Rewa re-elects Ro Teimumu, does not support People's Charter, again

Ro Teimumu re-elected -  Friday, April 08, 2011 (Source Radio Fiji News)


Ro Teimumu Kepa, na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, has been re-elected chairperson of the Rewa Provincial Council for the next 3 years.


Ro Teimumu was re-elected to the position as the Council concluded its annual meeting at Burenivudi, Lomanikoro yesterday.


The Roko Tui Rewa Taniela Tabukarawa said the decision was unanimous.


She had opened the meeting earlier, saying Rewa ought to work together for the good of the Province. She also against making haphazard decisions on matters of interest to the Province. She advised Council members not to commit to any opportunities they were  not well versed with.


Meanwhile, Rewa was focused on its stand against the People's Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.


Radio Fiji News quoted Kisoko Cagituivei of the Office for Strategic Framework for Change as saying that although the Rewa Provincial Council meeting supported development works carried out within the province, members did not support the National Charter which outlines Government’s development programmes in its eleven pillars.


He said the meeting agreed instead to consult members of the Bose Vanua o Rewa on Rewa's stand on the Charter - a matter the Great Council of Chiefs had not supported.


Cagituivei stated he did understand why Rewa was still on that path knowing the Great Council of Chiefs was no longer a Government institution and therefore has no power in the running of Government.


The Tikina of Rewa, which makes up villages in and around Lomanikoro, had moved that the Council support the National Charter. ENDS

Na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi's special seat at yesterday's Rewa Provincial Council meeting in Burenivudi, Lomanikoro, Rewa.

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Dina sara Kai, it was just so unnecessary.  Segai sara ni dua kerea vua me rokova se doka na Gone Marama Bale.  Na cava sara me lai kau mai kina na yacai Turagan ni Lewa.  Sa segai ni vakasama taka o koya ni era tu na wekana na Turaga oya mai Ono i Lau era segai ni taleitaka me cavu waca tu vaya na yacana. Sa yalo wai qai kena iukuuku na dokadoka, da mai baca.
Ia, medatou vakasamataka mada na mataveiwekani tou veitalanoa tiko qo, ni sega ni ra tu duadua saka na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi mai Rewa. E sa davo vakamatau no e dua na ituvatuva me ra laveti cake kina e na nodra i tutu vakavanua. E dua na ituvatuva (structure) eda vauci vata tu kina na kawa i Taukei e Viti ka tuvalaka vei keda na Daunilewa - era toka e cake na noda turaga, marama bale, tui ni veivanua, da qai toka yani na kawa vaka-sauturaga, o ira na noda qase ni vale, ra toka na wekadatou mai na bati, ratou toka ya na nodatou matanivanua, so na vanua era toka na kena gonedau, liga ni i wau se liga ni kau, bati balavu se bati lekaleka...sega ni dua e rawa ni na vakacacana vakaveitalia na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi vakavo sara ga ke kaidia, baleta ni na sega ni kila na cava na ituvatuva va-kawa-tamata eda vauci vata no kina na kawa i Taukei. O koya ga e na tau tu vakalialia na nona vosa va qo e sega ni kila o cei o koya se na nona i tutu vakavanua mai nona koro - ia, ya ke gone i Taukei - ke kaidia, haare yaar, bhago...Nait, dua mada vi keda na kuro rourou ni Rewa meda dalasai...yummy!

Naita, nomuni post e cake sa segai saraga ni dua na vanua me dro bula kina. O JV vosa tu ga vaka veitalia, e segai beka ni dua na vanua o sa tuvana vinaka mai qori e rawa ni kanaka o koya ni nona itutu vakavanua.

Little Jonny

and that is the attention a person like this deserves !

Reply by Jonny Vuki 17 minutes ago

I have my own conectionsto to the family you taliking about...they are insignificant but that is whut Fiji is all about Sikivou, others and Temumu...whatever happens....God reigns



I'm sorry you feel that way Jonny Vuki!  Stop believing your own lies, you might not be so blinded!

You see, life goes on in the Rewa Delta, whether you and your family agree or not, it does not matter, especially with the attitude you are showing on here, it really speaks volumes of your ilk.


What connections are these that you speak of?


Let me tell you about insignificant....

INSIGNIFICANT is the Lawyer that sends death threats to people and acts like a spoilt little brat that did not get his way, boo hoo hoo ....RIGHT!! 


Time for you and your lot to GET REAL!!  Bottom Line!!!

Reply by Jonny Vuki 1 minute ago


May be one day I wil tell you...otherwise god be with you. I lived within and beyond the Rewa Delata...e vei da bibi tu ga but I die for long


@ Jonny Vuki -

I look forward to the day, would be really nice to be introduced finally.

Enough of this tension aye!  I hear you!


Vinaka vakalevu kemuni, ni Kalougata tiko! :)

Have a great week aye, have one for me too! ;)

Reply by Jonny Vuki 38 seconds ago

Vinka Kasanita. I die for Burebas when the time is right...



@ Jonny Vuki -




I die for Burebas from birth!


Why do you have to say that?


If you don't mind sharing your reason please!


Vinaka kemuni!

Do you really have to act like a complete jerk Jonny Vuki!



Reply by Jonny Vuki 1 minute ago

Nah..from the bottom of my heart I luv u both nd respect you til I die. I support you til I die but you show mw that you dseserve it. At the end of the day you don't have to know... I am for Rk T Dreketi



Jonny Vuki.


I am right about you, you are well intentioned! You just really hurt in your heart aye!  So your first defense is to lash out, understandable!

We find ourselves in the predicament we do not through any fault of ours, but we have to pick up the pieces and straighten things, I always hold on to the hope that someday we can find a middle ground, don't even ask me how or when because I have no answer, all I can say is soon, as in our lifetime! 


I find this exchange enlightening as much as it is just so deja vu!  :)



Reply by Jonny Vuki 10 minutes ago

Nah you wrong don't


We shall see Jonny Vuki, we shall see! :))


What are you drinking anyway?

Sorry Nite - I meant to add to you, Barbie and Kai BJ, what could possibly bethe reason for all the attacks.  There is no way they can change the truth, nothing they say or do can enhance their true position and certainly cannot detract from the Gone Marama Bale, so why continue this futile exercise.

The only reason I can think of is that some honestly do not realise the honour there is in serving or being of service.

Three words come to mind - Na ika tani!

The remnants of the People's Charter for Change.




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