Years ago we used to write letters, do our exams without these superduber gadgets, spend a lot of family time together, enjoying picnics etc etc...but today people wrap themselves around this thing called the internet either on their phone, computer or laptop- in their rooms, internet café or walking on the road with their heads down concentrating on facebook, mff, mtvl missing many opportunities in meeting friends, family and all . Once you leave school and start in the business world nearly everything is calculated for you. Our brains need its exercise but we see kids as young as 3 with their ipads or ipods playing games more running to the park, no more family time...even devotion time has been replaced with individual time on the internet, we need fresh air and exercise but we order food online delivered to our doorstep, very soon we will be referred to as one of the loneliest era existed, we hardly see our friends on facebook in real life even those on Skype and when you are with a friend you spend most of your time checking your phone....sad isn't it. There are these clever nerds brain washing mankind with a very unhealthy lifestyle......and we follow!!! Try and outweigh the dangers of todays technology with its benefits....would you want to take a step back and retain our old lifestyle or do you think its healthy to change with our changing world?

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Change my friend..I love GOOGle! You dont need to wreck your brain memorizing and reading tonnes of books ..You don't have to write long letters , just text them, fb and let the world know your intentions , be transparent as possible...wysiwyg. 

vinaka memory stick lol

Thanx syl, Im obviously referring to the internet technology it wouldn't take a genius to figure that one out. My concern is how much precious family time it has taken away, especially from those who are by our sides. Yes, it has connected us to our families who are far but to those who need us, who are so close to us are being ignored mostly. The small children -with an adult on the phone [internet], partners having dinner with one on the  phone [internet], friends we meet everyday...we walk side by side but both on a phone [internet]. Have you not found that annoying and rude at times when you want to sit down have lunch or take a walk with someone and they are busy on their phones...or watch somebody with their kids who spends most time on the phone [internet] because I see that a lot of people cannot even realise the damage it is bringing upon us and from where Im looking its indirectly portraying a life of loneliness.

Ms Anamaria, I think it’s a matter of choice, really. People chose to use gadgets for it has speed up communication, etc. I am still using an old Nokia, for texting and receiving calls and have stayed away from gadgets (which I can’t afford) nor Facebook and never have a facebook account. We have to accept the changes and observe the advantage and disadvantage of technology and Internet .Some advantages of Internet is search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo provide a huge amount of information for just about every subjects, ranging from government law and services, market information, new ideas and technical support. Today, it is almost required that students should use it for research or the purpose of gathering resources. Also, we can perform all our transactions online. You can book tickets for a movie, transfer funds, pay utility bills, taxes etc., right from your gadget.

There are a few big disadvantage of the Internet. Theft of Personal Information, Virus Threat and Pornography. Pornography is perhaps the biggest threat and disadvantage, the access and download of millions of pornographic photos, videos, X-rated stuff. Such unrestricted access to porn is detrimental to children and teenagers.

 Recent report shows children as young as two have accessed explicit content online. The research showed three million UK families had discovered their children viewing violent, explicit or pornographic material on the internet, with the youngest age quoted being two years old. It also found the average age of a child being exposed to unsuitable online material is just four years old. Parents have a gigantic responsibility to raising children’s morals in the Western society. I have realised that my humble upbringing in the village is the best so far, second to none.

From my Biblical point of view, the fast pace of technological advancement, indicates that mankind is building another tower of Babel, what happened next at Babel was Judgement of Human Pride and Selfishness on mankind. The signs of the times is at hand (Mathew 24).I have chosen to Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.The world system have failed in many ways,Democracy have failed us,even Religion have made us comfortable with our Depression and Poverty but This Government (Gods Kingdom) and the advantages and benefits it Offers, lasts forever.

Thank you Josese that was well said. Talking about choice, we may be grown up enough to know the disadvantages and the advantages of choosing between the two but there are some who are too young to make these decisions and once they're hooked in they can't get out. I believe that facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are 3 main sites for good business networking and at times I do get carried away. These sites can be very addictive and other sites too. Thanx a lot for your input.

Vinaka Josese...

I think Babel is a good analogy;...human spirit trying to gain and  replace the relationships that must be maintained to ppl closest to us as good Samaritans..and the Jesus.

a great illusion..if taken wrongly

I don't think the advanced Technology has nothing to do with or has any relation to the story of the Tower of Babel.
The emphasis behind the story was the UNITY amongst those who built it.

Thanks Syl, yes at the end of the day it is all down to choice. Too bad we normally make the wrong choices but we do learn after we realise what impact it has put on us. Vinaka na soli vakasama.

“….is it healthy to change with our changing world?”

I believe change is inevitable. There is an old saying that goes…."If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got”. Unfortunately, that can not be true anymore. In business, if you keep doing exactly what you have been doing in the past, you may not have a business a year or two from now!


Individually, as you and others have stated, yes it is a choice we may have to make one day, but if you are really satisfied with wherever you are, then change will never happen. To change, you must first realise that change needs to be made. You got to get sick and tired of where you are or the situation you are in. You need to get disturbed deep inside of you. “Change the way you view the world, and your world will change”.

You talk about Technology. We live in a world where technology is always changing. The way we communicate and relate to each, as you rightly point out, changes too. Just when you begin to understand and embrace LinkedIn, Facebook and Tweeter, suddenly there’s Pinterest and Instagram to learn! There are not enough hours in the day to learn fast enough to keep up.

We do not have to own all the latest whizz bang gadgets available, but we need to have an attitude that anticipates change. Most of us hate being blindsided by something we did not see coming our way. We feel threatened when we are not in control of our situation. The best way to feel in control is to be thinking about what’s changing in our area of influence, whether in business, our family lives or even spiritual lives.

We need to develop the capacity to laugh at ourselves as we leap into learning new technologies and experience set-backs and challenges. Laughter reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. When we can laugh at ourselves for not being perfect, it not only helps us put things into perspective, it also reassures those around us that it’s okay to not be perfect.

If, like me, you don’t have a clue as to what some of these things are or how they will impact you, laugh first, then Google more

Whilst these new gadgets easily avails us to communicate with loved ones, relatives and friends, the disadvantages are also there and it is essential that we take note of them and try not fall into the traps that will result in our misfortunes.

For instance, I was in high school in the 1960s. In those days, we were encouraged to NOT use calculators but use our mental and analytical minds to make calculations, and even prove and make mathematical formulae such as the theorems, and laws of physics.etc. We could even recite by heart the multiplication tables etc.

These things are available to us through our computers, laptops, ipads and tablets, and smart phones just by the simple touch of a button or keyboard and by a simple touch on our small screens.

The danger in these is that, when we become too engrossed in chatting with our friends and even our loved ones about unimportant matters, and are oblivious to the whisperings of our consciences which prompt us to do the RIGHT things, to say the RIGHT words, to think the RIGHT thoughts, and to communicate with the Divine regularly, we become distracted from the essential truths of life that are out there.

I surely hope that we will use these gadgets in the proper way that God intends us to use them.

Beautiful...that was well said. Vinaka vakalevu Taniela.

Lol@Anamaria : dangerous as you.. used to go on cam in mff.. same dif..

ps : miss your purdy smile & afro'hair, cheers woman :)



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