The Coup And The Administration Are Two Different Things: Your Views To Discuss Legalities.

Can we talk on this issues so far and come up with ideas to on how we can regain our first status in Fiji.

What Bainimarama and Khaiyum has done are these
1. Removed the GCC

2. Removed the Bose Levu Vakaturaga

3. Made all the Village Position be paid by the Government
4. Removed the history of Ratu Sukuna from our midst
5. Recruited all young Fijians into the arms forces and Police
6. Using up our FNPF for his developments
7. Made a Constitution that was not put to Referedum for the people to add, delete or give an opnion
8. Allowed all to be called Fijians.
9. Allowed Muslims to take up all strategic positions in Fiji, A Fiji that our forefathers fought and died for.
10. The balatant misuse of publci funds
i) The freebies
ii) The Matua Taxi advertisement of Fiji First Party etc.
11. The delegation to the UN, we see no Indeginous Fijian significantly involved
12.The continued psychological tormentation by Bainimarama on the citizens of Fiji: "You did not vote for me, I will not look after you" syndrome
13. and the last their Party Constitution is not Democratic, this has alot of bearing in the the shoved Constitution
14. The election of the President no longer done by the GCC
15.The land decrees and NLTB decrees has demoted us to the level of being arriving here also on the Leonidas
16. The jailing of those who misused funds, but they too misused funds of greater proportion and does even get a sniff of police report of them.
17. Immunity to all the deeds that was done after the coup. The administration that was carried out is different from the actual coup. 
i) These two scenarios has to be dealt with separately
a) The staging of the coup
b) The actual administration after the military takeover which is a normal governance of administration this has to be brought to justice. 
(a) and (b) are totally two different things happening. They did not happen simultaneoulsy and we have a window here to bring the Bainimarama fold to justice.


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My Beloved Fiji ..

iFiji, eight police officers and one military officer are to face charges in connection with the Vilikesa Soko death.

Mr Soko died in police custody in August last year.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Christopher Pryde, says the men will be charged with manslaughter, assault and rape.

Two of them will face a further charge of perverting the course of justice by instructing other police officers to make false statements in regard to the investigation.

Reverend Akuila Yabaki has welcomed the decision.

Presenter: Bruce Hill


Sa qai matata tiko mai na matanimeke. Nodra mentality na ovisa kei na ovisa ni ra lewa na tamata kece ena gauna ni coup.

Ratou cakitaka talega na matanitu na moku nei Bilitaki ena dela ni veicakitaki vata ga era cakava tiko vei keda.

Vakavinavinaka ga vakalailai vei ratou na veivaqaqai. Laurai mada na i totogi. Kua ni baci takoso mai o rau na dosi.


Do not be fooled by this government. Right now everyone working for the government has only 1 month to survive because in the 2nd month they could be terminated.

This is worse then Zimbabwe and Somalia. If your PS or boss says hates you and tells the government that you did not perform last month then you lose your job. Doesn't matter if you have a mortgage or a family. Your job is advertised and you have to re-apply every month.

Read below the evidence of workplace bullying happening in Fiji right now.


workplace bully

Doctors salary delayed

Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, February 12, 2015

A GROUP of doctors were not paid their normal salary last month by the Government.

Confused and baffled about the situation, doctors who refused to be named shared how they were not informed until they queried about it.

"We didn't know anything about the reasons of not being paid last month but we did query about it," a doctor said.

"Thank God that last week, when we went to check our banks, our salary was in and we just hope that it doesn't happen again."

Other doctors were not happy about the situation describing it as a time of rebudgeting for many. Some said while they liaised with certain companies about late monthly payments, others had to pay interest on hire-purchase items because of late payments.

However, the Ministry of Health confirmed that a few doctors were affected as the annual performance records were not submitted on time.

Spokesman Sunil Chandra said the issue was resolved.

"As per protocol, the annual performance was not submitted on time but this has been rectified. They have been paid their arrears with the endorsement from the National Board," Mr Chandra said.

First Fijian Women drug smuggler. A Chinese Influence.

Fiji diplomatic mission assists Fijian national charged with drug smuggling

13:37 Sat Feb 07, 2015

Taken from/By: Google image
Report by: Shireen Lata

The Fiji Mission in Malaysia is doing its best to assist the Fijian woman who was arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs into Kuala Lumpur last week.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs acting Permanent Secretary Esala Nayasi confirmed that officials from the Fiji Mission in Malaysia has been liaising with the detained Fiji citizen and relevant authorities and facilitated her legal representation.

The Legal Aid Office in Kuala Lumpur would represent the 26-year-old woman when she appears in court.

Nayasi said the mission was in contact with the woman’s family here in Fiji.

The woman was travelling from Hong Kong and was arrested after the customs authority at Kuala Lumpur airport seized 1.51kg of methamphetamine from her during customs check upon arrival.

Nayasi said one of the responsibilities of the ministry was to provide consular services for Fijian citizens who seek assistance whilst abroad.

- See more at:

Dua nai tukutuku lasu e baci vakadewataka e Viti raraba o Bainimarama ni maroroi vinaka tu na qele ni taukei ena loma ni 2013 Fiji Constitution.
E rairai sega beka tiko ni kila o Bainimarama ni vinaka cake na kena taqomaki na qele ni taukei ena 1997 Constitution mai na kena sa tiko oqo ena 2013 Constitution.
Sa kau laivi na kaukauwa ni tataqomaki ka dau taqomaki kina na qele ni taukei ena 1997 Constitution section 185, ka sa mai tiko na tataqomaki ni qele ni taukei ena 2013 Constitution ena section 27 & 28, ia kevaka eda wilika vakavinaka na sections 27 & 28 eda na raica kina ni sa sega ni qai vaka na kena vinaka sara ni tataqomaki ka dau tiko ena section 185 ni 1997 Constitution ka da raica talega ena loma ni sections 27 & 29 Constitution ni kaukauwa e tiko ena Matanitu ka sega ni qai curutaki tale i Palimedi na kena tauri na qele. Kevaka ga e nanuma na Matanitu ni dua na qele e yaga vei keda raraba sa taura na qele. E sa wiliki talega kina na noda dui qele kovu.
Na cava mada e lasutaki keda tiko kina o Bainimarama? E rairai sega dina tiko ni kila.



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