Moslems will try anything, do anything, say anything to slowly destroy your Society.
They will claim that people are discriminating against them, so you feel guilty and begin to change your Laws.
They will change your public holidays, and introduce their own.
They will demand the right to wear their head dress to Schools and mix Government and Religious Institutions.
They will infiltrate the Judiciary and Government, to introduce Laws which relate to their own teachings.
They will infiltrate every facet of Society, brick by brick destroying your Culture.
They will use any means available to them, even take over your Military.
They will confuse you, challenge you and demand better treatment while denying you your rights.
They are the AntiChrist personified and must be resisted always and at every facet of Society.

Brick by brick, day by day, they will destroy your current way of life.
Just take a look around you now and see what has changed in Fiji, and once successful in Fiji, they will infiltrate the rest of the Pacific.
Their goal is world domination, no less.
Islam is behind this coup, make no mistake, and their goal is total annihilation of the Fijian way of life and the Genocide of all Fijians.

Infiltrate, overwhelm, subjugate and then devour and annihilate !


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Geepus creepus Mark, so now you're saying Frank is not responsible for the coup ? Islam is? You seem to be a real authority on Fiji and it's coups, are you sure you're not behind them? What exactly do you know about Islam? I don't know anything about Islam so I can't condemn it.Are you this vocal in Australian politics?What do you think of the native Autralians and their lot in life?Freedom of speech is amazing isn't it?It lets people like you spout off and tell Peoples of other countries how their countries should be run.What if someone generalised and said Australians were racist pigs?That's what you are doing to Islam. Generalising. Be fair. Not all Muslims are bad, not all Fijians are bad, and for that matter not all Australians are bad!!!I'm just saying! Have a good one Mark, and stop confusing yourself!
You're a very deceptive person Mark reading most of your blogs, you're full of:
a) deceit
b) humbug
c) falsity
d) dissembling
e) skulduggery
f) duplicity and mostly equivocating...


High 5 Jim!!!!! He's flustered now and using swear words! Did we hit a nerve?
you are not man enough to hit any of my buttons.
you are very childish.
It did really hit him hard left,right and center...and that's why he is gasping !
hey Jim,   I thot I was the onli one who been noticing wat u noted.........LOL
lolz .... interesting to note that there are others who noticed it .... rofl
Welcome back my darling, I missed you and our exchanges !
I'm not blaming the Mother like other people are, but the assailant.
I don't know how you blame the Australian Government for the coup, but perhaps your just countering my assertions, and why not ?
s now we are blamed for controlling the Fiji military, not Frank Bainimarama and the Military Council, an interesting concept none the less !
Happy Easter by the way, have you changed shifts with your Military counterpart this morning ?
Blah blah Zahed
You are missing the point, there is no coup in Australia !
My children are Aboriginal, so why are you attacking me ?
Many of my friends are Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, Indians, Indian Fijians, Philippino and others.
and for your information, I'm so pleased that you support Barrack Obama's Election to the Presidency.
And that is the key word here " Election " unlike FRank Bainimarama who committed High Treason against the State.
And another point, Barrack Obama is half white !
And one last point you obviously are not aware of, he taught Constitutional Law asa Senior Lecturer.
So where does that leave your silly argument now my love ?

Listen to yourself. Mark like me hates what is happenning in Fiji. A country being held by the military.

Im pretty sure he doesn't father any Aborigines kids but even if he did its none of your business anyway.

Now if you support free election like Mark the question is why do you hate him then? Can you you elaborate on that? Dont tell me its because he is an Australian because we've heard that excuses too many times before.
Deep down in anyones heart, anybody who comments on this blog loves Fiji but hates dodgy people. So you tell me who's dodgy and who's not from your list above and why?
You have to ask yourself the same question Zahed, did you Father your Children ?



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