Rape Horror! - Increase In Rape Cases Alarming As Stats Show Almost Two Cases Daily - What Can Be Done To Curb This Sickening Act!

A FOUR-year-old girl is the latest victim of rape in Fiji, sparking outrage from women's organisations and churches.

As hundreds of people marched through the Capital City against any form of violence against women and children, police confirmed the case was reported from the Western Division this week.

Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said an 18-year-old farmer was in police custody.

He said the alleged incident happened on Wednesday between 3pm and 5pm. The suspect and the girl are from the same village.

Insp Sokomuri said the suspect entered the house through a window into a bedroom where all the children were sleeping.

The mother of the victim reported the matter to police.

"As investigations into the matter continue, the incident has once again sparked a warning that these crimes will not be condoned and those who continue to prey on our children will be brought to justice," Insp Sokomuri said.

Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua who is touring the west, said a more concerted approach was needed to weed out this social ill.

He said this was an issue of morality, which police were ill-equipped to handle on their own.

The Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma said rape is a "cowardly act" and one of the biggest threat against women in society today.

Church general secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra said there was not much attention given to the moral aspects of people's life but a lot of money had been spent on developing the nation and infrastructure.

"This has hindered other development," Mr Nawadra said.

"Fiji lacks ethical moral lifestyle which is evident in the increase in the number of rape cases and authorities need to strategise their plans now."

Mr Nawadra, however, said the increase in the number of reported cases showed that police no longer withheld information that was deemed sensitive and were not reported by the media.

He said this information was vital as people needed to share it.

He said heads of church circuits have been actively involved in reminding parents of their roles.

The head of the Catholic Church in Fiji, Archbishop elect of Suva Father Dr Father Peter Chong, said the church believed perpetrators had been influenced through the information readily available through the media.

He said pornographic scene could now be easily accessed via mobile phone and internet shops.

"The power of the media has acted out on this perpetrator," he said.

This, he said, had changed the lifestyle of people that eventually changed their values and attitude.

The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre said people should stop voicing their opinions but rather put their words into actions.

FWCC director Shamima Ali said the increase in the number of reported cases had made the people panic, yet nothing much was done to eradicate it.

"They need to bring their idea to the table because this is a universal sickness and Fiji is no exception," Ms Ali said.

She said 90 per cent of rape victims were women, which had been proven through their survey that men's attitude were deteriorating.

Ms Ali said they had conducted their own research which was presented to the Minister for Social Welfare and Women, Dr Jiko Luveni.

"We have a universal understanding and deep knowledge of what's happening here in Fiji," she said.

"Why aren't women raping men? It is how men look at women and girls in society."

Gang rapes on the rise

Serafina Silaitoga
Friday, February 15, 2013

ALL stakeholders in the Northern Division have a responsibility to eradicate the social ill of rape against women and children.

Reacting to recent reports of rape against young girls in Vanua Levu, Fiji Women's Crisis Centre team leader north Sera Bogitini said the church, vanua, communities and families all had a role to play in eradicating any form of violence against women and children.

Since last month, the north has reported two cases of alleged gang rape.

The first involved a 16-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by six men and the second was reported this month involving a 21-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by four men.

Police are still investigating the second case while the first has been referred to the High Court in Labasa.

Mrs Bogitini said cases of rape happened in rural and urban centres so it was the responsibility of not only civil societies and law enforcers to fight the social ill, but all stakeholders.

Almost everyday, there is a case of rape reported in the dailies here in Fiji - the victims are now little babies - a 9 month old being the youngest victim. There is a rise in gang rapes in Vanua Levu, a young girl in Lau raped in her own home by someone who followed her into the house and raped her, 2 little girls who are sisters raped in their own kitchen whilst their mom was doing chores outside their home in Rotuma - what can we do to curb this sickening crime??????????

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uuuuuuuuuuuu.....sa vasevaki saraga!!Me kanakana kuita mada e liu o tamana me qai kololeivi ani e vale ni valenivesu me yabaki sese ani kina.The bugger!

na cava madaga e lakova tu o tina ni gone???

when we know nowadays its very risky leaving our kids behind...

she should be standing up in court answering questions too!!

Both the father and mother should be sent to jail.....

Tinai Mila!...de lako vena dua na ka e yaga o tinandratou! E vakanuinui tu mai o tinandratou na gone ni ratou na karoni ka qarauni na gone mai vi tamandratou but she did not know that the trusted person that supposed to do that turned to become a monster and a child molester the freaking bum!

12 years jail for child rapist

Friday, April 19, 2013

Update: 1:13PM A MAN has been jailed for 12 years for raping an 11-year-old girl and making her pregnant.

The man, who was 20 years old when he committed the offence, pleaded guilty to two counts of rape in the Suva High Court.

He had sexual intercourse with the victim several times in December 2011 and again in January last year.

The girl became pregnant and delivered a baby girl on September 24 last year, an event which led to enquiries and the arrest of the accused.

Justice Paul Madigan ordered that the accused serve a minimum of 10 years before being eligible for parole.

Weilei Ms.Ray!..sa qai torocake ga na torosobu ni ka qo! Cva sara mada e sigi tovotovo kina o kalewa??

See how much is being shared through this discussion. I totally agree Mr. Sosefo, Miss koroi, Mr. Cakau and Ms Nayacakalou-Kubunavuravura...However, the greatest challenge for any government is how to frame these ideas into policies and how they can be implemented. BTW, I like what I am reading...Vina'a Va'alevu. Just remembering my mum who passed away 100 nights from today with cervical cancer. Loloma Levu


OMG @ Rusiate Laladidi am so sorry 2 hear that,wat a sad news.@Kai  Ray kei Adi Una o rau na rape qori  me vakayacori vei rau nai vakarau kau2wa koya ra cakava tiko na Ovisa kei na Sotia.Sa ivei nodra veitaqomaki? e dodonu me ra taqomaki nai taba gone e noda vanua lomani o Viti.E sa qai toro sobu ga na yabaki ni bula koya ra rape taki tiko qori.Koya na Tama ni Gone lia2 qori kei koya vakabuketetaki gone Yalewa yabaki 11 me rau lai curu rawa i St Giles qai muri i Naboro karaik.

Bulou T!!..hihihihihih!!..Au vakasamataka dua na gauna au se tiko voli vena matanitu, au qai lei check taka dua na ka i na St.Giles Hospital vena nondra side na turaga. Bera niu curu, sa tukuni vi au, meu kuni cakava dua na ka ke ra sa mani lako mai na patients in there. Do not react just be normal beleta niu yalewa. Au curu ga ani, in overalls, e so era tu avoki tu lai tuba gona, sa ia saraga mai na kalu. O au i loma donu, Rua na turaga e rau ta sau taki au ka dua e liu i matanqu and the forth was at the back. Those patients, sigi via kila se o cei o rotou gona , era qai ga mai, koa tara na mataqu na gusuqu na daliqagu na dakuqu. Qai vaqo ga dua na turaga, hey sa routa, koa mai cakacaka, dou toso levi ani. Na vitubuaki ni noqu i cegu au teri tukune rawa...hihihihih!!..O rau na turaga qore, me rau vaisulu taki saraga ani vakamaleka me vaka e dua na marama me rau qai biu ani i loma gona me qai macala mada..ahahahaha!!


Isa Mr.Laladidi!!I had an aunty who had that disease too and she also passed on in 2010.May they rest in peace!..I wear a Daffodill when I go to town or to wrk to remember those that had passed on and those that are still suffering from it. We always have a marathon in the fall in here to remember them.

Man gets 12 years for raping, impregnating a 11-year-old
Publish date/time: 22/04/2013 [12:13]
A 20-year-old man who raped and impregnated a 11-year-old girl in Nasinu in 2011 will be serving 12 years in prison.

The man had pleaded guilty to the charge of two counts of rape.

The court heard that he raped the 11-year-old in December 2011 and repeated the offence in January 2012.

The girl became pregnant and delivered a baby in September which led to enquiries and the arrest of the 20-year-old man.

The Suva High Court Judge Justice Paul Madigan said that the girl missed lengthy periods of her schooling to deal with pregnancy and the birth.

Justice Madigan also said that in a victim report, the girl said that she is ashamed to face her friends and family and that the psychological effect on a child to cope with pregnancy and then to deal with the trauma of giving up her baby for adoption is inconceivable.

The man has to serve 10 years sentence before being eligible for parole.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash 

Why can't the young girl tell one of her relatives or a friend the first time she was raped?? I gona saraga e rawa ni avoid taki kina na nona rape taki tale and also  avoiding getting  pregnant. Sobo!..

isa Tau Mz UK....e na dusia lesu tale na veisusu e vakayacori vei ira na luveda na mataqali scenario va qoka se va'evei?? I would like to think that the way I raise my kids, if something bad ever happens to them, e ra na rawa ni lako mai vei au mera mai wasea ke dua na ka va qoka e vakayacori vei rau...Au sa lomana vakalevu dina na gone qoka ni sa vakayacori tiko vua nai valavala tawa kilikili ni nona via vakaceguya na nona garosa o la na Vutulaki ya, e sa qai sega tu ni dua na vanua se me dua na nona i tokani e rawa ni wasea kina na nona leqa...

Au vakabauta ni sa dodonu me sa veisau mada ga mai na rai ena loma ni veimatavuvale - ke da sa kila tiko ni ra sa sexually active na luveda yalewa, da counsel taki ira, da yadravi ira...eso nai tubutubu, ni ra sa sexually active na luvedra era sa qai vaka tu na Ostrich me ra vunia tu na uludra ena nuku - ena nodra guise taka tu vakaukauwa na veika esa yacovi ira tiko na luvedra....esega na supportive network me ra qaravi kina o ira na luveda yalewa..e da qai mai cudru tiko ena taudaku ni leqa...sa yaco oti na leqa eda qai via yavala - sa tasova na sucu....

Me da sa tekivu yadrava madaga e liu na i tubutubu na nodra bula na luveda vakabibi kevaka eda vakaluveni yalewa...da kua ni dau soli ira rawarawa me ra lako ki na veimataqali soqo eso eda kila ni rawa ni ra na lai leqa mai kina...da sala vata kei ira kevaka era gole ki na dua na soqo...me ra kua ni tala biu tu yani me vaka na bulumakau ena loma ni ba....ra qarauni....

Au na via vakataroga ga ena vuku ni gone qoka - e vei e tu kina o Tinana e yacovi gone kina nai vakarau qoka...e sega li ni na raica tiko o tinana se o iratou na wekana na veiveisau esa yacovi gone mai?? O keda ni da sa vakaluveni oji, eda raica la na mata ni yalewa eda kila ni sa kunekune tiko se sa tiko vua na gone...au sa druka dina ena kena sega ni kidavi rawa na nona bukete me yacova ni sa vakasucu!!!!!!

Ni dina saraga Ms.Ray! I just cannot stop thinking about this kid today when @ wrk. Vaka e mosi saraga vi au ni u vakasamataki rotou mai na luvenadra na taciqu kei na ganequ. E dai na noqu vakasamataka vakalevu sa la, au qiri noqu momo ia I Viti( my late moms younger brother). Au torogi rotou na luvena beleta ni koa e rotou yalewa kece na luvena. E dua me tabataba sara  tikoga ki koa na gone yalewa sa vakaluvea toka qore.  Isa, I vei mada o tinana?? O au mada au warai ni va gone Ms.Ray but I brought up a girl when I was in Fiji. Au sa dau vosa toka la vua. Na vanua au qai ia, e qai vati ki au. Ni suka na vuli, ena mai waraki au meu suka se au na lei pick taki koa mai. Ni sa qai vena vuli torocake, au dau tukuna toka la vua, au teri malekata me dua na gone na gauna qo, iko sa yalewa levu, qo na vuravura ni tagine kei na yalewa. Au malekata mo vuli, me rawa vinaka beleta niu sauma tiko nomu vuli me aco mai qo. Na vaka b/friend ena qai aco ga mai, ko na qai soro tale.Maleka ni toura matua toka noqu vosa acova ni vakaqima maleka nona vuli, sa dua nona cakacaka maleka ka sa vakamatavuvale talega. Io o la na gone ka qore, isa au sa lomana saraga valevu. Kila qore Ms.Ray! I think when only she was pregnant then the parents or the guardians did inform the police.Qai va gona, ni minor sara tikoga o kalewa.Weilei..just imagine, 11yrs old qai vilakoaki qai colata tale tu e dua na i colacola bibi me 9 na vula. Era mataboko tiko na gauna e sa kune tiko ia se na gauna sa tiko vata ia kei na tagine?? Au dau vaqo ga vi noqu bu( my late moms mom)...I Bu, iko na kila vacava ni sa dua na gone lada e sa kau tagine tiko?? Dau vaqo ga o koa, o na reica toka la na nona moimoi, nona vosavosa, kei na dravudravu ni kena I reirei...Au su voro saraga Ms.Ray!..Sa colata mada ani o la na bokala gona na kena I totogi na suwara!




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