By VASITI RITOVA, Editor-in-Chief, Bula Bee GP


CALIFORNIA, USA (Wednesday 26 October 2011) - Senior officers of the Democracy and Freedom for Fiji Movement (DFFM) have secured a venue for this weekend's pro-democracy rally in the United States.


DFFM National President, Loruwama Tawawili, says the rally will be held at Quaker Meeeting House on 1647 Guerneville Road, in Santa Road, California 95403, on Saturday, 29 October 2011.


A DFFM statement released last night says a special speaker at the rally is expected to provide a whole different perspective to Fiji's political situation at this time.


The speaker will be sharing his personal experiences as an activist against the cruelty of the Bainimarama regime, and what he knows about the military and how they are treating the general population in Fiji.


"The special speaker will share with us the feeling of the general population about the Public Emergency Regulations and the Media Decree, which has effectively cut down the freedom of the people of Fiji and journalists," Mr Tawawili says.


"Four years is a long time for such cruelty, when our people back home have been seriously undermined when it comes to their basic human right to freedom of information and worship," Mr Tawawili says. "We expect to hear first-hand critical information that we will work on in the coming months to better our stand on the situation in Fiji, to take our fight to a whole new level."


Mr Tawawili adds that the rally will open up to panel discussions on critical issues our people in the United States need to ask questions about. There will also be an official communique from the rally, which is expected to contain resolutions passed for the way forward for pro-democracy movements on Fiji in the future.


"We are definitely looking forward to hosting those who want to come and ask questions; there is no need to sit by and take side swipes; this is for our country, a place we will always call home," he adds. "We have a responsibility on our shoulders for that."


Bula Bee has had enquiries on whether people need to ask questions about relatives and friends who have been verbally and physically abused or killed at the hands of the military.


The program starts at 2:00 p.m. and will commence with a welcome address by Mr Tawawili, keynoted addresses by Australia Chaprter President Suliasi Daunitutu and the special speaker.


The panel discussion occurs as soon as the two speakers address the rally, after which Chapter President California, Apete Naitini, will deliver the closing address just before the communique is finalized.


The rally is expected to conclude by 7: 00 p.m.


Please find a link to the address of the rally on the attached link;

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Lets all stand to fight for our freedom in every corner of the globe, I've been a victim of the illegal regime and will continue to fight for freedom//democracy for all in my Island Nation:FIJI
You bet Semisi, we will carry on asking for the restoration of democracy in Fiji, no matter what it takes us

Adi Tau VRitova!I really wanted to attend this rally but just due to my tight schedules, I will not make it. Is there any way that I can listen to it like tha one they did in Australia?


Vinaka vakalevu,


 From the Icy Fields!

Ni yadra Na Wekaqu...e kainaki ni na livestreamtaki, which means you can watch on the Internet from where you are...try searching for Bula TV or Bula Streamin on the Internet...qai message tale mai kevaka e dua tale na taro....vinaka vakalevu, loloma yani
Sa re Adi Tau!I will do that n sa loloma wane!

imagine if motion or petition are made during this meeting,are the movement be able to do something back at home?will it be effective?how many years are this movement established?if more than 2 yrs,i don't  think so it will counter Bainimarama...and kaiyum...,they need no more meeting just a bullet..thats all.someone who got guts fly home and give them the bullets,too much meeting  but nothing happens..

I think DFFM chapters world-wide have raised critical issues about the military regime of Bainimarama...the world knows what they are doing through the Movement's blogs and Facebook postings, meetings, rallies in major cities of the world today, meetings like this weekend' cannot really say there aren't anything going on or happening because in the last two, three years, so many things have been revealed about the evils of this military for your expectation for things to move or happen, dictators come and go my took the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, etc, over 30, 40 years to topple those dictators...we will forge on Sosi, your encouragement must be our platform always...

Sosi, I know how you feel about VB and Khaiyum. It's frustrating at times but I can assure are not alone! We are all in this fight together and I kinda like VRitovas reply. Vinaka VR!!

Now we must learn of what happens during the coup,2000,when we nearly got what we want....that old sickness started to rise up.we all know the name.."LIU MURI".."O AU..QOOOO"mE NOQU QO,...WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OUR CHIEFS..?because of that sicknez crippling in...most of them go to jail..baleta ni sa voleka sara ga me rawa na ka me baleti keda,sa tekivu me basika mai na mate  ya...ka vkavuna kina me da sega ni rawata kina nai le ya,mate oira noda crw//baleta o keda ga eda veiliumuritaki da sa via laki kocova sara e so nai tutu vakamatanitu...o ira na kaidia gauna ya,era wele sara tu ga,a sa kaya oti o Butadroka,kevaka eda sega ni qaqarauni nai Taukei na yaco mai na gauna eda na veivala ga vakai keda,kara taura na kena uro o ira...i'm just here to voice my opinion,most of the people who organized this type of meetings not in Fiji that via tukuna ga yani , da sa vuku mada ,me da vuli mai na ka a caka na 2000,ni sa rawa nai le me baci kua tale na kocokoco veiso na tamata baleta nai na leqa tale ni se toka ga i kea o rau na rua,.bhai kei kaiyum..kei na dakai....o keda ga meda sa vulica noda lesoni...




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