Why Are The Redundant Fijian British Army Soldiers Returning To Fiji For Good?

I don't understand why going back when theres a million of opportunities in the UK to expand. Visiting Fiji last month and watching some friends who have returned are still trying to get a job...Maybe some haven't applied for their citizenship but it doesn't mean to give up you always have the chance to apply and stay and take advantage of the benefits of studying and moving into a different career. I wish them success in Fiji on their return. Good Luck guys.

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Isa dua na tavalequ e sa cegu gona mai British army ia e vinaka ga ni se vakaitikotiko ga mai Igiladi e na gauna qo.Via dina toka na nomuni vakasama tau.

via lesu tale ga ki na nomu thread ya anamaria baleta na veisautaki ni mindset ni kai viti...da vinakata tu ga na bula ni kumukumuni vata kei na veimurimuri  ka sega ni rawa na bula ni cakacaka se sasaga va yadudua.

Generally speaking, people will move away if surviving at the current location is dim or opportunities are lost. There can be many factors. In the case of our fellow Fijians in the British Army, maybe soldiering is the only thing they can do or the only thing on their minds - generally speaking of course. I have spoken to some friends and relatives of mine in the British Army, and they have said that there is an element of racism and favoritism where our boys are overlooked in favor of the kai valagi. Another factor to consider, is their military contracts. What does it say in regards to residing and working in England at the end of their military duties, and all laws and regulations. I am sure there are many reasons why they are returning to Fiji. 

UK does not only provide employment for the military...there are thousands of other opportunities here in the UK. If one has resided at least 5 yrs in the UK they are entitled to citizenship...or residency. ...and again in Fiji you can have dual citizenship but once you decide to return you are in away cutting off those benefits. Its not hard to live on a low income in the UK you can always start your own business...you may struggle in the beginning until you settle properly so to those who are thinking of returning think twice before you leave unless you have got a business back home which is striving then go but otherwise you are better off here. we returned to Fiji in 1979 when I was 10 and life was tough I CAME BACK IN 1999 and indeed I struggled to settle down. Im glad I made that decision. If you haven't applied for citizenship do it now...its not to late...as I said all the best to you and your families in whatever u decide.

We can assist with getting guys work in the UK and offer long term work with good rates of pay. See my discussion on here.

this is one of the ridiculous question i ve come across... why are the redundant Fijian..returning to Fiji for good... oilei..me ra qai i vei Idia.. Not everyone is the same Ana Maria, some of them are better off in Fiji and if they re happy in Fiji then who are we to stop them.. Also no place like home and if Fiji is still home for them good luck..  This is the very reason we should all vote Sodelpa , qo so na mai tiko i valagi qai gole yani i Viti sa na sega na qele.. sa na vaka tale na tu i Merika and igiladi.. me da sa na job ga ka wawa food stamp .. 

I think Anamaria is talking from an economical perspective while you are on a social one. You both are correct. But they left Fiji to gain employment and make a good living. It's like going from zero to hero and then back to zero. Fiji is tough on jobs. So the more that return, the higher the unemployment rate. Yes no place like home. In the current economical and political climate, it is indeed better to seek jobs elsewhere.

Thank you 46664. Thats one of the best explanations given phew mosi saraga noqu head lol

Memory stick if its a ridiculous question why do u bother answering....oh and nobody is trying to stop anyone. do u

People make choices everyday. Why not return home rather than
go through hardship in a foreign land. We welcome them back in Fiji .... why shouldn't we? These are our loved ones, they are always welcome to return.

Thank you Mereseini, it is firmly understood about decision making, choices and being welcome back home my point was purely due to The fact that theres so many opportunities available in the UK and abroad enabling each individual to financially support our loved ones at home(Fiji). 

What opportunities? ... the Eurozone seems to be in a debt crisis. What job prospects? Working in a rail company doing hard work that their citizens do not wanna do! When we travel through we hear of the sentiments of "no place like home" ... so makes one wonder working abroad is at a cost to our fellow Fijians. Yes, the upside are the remittances, exposure etc ... but bottom line is to look at investment opportunities that some ex BA people are doing at home .... and that is also appreciated. Why not make the best of what Govt is offering ... have dual citizenship so our loved ones have the best of both worlds ....these are people we are discussing, not marketable commodities.

A lesson for us in Fiji was when the 40 + soldiers were abducted ... the whole nation and it's different religions prayed for their safety and protection. We all realised that these soldiers are somebody's Dad/ son etc ..... so again, as long as people make informed choices and are happy is very important for us all because each of our loved one who is working abroad is a Fijian ambassador and we have had some great Fijians who have done the country proud .... and we salute them.



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