Genesis 3:6-7

6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

Some say it was Eve because she took the fruit and ate it.

Some say it was Adam because he did not stop her.

Some say it was Satan because he tempted Eve.

Who do you think was to blame? Why?

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Thanks for the clip nAmOl .....

From the discussion on the clips, who do you think then was to blame? 

cyan av u answer the question yet??? NO...




UK.........o Eve sa kanakana oti tu mai qai mai solia vei Adam!! O Adam.........qai warai cata! Koya qai tabaka sa la vua!! da qai mai vatugona qo!!!hihihi...


dua mai keri..!!lol

Some very interesting views here ..... thanks.


We all know that when the snake joined Adam and Eve, he had already been admonished by God (re: Lucifer...)

He came in and tempted them. Eve answered the snake. How did Eve know what God had said? Genesis 2:16-18, the Bible says, God told Adam not to eat of that fruit. Eve was created later, so, Adam would have told Eve what God said about the fruit. It may seem a trivial point, but f or this discussion, I think it is important to know that.


Something to ponder..... God was communicating with Adam. The Bible did not give any physical description of Eve... maybe to focus on her intrinsic vales rather than her physical assets? ...lets not go there for now...! Even when Satan was there at the garden, everything was still perfect, Adam was the epitome of creation, Eve was created to be a helpmate .... must have been a "gorgeous" one too! judging from Adams reaction when he saw her ....."This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh...", he remarked. (Gen 2:23).

When the snake spoke, Eve answered. Adam and Eve were both innocent at that stage. This communication was between Satan and Eve. When God speaks, it was usually Adam who answers. Even though Satan was present in the garden, Adam and Eve had no concept of sin. So was it Satan's fault because it tempted them? Eve spoke, and Adam was silent. Eve listened to the enticing half-truths of Satan, so was it Eve's fault because she listened? ....Even when she answered the snake, she did not question God's command. She obeyed God completely at that stage. The conversation continued...... and Adam was standing by! Adam heard the conversation, but said nothing. So, was it his fault because he was silent?

I will go along with the "lady from the ice-fields" (@UKoroi)..... I think it was Adam's fault because he could have intervened and stopped Eve picking the fruit.

What do you think? Discuss why. We could learn some basic truths, we take for granted, here. Also note Eve's version of what God had said.....




My question is when did Lucifer rebel during the creation of heaven and earth or after?
Or before!!!!
Or before!!!!

I would say Adam - he was given the authority because he was first created and God spoke to him always...When the first sin was committed God knew that Eve had been tempted - yet God did not seek Eve, God seeked Adam whom he had created from dust and had breathed into him the breath of life....I believe that this action in itself placed Adam in a position of authority within the Garden of Eden...and when God knew that his commandment to them had been broken, he questioned Adam of his whereabouts ...........Satan has always been part of God's plans when it came to us humans (this is my belief)...Satan was there in the Garden of Eden from the begining (this was in the book of Ezekiel or Jeremaiah - sorry i will have to go back and look that chapter up and post it here later for clarification) - God could have forbidden Satan or banned him from the Garden - but this was not so....Satan was there because God allowed him there.


dont blame God, lady. both adam and eve did that. that was the second sin committed. dont blame God. you should know that God is holy, righteous, without wrongs, umblemished; what else can i say about Him to explain that God was never wrong? dont blame God
i am not blaming God William - the point I am trying to make is this - Adam was given the authority - he was annointed by the creator to lead - the fact that God called for him shows that God holds him responsible even if it was Eve who got be applied to our everyday lives as husband and wife - husbands needs to step up!! You were appointed to lead - ensure that you lead. Satan will always be around - because he was the fairest of all Angels who was banished but God allows him to tempt us - as in Eden with Adam & Eve, as in the days of Job, as in the wilderness in his attempt to tempt Jesus - for what purpose??? For God's purpose alone....

Its been a while since I got back to Matavuvale, Im very happy that we are discussing issues never before being discussed. The topic discussed interests me, cause I do believe, Adam is to be blamed for what happened, we cannot blame Eve, some say Adam, others Eve, but to blame Jehovah God is blaspheme so to speak [that is how I feel], Adam is the head of the House in Eden not Eve, so I believe Adam is the culprit and not Eve. Remember, God looked for Adam not Eve, Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed Lucifer and all of them were punished. On the other side of the coin, I feel that God gave Adam & Eve something that we as human beings have enjoyed through out the ages, and that is the freedom  to choose!!!! Both Adam and Eve choose to be disobedient  after being enticed by Lucifer  the day they ate the fruit of knowledge, they will become like God himself!!! Now who wouldn't fall for that kind of enticement!!! Adam & Eve made a decision right there and then. Today we see, the different types of Gods we worship. Some worship their work, some their money, some their reputation, others their wealth, Chiefly status and the grassroots, the poor, the rejects of Society can have the crumbles that fall to the floor. Other than that, we are all waiting for that new heaven and new earth that the Apostle John saw in his vision in Revelation 21: 1 -4, until then we will be born, live the lives we have lived and the most important thing is whether we have managed to strengthen our relationship with Jehovah God while we were alive or not!!! Bottom line is, the choice is yours!!!!

A blessed year ahead everyone!!!! May Jehovah God richly bless the Matavuvale Members!!!!!!





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