The Coup And The Administration Are Two Different Things: Your Views To Discuss Legalities.

Can we talk on this issues so far and come up with ideas to on how we can regain our first status in Fiji.

What Bainimarama and Khaiyum has done are these
1. Removed the GCC

2. Removed the Bose Levu Vakaturaga

3. Made all the Village Position be paid by the Government
4. Removed the history of Ratu Sukuna from our midst
5. Recruited all young Fijians into the arms forces and Police
6. Using up our FNPF for his developments
7. Made a Constitution that was not put to Referedum for the people to add, delete or give an opnion
8. Allowed all to be called Fijians.
9. Allowed Muslims to take up all strategic positions in Fiji, A Fiji that our forefathers fought and died for.
10. The balatant misuse of publci funds
i) The freebies
ii) The Matua Taxi advertisement of Fiji First Party etc.
11. The delegation to the UN, we see no Indeginous Fijian significantly involved
12.The continued psychological tormentation by Bainimarama on the citizens of Fiji: "You did not vote for me, I will not look after you" syndrome
13. and the last their Party Constitution is not Democratic, this has alot of bearing in the the shoved Constitution
14. The election of the President no longer done by the GCC
15.The land decrees and NLTB decrees has demoted us to the level of being arriving here also on the Leonidas
16. The jailing of those who misused funds, but they too misused funds of greater proportion and does even get a sniff of police report of them.
17. Immunity to all the deeds that was done after the coup. The administration that was carried out is different from the actual coup. 
i) These two scenarios has to be dealt with separately
a) The staging of the coup
b) The actual administration after the military takeover which is a normal governance of administration this has to be brought to justice. 
(a) and (b) are totally two different things happening. They did not happen simultaneoulsy and we have a window here to bring the Bainimarama fold to justice.


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Are we really locked into this constitution. I do not think so. There is a way out to persecute these perpetrators so that it could be a lesson to all who may decide to follow suit.

At the moment the same regime is running our government. So the same mentality still exists. 

Bilitaki's case was thrown out of court by the DPP for a reason we know was coming - insufficient evident - liar.

Unless we have new frame of mind the water is still muddy.

This new constitution I believe has all but forever sealed. It will virtually be impossible to change it with this current government as Pita Raba correctly states. Unless a new government with a majority in the parliament and the senate, the new consitution is there to stay. 


there is another military coup .... to abolish it and bring in a new constitution of the people for the people by the people, of Fiji. Bai and Khai's government will be 2/3 military (style) rule, and 1/3 democratic rule and anything that opposes what they propose will be pushed out of the way, one way or another. They have done it before, they will do it again....

Working within this draconian Constitution is non-abling and discriminates against the Indeginous Fijian. While we champion the notion of one nation one people, we have disenfranchise the Fijians from its unique system to sustain the core beliefs of a caputured population of which is less than 800 000.
To wait for the coup is non negotiable, how can we in the belief that nothing is 100% efficient, there should be a way to take the Fijian Indeginous out of this mess. I urge the Fijian legal fraternity globally to pitch to address this political, cultural and lifestyle genocide.

I do not see the answer as yet, but blurry it may seem, it will prevail in our discussion, to take mud out of the waters.

The former bosses of the company "Post Fiji" had received jail sentences. Felt sorry when I saw one of the wives crying behind her husband on their way out after the sentencing. How many more former bosses will be going to jail?Sa yawa na matanitu qo.Go Fiji first lollsss.


I do not want to take up a defeatist attitude nor being a pessimist, but would merely point out that with the current situation in Fiji, with regards to reversing what Bai and Khai has done concerning the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of Fiji, it is a near impossible task. Khaiyum made sure of that. Bainimarama can continue to insist that nothing has changed or that the Fijian culture and traditions remain intact, the fact remains that by breaking or abolishing the GCC, they have effectively all but destroyed the one thing that the majority of the Indigenous population regard as the symbol of indigenous rights and traditional power-brokers.

We now do not legally have a say in anything the government wants to do or not do with regards to enforcing their ideas and limitations upon way of life and powers of the traditional chiefs of the land. Na sulu vakataga la as daba!

The constitution of Fiji was put together by the very same person that engineered the weakening of Fijian cultural institutions within the government and forced in a dictatorial regime to oversee the eradication of the once unique and proud indigenous way of life.

The structure of the parliament, the placing of the government apologists at strategic posts in key government positions, makes it near impossible to undo what has been done. Of course there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but the length of the tunnel is what counts.

Whatever else is done now to address any perceived, or otherwise, injustices committed by the previous and present Bai and Khai governments is doomed to fail. Whatever good intentions we may have to right the wrongs committed, nothing can and will ever pass through the present government system.

The Constitution need to go. Full stop.

The true ramifications of what has happened (the installment of this new Constitution), have not being seen yet. The "rug has just been pulled from under us" but the "wool from over our eyes" (the most gullible and most vulnerable) has not been removed yet. Most are still "numb" from the events of a few years ago and most probably will be for some time UNLESS the constitution is taken away. I may be bold as to say, the present government in Fiji is a FRAUD. Love it or loathe it, that is what we have ushered in and that is the law today. We need to be realistic. It has been accepted by most countries in the world. These fraudsters are upgrading and building new relations with other nations of the world.

Nothing can be done or "made right" from the list above (introduction) through the present system. International law cannot do anything nor intervene in anything. Read Chapters 10 & 11 of the Constitution, and you will see what I am saying. All the niceties  and "feel goodie-goodies" are at the beginning of the Constitution and the "devil" holds it's place at the back.

This Constitution must go and with it the fraudsters who engineered it. That ought to be the starting point of the discussion. That is my view anyway.

What should do in the meanwhile so as to bring the senses into the Fijian people. Walking the streets of Fiji, Fijians overseas in their short stay in Fiji, experience an emptiness, a need, but a lack of will to execute the power back to its rightful place.

As enablers of a path of Democracy, do we have other means to drive up the esteem of fellow Fijians, what are things we can do or use so as to make the Fijians realize that they have lost all the powers to the land , culture and tradition which are but soon just chants of the past.

Fiji National Tribal Council, the Nehemian Cooperation, the Viticorp as I blog along with Fijians of visions are good enablers to re-energise the indeginous fibre of all that is Fijian. The Malayan campaign was to sustain Malaya form intruders, we the Fijian have constitutionally allowed the intruders, to change the constitution of land to displace us from the very tyranny we fought against in WW2.
How do we do it. Change the Constitution, throw out the constitution, that's the final answer..but what do we do to reach that final crescendo.

I have tabulated above somethings that has been done by this regime, we can add more, but if does not inspire the Fijians, what can?

Please Khaiyum have the Ball and Explain.......

Ro Teimumu questions PM Bainimarama’s Gratuity Payment

07:03 Today

Taken from/By: 
Report by: Maggie Boyle

Leader of Opposition Ro Teimumu Kepa has questioned a gratuity payment made last year to Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

In her Parliament response to the Budget yesterday, Ro Teimumu asked the other side of the house to explain the addition to his salary of more than 57 thousand dollars.

“Prime Minister Bainimarama received $278 750 in salaries in 2013 and $57 500 in a special gratuity giving him a total salary of $336 250, this is close to the new salary government slipped in the emoluments decree Madam Speaker, no one has been able to get any information on the is matter, so perhaps the former PS whose now our Minister for Infrastructure might like to shed some light on these payments and tell us who authorized the gratuity and why”.

Ro Teimumu in her address also called on the government to reinstate entitlements to former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase who had yet to receive his pension since the 2006 coup.

- See more at:

AG clarifies his role

13:24 Wed Dec 03, 2014

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has clarified in Parliament the role of the AG and the legal adviser of the government.

Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa had asked the Attorney General to explain how he would advice the Minister for Finance, Minister for Justice, Minister for Public Enterprise, Minister for Public Service Commission, and Minister for Communications Independently.

In response Sayed-Khaiyum says under section 116 of the 2013 Constitution it is the independent office of the solicitor general that provides advice. 

He says the solicitor general is responsible for providing independent legal advice to the government and the holder of the public on request.

’’The Permanent Secretary of each ministry – if they seek legal advice they would contact the solicitor general directly. If there is any litigation against the state it is the solicitor general that conducts the litigation. If for example a minister wants to enter into a MOU – the minister he or she can contact the solicitor general directly. Of course the Attorney General is the chief legal advisor to the government and also of course to cabinet – so that is the legal position. Now also madam speaker it is not peculiar for Attorney Generals to hold other positions. But what is the legal basis – the 1970 Constitution, the 1990 Constitution, the 1997 Constitution nor does this Constitution prohibit the Attorney General from holding other position."

Sayed-Khaiyum also gave examples of past ministers in the Fijian government and also in overseas where the Attorney General was holding other ministerial posts.

- See more at:

Ni sa bula na veiwekani.Sa sogata beka mai na world rugby me sa kua beka ni vakaraitaka na Fiji One na Dubai Sevens.Na vuna beka e na nona lewa o noda A.G me vakaraitaki tale ga e na f.b.c tv news baleta beka ni tiko kina o tacina.Sa na cava beka e na yaco e na leqa qo.Rairai sa na sega ni da sara qito na lewe ni vanua e weekend qo baleta e nona lewa matau na turaga na A.G lolllsss.Sa dri yani.

Baleta o Minister ni Communication e vakasalataki AG me dua na i wase ni lavo me solia mai o Minister ni Lavo (Finance) qai cata o Minister ni Justice baleta ni sega ni tiko kina o Minsister ni Enterprise kei Minister ni PSC. 

Kevaka e vereverea ya me qai tarogi ga Aiyaz baleta ni lewa taucoko tu na noda i qoliqoli kei na qele. 



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