Who Will You Vote For In 2014? Bainimarama, Qarase, Mahendra Chaudhry or Someone Else?

A lot has been said and done with regards to the 2014 Elections that the Bainimarama regime has again promised in 2014. If this does eventuate, who would you vote for and provide the reasons why.

The Candidates are 1. Voreqe Bainimarama. 2. Laisenia Qarase. 3. Mahendra Chaudhry. 4. Someone else. Happy voting matavuvale!

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@ Frank..vinaka vakalevu for your open minded in bringing this TOPIC NOW..One should know that the ELECTION will happen...and yes !!! we should start NOW and get our confidence together to support who(Political Party) will carry Fiji forward.Frank, tacina I will go for your number 4.Vinaka wais....

Oh! I am for sure will vote for Bainimarama if he stands for the election. He had really done a lot for the grassroot like me. Vinaka

Au se sega ni kunea e dua me yacovi Rt Joni Madraiwiwi. Era sa levu na nods gone Vuli vinaka nai taukei. Sa vi ga me vakamatatataki koya mai na Mataivalu veiliutaki tiko qo se cava Sara mada e cakava tiko me rawa ni macala kina na noda veitokoni. E sega ni rawa ni cakacaka galugalu tu ga va'qo. Au vakabauta ke lesu tale mai o Qarase erau na timi vinaka kei Rt Joni Madraiwiwi. 

Qarase, Mere Samisoni or Ro Teimumu!

Vilisi Nadaku

Dont dwell on the past buju

New blood new vision,young guns sa vinakati

Talemaikanacea..sa oti na nodra veiliutaki o Kubuna kei na Tovata levu sara na Verevakabau  sivia na veivakalaboci.E dodonu me veiliutaki o Burebasaga kei na kena i sasavu baleta keimami buno ka vakailavotaka na Matanitu.Keimami sega ni kocova na nodra i yau na tani na neimami bula e yavutaki e na DINA,DODONU kei na VEIMALIWAI VINAKA.Na Marama Roko Tui Dreketi e dodonu me veiliutaki baleta o koya e Marama Yaloqaqa.

Donu vinaka....! Sa ka bibi Dina mera Vuli vinaka na luveda.



Vinaka vakalevu I agree you with you. I think that the next govt should replicate the Israel model and call for all Fiji citizens around the globe who are educated and experience in the field of education, health, IT, academia, research, law, engineering and so forth to come back and rebuild our nation.

We also need people who have proven leadership in organisation to come back home and manage the changes that we will go through. And reimburse them accordingly.

I will vote for anyone who will campaign on these issues as long as they run a transparent campaign. 

Wholeheartedly agree with you Mike.  

Totally agree, I think the focus should be on rebuilding the nation this time and it should be on issues rather then personality.

I have high regards for Ratu Madraiwiwi but I am not sure about the other two ( that does not mean that I won't consider them) however as I have stated before it will be based on the issues that they will campaign on. 



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