Is it okay to love a woman????? Well i dont think so that they a being loved nowadays......coz everything seems to be changing nowadays........woman a hassled , raped and also turned into a punching bag from their lovers and even their soulmates...omg!!!! how do we tackle this problem???? but the only solution is love them wholeheartedly ,mind ,and soul. there is a saying " a way to a man's heart is through his stomach and a way to a woman's heart is through her purse". But relationship keeps falling coz of not trusting one another.....but be true to one top it of a wise man once said "when a man loves a woman no forces on earth can destroy it except   another woman....."[na lasa i loma ]. But the main issue is dont treat a woman badly but love her as the sun turns red.


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if we love GOD than automatically you will love a women...without Gods love [AGAPE] no one can love anyone.if we got the love of these world, still we cannot love anyone, the next minute later you will hate her again......clearly with Gods love with us ,it can.

Amen!!...well said Watchman!!...automatically LOVE A MAN AS WELL..LOL


1 john 4 :7-21 talks about HOW GOD IS LOVE!!..


so yes!!..where God is!!..LOVE IS!!..or where LOVE IS...GOD SO IS!


VIOLENCE against woman and children is so high these days...we can surely agree that the devil is in domination!!..God has given his last days Rev 20:3 "...After tht he must be set free for a short time" 7-8 "...Satan will be realeased from from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations..."




AND isnt it funny!! God created and Satan makes a counterfeit!!...cunning isnt it!!

PoinT!..GOD is love...Satan created and illusion of love!!..LUST!...the love of this world! :(


so Basically...we nid GOD in our lives..especially his Holy Spirit!!...and the directions in the bible will never leave you stranded!!...yes GOD IS SO GOOD!!



Bula Emele and a lovely Easter evening to you and your loved ones.  


Thank you again for a thought-provoking thread… To love a woman, is not only okay but more importantly to me, how could a man possibly not? Or, for a man to not really love a woman and yet remain with her? I s’ppose the first step is understanding what it might mean to you personally... and then of course, to her  (I think it’s generally understood though that love encompasses much more than the physical expression of that primal urge to merge horizontally at some regular interval)... Then again, whose to judge some complex, elusive emotion that can never be neatly ‘boxed’ and tied up in ribbons :)) So understanding what it means to both of you and being at ease with that yourselves, is probably key... or I suppose nothing can stop you both from defining it in whatever your terms you wish and be totally at ease with that? Oh I dunno, this is getting confusing as I’m no expert... I’m more of a dreamer and would defer any day to Helen’s pearls of wisdom for a reality check in some of these very grey areas.


Okay, back to magnificent Yanni, now that’s a love of God manifested... i promise this is a final piece on your thread :)) He just has this extraordinary ability to draw you in so deeply in his music, and with such ease... Anyway, this is a real breathtaking piece which I'm sure you'll love, and I think a fitting duet to your thread > To truly love a woman – in every way, in every sense, until your last moments! For the romantic in ALL of us... yes, all of us > includes those “who love to hate” and those “who hate to love”, lols.


Enjoy! Lekaleka ga na balavu ni nodaru tevelis i vei tender loving Ender! lols....


Mi Todo Eres Tu (Until The Last Moment) - Ender Thomas and Chloe (Yanni Voices 2008)




Yes I agree it's okay to love a woman, but is it okay for a man to love a man and a woman to love a woman?  With your solution Mind & Soul you forgot BODY


...@ Benza Nasoro ... great sharing.. vinaka...


...Ummm @ Benza Nasoro..can you make that Miss Nui next time hehehe... am a girl last time I check *gigglez.. Blessings...



Hey Emele!!

Great idea about how a woman should be loved.

Well all I can say is that... we are all different and it's just how you are brought up and the environment you live in!

Our minds are accumulated with mass media and the sweet taste of the world.

Nowadays,  both genders treat each other differently and feel hurt the same way.

I agree that women are treated unfairly and the only solution to all this is "education" !!!

It's a true fact and will never change!!




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