(Thursday 24 November 2011* local time*) - RO TEIMUMU KEPA, Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, was turned away at the Nasali Landing in Rewa after police to cancel the annual Soqosoqo Vakamarama meeting at Waivou Village.


Reports from Rewa state that members of the Fiji Police Force from the Nausori Station travelled to Waivou this morning and informed hundreds of women gathered for the annual meeting that the military regime had rescinded the meeting permit.


The permit, which had been approved by a soldier, Laisenia Bale Tuitubou of the Commissioner Central headquarters at Ratu Cakobau House yesterday, was applied for by Timoci Kacanavesi of Rewa, for the purpose of the meeting. It was approved and issued by Tuitubou. It was to have expired on Friday, 25 November 2011.


The meeting is an annual event, in which hundreds of women from Rewa's nine districts (Tikina), including members from Beqa Island off Suva, travel to a venue to discuss major development projects for the women. Scores of women from at least eight districts, including Beqa, had arrived at Waivou village in Rewa for the AGM.


Ro Teimumu is the President of the Soqosoqo Vakamarama in Rewa and was on her way to Waivou to attend the meeting when she was stopped by Police there.


However, as proceedings got underway and singing and general "veisolevuti" commenced, Police arrived, announced that the permit had been rescinded and dismissed the delegates.  It is reported the women of Rewa and people of Waivou and surrounding villages who have heard the news are very angry.


No reason was offered by the police.


There were NGO representatives form Live 'N Learn also present to make presentations on nutrition and health. 


The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness amongst Rewa women about the Province's mission and vision statement and about the strategic development plan approved by the Bose Ni Yasana. 


Delegates present were "extremely angry" reports said, saying the meeting was not political. 


"The women of Rewa, like other provinces in Fiji, spearhead most of the development initiatives, and this was not a political meeting, it was about development and our livelihoods, why are we being victimized for trying to improve our quality of life?"


Another delegate said, "This is all because the Bose Ni Yasana did not support the (Peoepl's) Charter, well are we not allowed to have different points of view? We are allowed to have different and opposing views in our families."


"E na so na gauna ena duidui na noda rai, na cava sara meda mai vagalui kina?" (Why are we being silenced for saying what we want to say?)


The Gone Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi is the President of the Soqosoqo Vakamarama e Rewa and was turned back from Nasali Landing as she made her way to Waivou village to attend the opening of the meeting.


Ro Teimumu had openly challenged the military regime at last week's Rewa Provincial Council meeting at Burenivudi, in the chiefly village Lomanikoro, Rewa. She said the people of Rewa were getting "sick and tired of coups" and among other major issues, said all coups were illegal and Rewa remained opposed to them, including those who support them.


Soon after, the military regime suspended all Rewa Provincial Council meetings and summoned the Roko Tui Rewa and Deputy Chairman of the Rewa Provincial Council to Voreqe Bainimarama's office.


Ro Teimumu is also Chairman of the Rewa Provincial Council and her open challenges had not gone down too well with the military regime, as Rewa had kicked the People's Charter out since its adoption in 2008...ENDS


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Do not let the POWER of the GUN take away the POWER invested to you by the GOD ALMIGHTY,You are A TRUE BORN LEADER MADAM,

Tabu ni o ni suka i muri,ke mani vakcava sara na veika era via cakava,ni rai ga vua na Kalou,ka rerevaki Koya ga baleta e rawa ni vakamataea na yalo kei na yago,ni kua ni rerevaka na tamata.

Ni qai Kalougata saka tiko.Qaqa tiko na nomuni veiliutaki.



A typical move by this Illegal Regime...They cant get tired of showing people, that what they 'want' goes. And without  proper explanations, at that...This sickening arrogance is endless..!!!




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