to my brothers and sisters here on Matavuvale. I hope that life is treating you well and i pray that you a constantly being blessed.

I got up early this morning with great expectations that my day was going to turn out better the the last, but you should know in this life we must never look forward to the best of everything because there is always something that just manages to pull you down when you least expect it too. 
Today wasn't really different from any other. Breakfast at 8.30am and a normal read through the papers, now you'd think that the world would have it's own happenings and that what goes on in America doesn't happen here but whatever is going through your head right now just isn't enough to soak the problems that our little "PARADISE" is going through.

I picked up the papers and as usual took a very deep glance at the front page and <BOOM> there it was, PM head China mission as he moves are underway to attract investors. Fare enough there is a brighter future as this could see a steady growth in our economy should this mission be successful.
So i read on and i cannot help myself but too move on to the page that matters the most and thats the editorial page where people voice out their thoughts which most of them make no sense at all but are just worthless words that are highlighted with highly defined definitions. Now most people here in Fiji would get all worked up about the issues that are posted up on the editorial pages but for one such writer his made it a norm to say what he thinks is very meaningful.

Mr ALLAN LOCKINGTON a very popular columnist and a fine one at that, if i may add. He recently had an article that was printed put a couple of days back unfortunately i'm not certain of the day and date but he wrote an article about how the poor should be blamed for their status. Now many of you may agree with Mr Lockington but today i finally found someone that agrees with me, no offence to those of you who have other opinions. Anyway, at this point in time i would like to thank Mr Kevin Barr for his article in the papers today about BLAMING THE POOR.

Mr Barr stated in one of his paragraphs that poverty is a structural problem and not an individual failure. I agree 110% you see many of us and i know i was once like that, we blame the poor for their status in life without realizing that somewhere along the line their lives took a turn for the worst and it resulted in them being where they are. we fail to understand and contemplate that theres many things we can do to help and promote a better life for everyone in this country. "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS" but realistically  many of us believe in words when it comes down to acting for a better purpose.

Mr Barr's letter also states that 35 percent to 40 percent of our very own population is living below the poverty line, this maybe an estimate or the real deal i'm not too sure but i can say that if this is so then we as individuals have to start worrying and for me personally i am ashamed to know that this is the state of our beloved FIJI. 

How can i go on living a normal life when out there somewhere is a little kid and his family who have missed a meal maybe two and struggle for their very own existence. Yet there are promises to financially aid those who have been swallowed by poverty. How can i say that my life is any better when an alarming percentage of people in this country are branded with the poverty sign, and who knows come another 3 years i could be a part of that branded society that are being blamed for their lower status. Understandably the rich keep getting richer. Why? Well honestly why would people bother a rich person if he holds a higher status in life, for who could tell if this so called rich people are making an honest living to earn their so called wealthy status. 

You know what i think, maybe this country is filled up to its brim with rich people. Rich people that have no issues with those that need their help, i mean yeah that money may have come from their hard work regardless who cares but the point is Fiji shouldn't be divided by race,religion culture or economic backgrounds, we are one country one banner and one name "FIJI" Think of it this way, if you were poor and living in Fiji with the current economic crisis that we are going through how would you survive??



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kadina mada K..!!!...da oca na yadra tiko vaka mataka..eso e totally relax tu na nodra bula !!!
HEy KENJI n WAI thanks for ur 2's opinion but this is not about me man..i'm still finishing of school. Set u guys are working thats awesum man guess u guys are working hard for every cent i'm talking about things that people tend to look at from their point of view. The topic of discussion here is not me its POVERTY...hope u guys learnt English well, but then again VINAKA 2 u2
The topic of discussion here is not Dboii its POVERTY...
i commend you, fellow
So who is to blame Dboii?

The Government? The Community? The Religious Groups? The Individual?

There is No Point in penning down more negativity,we need to brainstorm and figure out what needs to be done?

I suggest, stabilising and upgrading villages, their is a mindset in place that one needs to live in the "City" to get somewhere in life.

Can we not change this thinking? I'm sure the village body can work together to figure out ways of accumulating funds. Growing and Selling Kava/Taro/Cassava/Fishing and many other means. Why not retail to those outside of Fiji?
Why not finacial aid for young farmers? ....
The Fiji Poverty Report found that 25 per cent of households could not afford a basic standard of living and that the poorest households usually include people who have little education or skills and have difficulty getting jobs. They often do not have land or permission to use it, live in very poor houses, are often left alone by the extended family and have difficulty keeping their children in school. Because of the way they live and their poor diets, they become sick easily. They are also unable to cope with sudden events such as a hurricane, a death in the family, or marriage break-up. The head of the household may have a job but cannot earn enough from it to keep the family properly.- UNFPA
That's a tricky question MzK, when we tend to mix personal opinion with Factual Evidence one tends to lean towards the natural incling of the heart. We Fijians are a proud people in our day and age it is a measure of compassion that we do not term ourselves 'poor'.
One can only stipulate the governing issues before making a choice. Such choices could undoubtedly cause huge repercussions, causing a ripple effect that can still live many generations later.
i commend you, lady
mentality and attitude needs to change if we are to prosper.....

my brother and i used to run an import and export business in fiji and sell the products here in the united states in the early nineties...and we used to go and buy direct from farmers and youth groups in the rural areas, without them having to worry about transportation of their produces or to find a market for it as we had established our disribution center and markets here in the u.s, and we utilised the manpower from urban youth groups to process(peel,wash, package and freeze) the goods.

we approached them in the traditional fijian manner through the vanuas and held countless meetings in various villages and settlements discussing the benefits that they are going to reap by going back to farm the land and also focussed on the point that it could deter the rural-urban drift of youths as there is money to be made in the rural areas by farming.

five months into the business, we were cheated by most of our suppliers as they cant meet the demands and ended up mixing the produce with soil and cassava branches to fill up the sacks and we didnt find out about this untill the sacks were emptied for the produces to be processed and we were paying cash, five dollars more than the market vendors were paying for a sack at that time plus we picked up the produces from their respective locations at our cost.

so we ventured into other products.....

so if you want to talk business and development in this field....send me a message, lets talk and we can still make it happen for the sake of our people back home.......
-Sorry to hear bout that Sulianne. God willing your next endeavours will be fruitful.

the more ideas and serious feedback we can imput into this discussion the more people will become aware of the "underlining" issue.
With poverty comes sickness,homelessness and orphans.

Poverty doesnt just mean "being Poor" .
"Workshop facilitator Dr Howard White of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation told the workshop that the level of poverty has increased from the last survey done in 2007 which showed that poverty was around 32 per cent.He said Fiji suffered from the twin-paradoxes of poverty in the midst of plenty and rising poverty accompanying rising spending on poverty alleviation programmes.He said the wealth of the nation was not trickling down to the grassroots but was shared among a few.".

Thats a powerful statement and one can only wonder whether his findings are true and substancial?
Is it possible for us to gather more info on the 'poverty alleviation programs', what exactly were those programs?
The term ‘poverty’ is used in several ways and absolute poverty refers to where people lack the basics of life, such as food and shelter."Poverty is a major problem with a variety of causes and different solutions to tackle it.The fight against poverty and its road to solutions is not easy.Growing environmental degradation is going to become one of the major problems even for economic managers, as the vicious combination of increasing population and deteriorating environment is expected to further worsen the state of poverty in the country.We should be asking this questions What is the best estimate for a poverty line for Fiji? How many poor households are there and what are their characteristics? Is poverty growing in Fiji and getting worse?.This questions are especially relevant to the pattern of income distribution and the calculation of the poverty line based on the cost of meeting basic needs and the current economic policies and the recent period of economic change in Fiji is not helping the people too and such as the underlying dynamics of income distribution and the profile of the poor while the poorest households could have become poorer, or wealthier,it is not likely that their social or demographic characteristics have changed quickly, and nor would have the processes by which they become poor or recover from poverty.There are assumptions supported by the large body of information from other recent sources upon which this report also rests: records from various government sources and non-government organisations, other surveys and studies, and the series of small quantitative and qualitative studies that were commissioned by the Poverty Study Technical Working Group.
The term ‘subsistence affluence’ that was coined in the 1960s to define the lifestyle of Fijian villagers is still often used, even thoughits appropriateness-either in the significance of subsistence or the degree of affluence-is precarious.

Poverty is more than just a matter of incomes and expenditures and there are studies that provide
information about non-market factors which constitute or enhance the coping strategies of the disadvantaged.
Fiji is not a equalitarian society but one with deep inequalities; although there is little absolute poverty, a sizeable proportion of households in Fiji have difficulty meeting their basic needs for food and shelter, and many can not do so adequately; and that despite the much-vaunted strengths of tradition,culture and community, family networks now fail to sufficiently support some of the poorest and most disadvantaged.

Relative poverty refers to where one group in the population has a much smaller share of income than most others. This is -more relevant to Fiji, for wealth is unevenly distributed here and some people are indisputably disadvantaged. Poverty is nevertheless an ambiguous concept in that the baseline constantly shifts as people’s attitudes as to what are
acceptable standards of living change over time because it is difficult to argue that poverty has increased in a general way in Fiji when most adults can recall a marked improvement in living conditions during their lifetimes

Povety is moreover an emotive term, and this is certainly so in Fiji where the issues of relative equity between different religions and ethnic groups have been topics of political importances.
The word ‘poverty’ is variously used in an absolute or relative sense. Defining the poverty line involves calculating the minimum income a household needs to provide for its basic needs; a lower income defines that household as being in absolute poverty in the context of living standards in Fiji.Preconditions for equitable development are that the basic needs of the people, that people are empowered rather than marginalised, and that they can participate fully in the society. The Government should recognises this and has incorporated strategies to alleviate poverty in its current medium term plans.




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