Is it okay to love a woman????? Well i dont think so that they a being loved nowadays......coz everything seems to be changing nowadays........woman a hassled , raped and also turned into a punching bag from their lovers and even their soulmates...omg!!!! how do we tackle this problem???? but the only solution is love them wholeheartedly ,mind ,and soul. there is a saying " a way to a man's heart is through his stomach and a way to a woman's heart is through her purse". But relationship keeps falling coz of not trusting one another.....but be true to one top it of a wise man once said "when a man loves a woman no forces on earth can destroy it except   another woman....."[na lasa i loma ]. But the main issue is dont treat a woman badly but love her as the sun turns red.


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Some love is only a dirty trick played on guys to achieve continuation of the relationship. Let me give u a hint. I love to shop, buy a new outfit and it make me feel better. It just does sometimes, I see a really great outfit, I'll break up with someone on purpose. Some save a love for a rainy day and another, in case it doesn't rain. Just some info about SOME Guy things. May be I'm wrong. Good luck .

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking - 1 Corinthians 13:4.



Bula vinaka Emele vakaloloma!


Awesome thread...many thanx lady...


"New Age" women have come a long way along way in establishing themselves as capable of a lot more

than just house work. They have proved their worth in the corporate, literary, media and art world.

So, please respect them for their achievements while encouraging them to reach new heights.


Women today are ambitious, goals to reach and dreams to fulfill.

LOL!!Knowing that a man can create some magic in bed as well as the kitchen(know how to cook) 

is possibly every girl’s dream. The complete satisfaction package!


I think in this day and age, being a gentleman is more about respecting a woman than it is

about pulling out chairs and opening doors. Perhaps a need to rethink what it means to be courteous

to others, what it means to act with virtue, and what it means to be honourable in a globalised, culturally

diversified and politically liberated society.


If I may add most humbly, being a gentleman requires one to be clear about the code of conduct you subscribe to, and to be consistent in how you live up to that ideal.

A code of conduct that expresses the importance of self-knowledge, insight and understanding

to ensure more mindful, more aware and less reactive behaviour.

Furthermore sensitivity to and appreciation of cultural, gender and ethnic norms and maintaing a moral sense
what's right and wrong.

The world in the 21st century doesn't need nor is it looking for ‘gentlemen', but men who are authentic,

real, balanced, caring and who carry their responsibility as a warrior.


GOD BLESS all the real men, husbands & fathers this Easter Holiday Season!!


Helen open doors? Hmmm ! This new generation if they open a car door for his girlfriend, It's either a new car or a new


Hahahaha!! Uncle Matt a valid observation!!

Just remember some men strive to be sensitive lovers and, yes, they still open the door for their partner  and sms her love notes.

Maybe in a wheel chair or blind drunk

thank you so much!!!!!!! woman have come along way to tackle hardship...
 man it is true nowadays women are been treated as if they were an ornament to be worn around by man and if they get old discard them for a new and flashier one .where has the phrase love your wife as u love urself and treat them as they are the jewel of your life .regarding the(lasa i loma) issue it is sumthing that people cannot change but at least we can teach our young men that it is wrong to do if they like sumone else they should have the guts the tell their partners .well sum gals can b vicious and before the dust settles the poor bloke is in hospital for burns (waikatakata)

Beautifully said Frank and Helen, couldn't agree more :))


Here's sharing one of my fav pieces by Yanni *whose music never fails to soothe and comfort the soul ... spreading his message of love, unity, acceptance and tolerance wherever he plays ... here he quotes Socrates >> the perfect human being is all of us human beings put together ... it is a collective, it is a 'we', it is all of us, together, that make PERFECTION :))


To MTVVL and all of you - Happy Easter.  LOVE IS ALL :))



love is just an illusion created by the mind to satisfy the heart...

and its mastered well by

Is it? lol. So what the heart yearns for, the mind wills it into being even if its only a mere illusion...hmm...some fleeting make believe moment, eh? How lovely. I wonder if that wud hold true for other emotions that one might feel at any given time, such as joy, anger, happiness, or sorrow? :))


I agree JT that women master emotions well ahead of their counterparts, just a biological/psychological fact. But men & women have also worked seamlessly in many areas to create art and beauty (apart from life), that is so pleasing to senses.


Here's a prime example of men and women harmonizing their god-given talents to create beeauuutifffuuul music that'll thrill you to bits... the King of the saxophone and Queen of the violin : venezuela's Pedro Eustache and american Karen Briggs harmonizing their music so beautifully (or perhaps trying to outplay each other as THE God of music, Yanni plays them together to perfection like only he knows how...!! Sweet. Enjoy RENEGADE!


Would love to see the day when our own davui or the ukelele might find a place in Yanni's music :D  Bet Yanni will find a way to blend them in as he did beautifully with duduk - the 3000-year old musical instrument from Armenia (hey, didn't Jesus speak Armenian?)... as well as the aborigines' amazing didgeridoo.



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