Tonga's Oral History ( Fiji / Samoa / Uvea / Futuna )

Tonga's history and ties with Fiji has been ongoing for centuries. For the Tongan clans, yavusa Tonga are spread out in Fiji not only from the Lau groups necessarily -also in Bau, some of Viti Levu's highlands, which ranged from different eras, various regions, and various reasons of why Tongans came to Fiji throughout the ages. Whether it be trading, inter island marriage, or just simple savage war.


The most recent account and probably the most popular one of influence of Tongan Culture in Fiji would be most notable in Eastern Fiji islands. Lau / Tubou, Lakepa / Taveuni / Vanuabalavu / Sawana / Rewa , etc, when Gen. Maafu a nephew of the Tu'i Siaosi Tubou I came a century and a half ago to Fiji, he tried to be a big shot and show off Tonga's strength offered his help to Cakobau and blah blah, gradually failed. Fiji had their own idea's up their sleeves, nevertheless accepted Maafu as one of their own and bestowed chieftainship to him and gave him his own district in Fiji to govern and be chief of. Tovata Confederacy. Tu'i Lau! Some imported pieces of tongan culture is pretty evident in parts of Fiji are Tongan traditions, their attire ta'ovala/gafigafi, the lakalaka, polotu, cultural dialects, some of the craftmanship in weaving and masi making in Lau. etc.  Tonga did bring the LOTU to Fiji or the Methodist Church (first Christianisation of Fiji).


Ruthless Tongans slaughtered Uveans/Futuna people at Togatoto in Uvea (an old site of ruins from an old Tongan Fort or estate where blood shed was commonplace, hence its name "Togatoto" OR "Bloody Tonga")  located in Uvea, and is vouched by the Uvea & Futuna people, that Tonga invaded and ruled them over for a while, but eventually kicked Tonga out with great credits given to the Futunan warriors. It's in Tongan oral history just as it is in Uvea and Futuna history. There's a Tongan saying "Vete FakaFutuna" which means the Futuna Resololution or Futuna Conclusion; usually referred to an embarrassing defeat, a humiliating break up of any sort of relationship etc. Tongans use this phrase in instances like this, likening it to how Futuna helped Uvea slaughter and kick out the remaining Tongans there. (note: Uvea today in reality are just Tongan stowaways from centuries before). Vete FakaFutuna is a humiliating term in the Tongan speech. Out of all the nations Tonga invaded, it is funny how the smallest of them all, FUTUNA, left a scar on Tonga's ego.



Tonga took back with them, the Me'etu'upaki from Futuna/war dance, the war dance of Uvea better known as the Kailao, the Mako, and also the SOKE. Uvea kept from Tonga, the traditional fakapangai or Milolua traditional ceremony or the ancient "KAVA CEREMONY" for coronations/funerals/welcoming/ chief bestowing and also the ta'ovala/gafigafi.


 There was a point in time where Tonga invaded Samoa but eventually the Samoans got sick of these Tongans and kicked them out. Very prominent chief in Samoa "MalieToa" = Awesome OR Brave Warrior derived from the famous shout out phrase from the defeated Tongan Warrior (as the remaining but fleeing Tongan survivors ran and jumped for their canoes ) " Ua Malie Tau, Ua Malie To'a" = An Awesome Fight, An Awesome Warrior!! I will go back to Tonga and will come back in peace.There's a village in Samoa called "Solosolo" short for "solosolo ga toto". It refers to wiping away blood that Tongans spilled there. Also known in Western Samoa is the "PA TOGA" or the Wall to bar away these bloody Tongans. These are a few archaeological evidence of Tonga wreaking havoc in the South Pacific. Due to this, there are Samoan chants that still survive to this day; that calls for the death to Tongans, smash the Tongans, Tongans have you no compassion. I will post these chants some other time. This is further evidence of the ruthlessness that Tongans had against their neighbours. But remember Tongans came back to Samoa with the "Lotu Toga" or the Tongan Religion better known as the Methodists of Samoa today.


Tongans are pretty much descendants of Samoa and came from Samoa. That is why Tonga is called Tonga Tapu or Sacred South eventhough they migrated long ago,Samoa still honored them as brothers from the Holy Sacred South -but then became mixed up with Fijian blood, thus making Tonga what it is today. As the graceful dances of Tonga come from Samoa so does it's warrior displays come from Fiji and Uvea/Futuna. There are three forms/dialects of the Tongan language. Royalty, Noble/Chief, Commoner jargon. The Royalty dialect or form of speaking is pretty much more related to Samoan language rather then the Tongan: and most commoners barely understand so they must learn and rehearse it before approaching royalty. The noble way of talking sounds like Uvea/Futuna speaking. And of course the commoner language that everyone speaks.


Tongans do admit that a lot of their warrior spirit/habits came from their Fijian blood brothers. As Fiji was known to be the fiercest, brutal, and had no sense. Fijians were cannibals for crypez sakes. This Fijian practice or style of savagery, emasculation of one's dignity, was adopted by the Western Division of Tonga also known as Hihifo which now have the last "UMU TAGATA" (human oven). It was the last human oven for as they were cooking their enemies' human bodies', an enlightened and disgusted Chief came over to stop them from doing such a ferocious thing thus leaving the burning umu to die out underground and was never opened up to this day. Those corpses are still buried in that umu or lovo to this day in a village named Fo'ui.

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FitiAumua means Fiji first or foremost. It was like an addition to Tui Manua's name or sort of a last name eventhough Polys didn't have last names back then. It was glorifying his fijian heritage and ties. I am referring to the last Tui Manu'a before losing his grip or yoke over Tonga and eventually losing rulership of many of the neighbouring islands that Tui Manua once had. We all have to remember that eventhough Tuimanua was Samoan, technically, he looked at his Empire as his identity as a whole which included his ties from Fiti. He of course was proud, firstly that he was from Manu'a, then of course obviously reminded his Colonies which happened to include Tonga/Niue/and some other islands that Samoa is your government so abide with the fa'a Samoa and pay me my dues. There are chants from Samoa that speak of Fiji's ruthless restless fights and some of it's mistreatment of Samoa yet Samoa prevails in the end. Nevertheless, still acknowledging the connection.



The name Fitiaumua comes from when Samoan Tui Manu'a defeated and conquered parts of Fiji. Fijians in Samoan History were said to be the most fierce Warriors and for Tui Manu'a to defeat the great Warriors of Fiji earned him his name Fitiaumua. There is another Tui Manu'a named Tae O Tagaloa his sister married a Tui Fiti or Tui Viti meaning Samoan & Fijian Royalty have married in the past Anciently.

whr do u get all this facts from @ tui pulotu...sivo
so i assume we stick to Alia thesis..cause its more



The Samoan Warrior Fitiaumua how he got his name - His efforts of Warfare in Fiji earned him the name FITIAUMUA or the most superior Warrior in Fiji it was found that the powerful Fijian Armies and her allies were in heavy losses and could not match the SAMOAN WARRIOR Fitiaumua in any battles of his conquest of there land.


The Manu'a Samoa Warrior/King Fitiaumua had a fleet of 200 War Canoes (ALIA) in which he sent out war expeditions from SAUA Manu'a in Eastern Samoa to invade and conquer Tonga and parts of Fiji as well as other islands of Polynesia in which he was successful.


Sivo you are correct about Tui Burotu. Tui Burotu Empire of Ancient Fiji was said to have conquered Tonga as well as parts of Samoa and had an Empire that stretched from Fiji to include other islands. Later the rise of the Tui Manu'a Empire of Samoa took place invading and conquering neighboring islands such as Tonga parts of Fiji, Niue, Niuatoputapu etc.. etc... etc.....


It is said the most Ancient Empire to rule over Tonga were Melanesians (Dark Skin) of the Tui Burotu Empire of Fiji then later the Tui Manu'a Empire of Samoa Polynesians (Light Skin) ruled Tonga pushing the Melanesians of Fiji to retreat back to Fiji I believe retreating back to the Lau Group where there are old fortifications that were said to have been created during the Polynesian Invasions of the Lau group of Fiji that took place in 1000AD. It is said Polynesians from both Samoa & Tonga invaded Fiji from the East (Lau Group) Anciently.


To make it even more interesting is that Samoan History states 1 of the first ever Wars of Polynesia took place between Melanesians and Polynesians in which Tui Burotu waged War on Polynesians in which many Polynesians were slaughtered etc.....











Alia, this is an old folk song/ chant from Samoa. Please translate:


Lau-ti-vunia.—The Solo (I)
'Ava puaia, 'ava le 'aiia.
Ava à sui ma fa'atau
Finagalo o lo ta loto.
Pe fai i fea?
5 Lia'ina mai ni 'ava ma Niniva;
Luluina, pōpōina, fatifatia;
Lafoia i fale i silafia;
Lafoia i fafo i māia;
A māia, māia, ia pala;
10 A e togi se tufa, ma se tuaava.
A usi lo tatou 'ava.
Ia mua'i se matā'ava
Ia tă matua a e matua a'e lava.
A e ina tufa lo outou 'ava
15 Tatou filifili fono mai—
Se fotu i ulu na ou fonota'i.
Se fili anaoso na ou fologia!
Se foto i fai na alumia!
Se tifitifi-tapu-ulu na lavea a'i au,
20 A la'u toe folo le maono—
O le lau o le fiso, o le lau o le tolo.
Tui-Toga ua e le alofa ea lava?
Uso e, pasiā fa'al'ala,
Lo'u fanua i tai e lē uia.
25 Se matapā-niu, na ta'amilosia;
Se matautupápă na au taulia;
Se ifi na ou foumumunia;
Se fau ui na tu'utu'u ai au
Saina i luma o le totoa.
36 'O a'u o Lautivunia 'o Ipu ma One, 'o moea le totoa
O 'Ua ma 'Uga o ia Tui-Toga;
Molia fala o Tui-Toga ia Atua.
Le 'ai o Leu-tele lo na maua
'O le nāvaegā Tui-Toga ma Leu-tele.
La te fetalia'i i le masina.
Na nofo i le vai tufa'ina
Ae susulu i Tufu le masino
A o loo tanutu i lalo o le nivaniva
O le Anogia ma le Atoia
40 O fono o le 'ava na la molia.
Se maile loo ona tagisia.
O!Lau-ti-vunia.—The SOLO (II)
Toi e, toi, e
O muli nei o aiga na a'u sailia.
Se fau-ui na ia sili'ia.
Se filimoto na ia gau'ia,
5 Se matapā-niu na ia laasia
Se matapā-ti na ia osofia.
'O Ipu ma One na leosia le totoa;
O 'Uga ma 'Ula na taea le otaota.
Tă ulu fale e le te'iia
10 Tă ulu fafo lo tă ulu ā futia.
Le-Anogia ma Le-Atoia
Fono o le 'ava a Tui-Toga na in molia
Le lau o le tolo ma le lau o le fiso
Sa ia nutia ma ia saeia—
15 Le uso i lei ma le uso i fai,
Na ia solia ma ia tia'i.
Tui-Toga e, se uso i pasiā fa'alala
Se i'a e sola, tagata!
Le-Anogia ma Le-Atoia
20 Fono o le 'ava na la sailia;
Se 'ava na la aofia na la māia
Se 'ava'ava-i-aitu, se lalano na la māia
Se tifitifi se apiti, se maono na foloolaina
Se fotu i 'ulu-manu'a na ia lomaina
25 Le laufanua o Toga na ia telea'eina
Lautivunia o tanutu i foga o le Aniva
A goto i Tufu le masina.

There is no doubt about the strength and fierceness of the Tongan warriors ...@ Vai in Fiji as you mentioned.But I am trying to figure out how they got involved because Fijian Cheifs were known to conquer and claim territories and people during tribal war.

The Tongans don't seem to have settled a claimed territory which means they didn't declare war to claim for ownership or come in to fight by themselves but probably was asked to help or in partnership with fijian Chiefs during the fierce rivalries in Fiji in return for gifts or women.......these I do not know quite well.
Perhaps someone with a better knowledge of how they broke deals fighting side by side for one another in those dark days should shed some lights on this.

lol io me caka tikoga na kana.lovo taki na
LOL@cooking each other at the LOVO.. hahahaha@Sivo... yea, that may be the reason why Tonga won a few battles. damn cannibals, oiaue!! hahaha
Sivo o Wainiqolo is from LONGLAND not

a qai mai jini va 'adavi o Major Wainiqolo mai na sawana mai Wairi'i me va qara bula ni ra motu mate mai vei ira na kai

io jina va 'adavi...dro mo bulaaa...haha na kai sawana keitou ra tou dau sota ga keitou sa dau ia yani


'ada ji'o vei i'o....wch we refer to th mighty warrior Wainiqolo.. tht conquer th Laun grp..

keitou sa dau jini vosavosa ca taki ga mai vei ratou na kai Sawana...hahaha

The birthplace of so-called POLYNESIA as labelled by the white man points to Samoa and Tonga,unfortunately that is false.Language never lies.




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