Dear friends. Greetings in wonderful name of Jesus. Please read on, be calm cool and collected. DO NOT PANIC. The purpose of this letter is to move you to preparation. Those who are prepared will have confidence when the coming events happen.

You have about 3 months, 15 days from this date (08/3/10) to prepare yourself and your family especially for those who live in Fiji.

I am Rev.Laione Lutumaimuri Nacevamaca the senior pastor of Kuriako's Christian Centre, Nadi Airport and Superintendent of Kuriako's Church of God in Christ Fiji.An Author, missionary Bible school administrator and Lecturer. Have been in the Christian ministry since 1975.I function in the ministry office of pastor, prophet and teacher as in Ephesians 4:11.A Bible College and Seminary graduate with DIp.Th Bre, MABS Degrees married with 4 children.

The brief of biodata above is to help you know that I am well balanced as a person and as a Christian brother. In obedience to the Lord God Almighty, I am releasing with love and compassion, this message to you for the first time in writing.


Surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets.(Amos 3:7)...Toward the end of last year (AD2009), the Nadi Weather Office predicted 11 tropical cyclones during 2009-2010 Cyclone season which will end in April 2010.This prediction moved me to predict Fiji. I received an answer from the Lord God saying...

"The predicted cyclone will come, but a more devastation disaster will hit Fiji in June, 2010.Earthquakes and waves will hit the entire land from all directions. After the waves, strong winds and rain will follow."

I talked to the Lord God some more, asking for more details for June 2010 disaster. On the 23rd day of November, 2009 the word of the Lord came to me saying...

"This time in June 2010, the disaster will hit Fiji. It will be chaotic, catastrophe that Fiji has never experienced before."

Immediately I looked at my cell phone clock, it was exactly 2:30pm.My friend the coming disaster will hit our island nation, Fiji on the 23rd day of June, 2010 at 2:30pm:

23rd June, 2010 at 2:30pm

This is the date and time. Mark to your calendar. Add it to your prayer lists. Get right with the Lord God!!Prepare yourself for it. Be familiar with the disaster DISMAC advices, and follow them.

I do not know how long the hit will be, but we all know that the aftermath will be longer. Prepare for food, water, etc.Learn from the little ants and prepare in the summer for the winter.

The Holy Bible says in Amos 3:7

Surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secrets to his servants the prophesy".

The Lord God has revealed this and it is my responsibilities to warn you. I have been releasing this message orally, until this one in writing for the first time.

The Confirmation

"So that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses"

(Matt 18:16 NIV)

Early February 2010, an American based prophet released a prophesy from the Lord through his TBN television program. Part of his prophesies are as follows:

"a disaster will hit the South Pacific in June 2010 especially the islands if Fiji.An earthquakes will begin in the Western Coast of America, will cut across the Pacific Ocean and hit Fiji whose surrounding reefs will be peeled off of their foundations, casts into the air before they hit the water again. The hit of the sun will cause the moon to spill things like water into the ocean. Some of which will hit Fiji."

Compare this prophecy with mine and you will understand why Fiji will get hit from every direction. This prophet until that prophecy has never heard of Fiji or been to Fiji. His prophecy confirms the message given to me in Fiji, on November, 2009.I have never met this American prophet or known to him. Again the Holy Bible says in Matt.18:16,

"So that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or

three witnesses".

The message has been established by the mouth of two prophets. Take heed therefore my friend!! As I write this part of the message, the Anointing from the Lord, is heavy on me. Tears begin to fill my eyes. The word of the Lord God is assuring me saying,

"Son it will happen as I told you. Tell my people to prepare themselves".

I am always touched by the pains and the losses of the disaster victims. The Lord God Almighty also, cares for you and has revealed this; months before it happens to give you time to prepare yourself and your family. Please I beg you in Jesus name to take heed and move to prepare yourself.

Thank you dear friend for taking steps to prepare yourself and your family; I am truly honored to remain.

Your Sincerely In Christ,

Koseni,Levusasa Savunawai II

P.O. Box 10396, Nadi Airport, Fiji Islands.

Telephone: 6243516 Mobile: 9954608


Habakkuk 2:3-4

For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it will linger, wait for it, it will certainly come and will not delay...but the righteous shall live by faith.

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Cava dau tu'una o Spoon????????
tu'una o 'ea,...vakavakrau ni se sigalevu toka
Ceva..... dui buni......
o iho vuaku mo lai wawa ho'o na telani telatela i samo'u..tuga u memudruha avaya caquru patu..siga saraga liwa mai hina cagi..ovola ni druha me dru va ratarata i ma'anicagi me leve a cagi..lolzz
Sa da oca mai rogoca parofisai vata qo....so sa via siviti Aisea, Isikeli, Jeremaia..etc....etc...va'aoca..
Vinaka mata na nomuni vakasama but if you read between the line on that particular chapter of Noah and the ark you will be suprised to see that brother Noah was THE only rightous man that walked the earth on that time and age so God had to use him to even save him from the flood and also carry out His plans.Imagine God using a sinner advising Noah to build an ark for the Lord God is going to flood the earth, do you think Noah would believe him,i don't think so.My point is we cannot use Noah as an example for this prophecy from pastor Leone as it contradicts in many ways which is another topic altogether.


(Id rather be humble and listen to the warning)

thr a story of a Samoan old lady...she a devout methodist...few month b4 th tsunami hit samoa...she already been given th version of the disaster...but most take it as a jokes...cut the story short.....a wk b4 diaster struck.....her son call for her to come over to Australia to look after her grandson whos hospitalise at the time....she flew out of Samoa...one day b4 the tsunami struck.....her village did wash out including her house......

(th samoan family im relating this story from is my neighbour)


sa dina sara....
Au vinakata me bau dua ga na noqu cau ena vakasama e veitalanoataki tiko. Au vakavinavinaka ni so era vakabauta ka so era tukuna ni lasutaki.Ia oya e sa draki tu ni bula vei keda nai taukei. Yaco sara na leqa eda i vuki tu , sa bera. Eda raica ni parofisai toka qo e dua na tamata ni Kalou.....

Au via laveta mai e dua na tiki ni vola tabu na JEREMAIA 8. -7. Ia na belo ka vuka voli e cake , na ruve ,na belo loa kei na kakabace e ratou kila na gauna me ratou lako mai kina. ia o ira na noqu tamata era sega ni kila rawa na lewa i Jiova. Au qai nanuma kau sarava na gauna e yaco kina na sunami mai Indonesia, era kida na manumanu. na elefaniti era chaintaki tu, ia era cavuraka na vanua era chaintaki tu kina me ra dro cake ena vanua cecere. N a ka au via vakaraitaka tiko eke ni o ira na manumanu era kila ka talairawarawa enai vakatakilakila e dau cakava na Kalou. Ia na tamata ni kua e talaidredre ka wele voli ga.

O keda ga me da vakavakarau tiko ena veigauna kece sara. Kua ga ni yaco na parofisai me da qai vakavakarau. Ni da wilika nai vola tabu, na Kalou e dau veivakasalataki rawa ni bera ni cakava e dua na ka. Na gauna nei Noa, na nona talai Jona na Kalou me lai vakasalataki Ninive.

Na tamata ga e qaravi Kalou vinaka tiko vakayalo ka vakaidina ena sega ni leqataka e dua na ka , baleta ena veimaroroi na Kalou. Dina ni lomani keda taucoko na Kalou, ia e tukuna o Malakai na parofita, ni na yaco na gauna dou na kila kina o koya e qarava na Kalou kei koya e sega ni qarava na Kalou. Tukuna o Neumi na parofita ni o koya nai vakaruru kaukauwa ena siga ni rarawa, ka kilai ira era vakararavi vua. Emeni, noda vata tiko na loloma ni Kalou.
Im not afraid because i served and worshiped my god in truthandand in faith,whatever comes on my way,date time and hour im not afraid because he is my strengh,my rock,my sheild,power,and refuge and my salvation.

many people prophecy the date time and hour actually it did not happened?
vuku vakatamata sa kalialia vua na kalou,erawa ni vosa vei iko ko setani pretending to be god, ni turaga vuku,rairaivinaka,qarauna keda mai profita vakailasu.?

vaqara soqosoqo ni lewe ni lotu......




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