I refer to the artcile in the Fiji Sun where FBC CEO questions the selection criteria.




While I am sure there is a process in place which the organisers will probably follow, I beg to ask the question,


Are organisers transparent in the way they do things?

Are there laws and legislation to guide those to want to stage public competitions?

Can The Hibiscus give the public a spreadsheet of the points gathered by the contestants in each category (plus each judge's scores)?




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LOL - as expected, FBCL will be the first to disagree with the judging.  Ms. Slatter just ruined FBCL double celebrations ....LOL ......

Tsk tsk tsk!  Pageants!!  Nasty business - Hibiscus.  There's always some kind of stink, that'll crop up after the Festival.  


As for the categories for judging criteria, in '95 the Talent Show part was first introduced, as was the extended duration of 2 weeks.  All gals pre the year Letila Mitchell became Miss Hibiscus, would've been given the list of judging criteria.  And how the points were broken down.  And unbeknownst to most people, a good 65%-75% of the points could be accumulated from the beauty, hair and clothes categories alone.  The public speaking and the private judging was only about 15% and the surplus was talent, with a smidgeon of the surplus, possibly 5% of the 15% as a swing vote judge decision, going to the silent judge.  When I was a little girl when Lenora Qereqeretabua was crowned, the Fiji Times or the Fiji Sun displayed her outfits per category requirement.  There were beauticians who were interviewed to assess her makeup for that particular article feature.  And then, it was kind of a given, that she'd nailed all her interviews.  And to her benefit, she went on to represent Fiji, without much fanfare surrounding her, to the Miss Asia-Pacific(?)  I remember clearly, when my late former Dad had brought the video  home, about a week following her competition, that she was brave.  She had on a blue full swimsuit vs the others who sported bikinis.  She just stood out, but she courageously worked it, to the best of her ability.  There was a fracas then too, over whether or not, she'd deserved to be Miss Hibiscus.  The same thing occurred, when a public interview (on stage) for the 2 separate nights contestant, in Ilisapeci Kubuabola, who was giggling and had muffled answers, deserved to be the Queen, or was the more eloquent Selina Samisoni more deserving of the Crown.  In Letila Mitchell's year, many believed Nelsene Bentley should've won.  


The year Letila Mitchell was crowned was the year Mrs Tanya Whiteside-Gho was a member of the committee, where their media releases focussed on the overhaul and the cleaning-out of the old system of judging and a newer, fairer more world standard system.  Now prior to Arthur Hazelman's passing I think, when Bhika was still involved, they overhauled it again, when they'd introduced the Hibiscus King, the Lady Hibiscus, the Miss Teen Hibiscus and the Adi Senikau divisions.  Old competition, surrounded by the festivities of the carnival, yet containing a high-level of cultural political motivation, which has only resulted in the cultivation of frenemies.  


Even with this competition, some believe Sukhdeo should have been the Queen as the People's Choice and others believe that it should've been the Gavidi gal.  What is most unfortunate, is that no one thought to iphone webcast all their interviews, so that those of us who are abroad, could take a look, so that all of us are able to replay and reassess, kind of like - sport's instant replays.  And yes - I agree, that it is most unfair that the judges scorings weren't displayed for all to view.  But then again, this is an obvious shift in all pageants the world over.  Miss World and Miss Universe used to be that transparent, where the viewer was privy to where the points were made and where the deductions were applied, closely monitored by PriceWaterhouse Coopers.  Maybe the time is nigh to publicise Fiji - right? lol

Thank you CB, yes indeed you are talking about the weightings in % of all the Asessment Elements in the all category of judgements.

Maybe if the organisers can atleast release the weighting and AEs for all to see and come to a full understanding of how the Queen is selected?

Quick question. Does anyone know whether or not Sukhdeo was born in Fiji?  Because if she wasn't - those are grounds for disqualification for the Crown or demotion from the Crown.  She is a Tongan Indian by ethnicity.  Whether or not her father is Indo-Fijian is the question.  Sometimes, little facts like that can sway the decision depending on the Secret Judge, and whether or not, he or she determines in their belief, that the woman in question would represent Fiji or her country of birth.  Or the ethnicity of the country of her birth.  In her case, would she represent Tonga over Fiji?  Or would she be more Indian and not represent the iTaukei culture.  That matters greatly too.  

In the earlier years of the Hibiscus, the Secret Judge was always at the discretion of the Soqosoqo Vakamarama.  This might've been what Tanya cleaned-out, but with the resurgence of culture, following the Miss South Pacific focus, this might've been brought back.  

Who were the judges? Does anyone know?

should have just given Miss FBCL the charity crown to make her happy, lol

Kiti Tui!  LOL  The dramas of the Hibiscus!!!  Katonivere will surely have a problem with your mosoni.  Given that FJ$38,990 is the total sum between the other contestants, at an average of FJ$2, 800 (+/-) per contestant@14 contestants, excluding Katonivere - Miss Carpenters, surely her FJ$26,010 individual chest contribution, establishes her secure Crown.  Just because there is a kerfuffle over the Hibiscus Crown doesn't necessarily translate to the Charity Crown being brought into the equation, or that the Charity Queen deserves to be perceived in a demotive way - even in jest, in defense of Slatter and the case being brought up by FBCL.   She (Katonivere) is to become a victim of a tug of war between FBCL and the Mai Life contestant's Crown vs the Hibiscus Committee?  That would be ridiculous even on a humourous platform. Apparently they haven't even lodged an official complaint in writing to the Hibiscus Committee@FBCL.  Of the FJ$80K  at total chest, the Queens raised +/- FJ$65K.  Not bad ladies!!  Their sponsors, organisers and supporters worked real hard, for that amount is difficult for Suva to produce, during trying times!!!  And the Charity Queen@Carpenters - Wow,  post being one of the major sponsors, who are in support of Andhy Blake's Miss World Fiji!!!


Commendable Community support - Carpenters!!!!!

AGain how much of weighting to the total points tally is reserved for monetary collections, if there is any weighting at all.

To my knowledge ND@how much of weighting to the total points tally, is reserved for monetary collections? No points are gained from raising any monies. A week before the Festival, the gals and their handlers, are called for meetings with the Committee, individually and collectively, where they are informed of the target amount for the year, and how much the breakdowns per contestant are, where they do suggest their recommended supposedly proven methods of fundraising successes - Lovo!!! This was always replied to with proclamations of how challenging it would be, for many're times, in the past, quite a number of contestants hailed from single Mum homes, with majority girls in their households, where an older daughter, was the contestant. Not all contestants had a fundraising team/committee, for most contestants would attest to being left on their own, where their families would have to figure it all out themselves - fundraising + wardrobe + styling + transportation for some events. The Committee would generally say, whoever raises the most will get the Crown plus a trip abroad somewhere for 2. No room and board (no hotel), no food budget, no shopping. Just the plane tickets. Before in the '80s the prizes were way better because the sponsors were obviously better situated. The Charity Queen would also receive a car, a trip, and even a mortgage towards a house - that one year. And it was an Indian Queen.


Unfortunately, there is no incentive given to the gals, where a certain percentage of her final score would be derived from her charity chest. There is a big emphasis from the Committee for the Charity Chest, but the gals sometimes expand a lot of time outside the Pageant Commitments direct showings, for the pageant queen rounds (their itinerary), but outside that, they have to make time for their own fundraising drives, within the time frame - day and night - depending. Long hours!!! The luckier gals during my teenagehood, with the old Hibiscus format, was when companies were permitted to nominate their own contestants. During this period companies could preselect their gals and would host pre-Hibiscus fundraisers well before the August festival, towards their charity chest, for the ultimate goal was for their gals to win the double-crown. The Charity Crown was about the Charity Committee from the sponsoring company - it's their win, only she wears the Crown, and the contestant's win was the Hibiscus Crown. Only now I think that the system has changed, where the gals either self-elect or are nominated by a friend, and somehow the companies are either assigned the gals, or get to choose from the pool of gals.


What I'd like to see change and maybe even controlled, if it still happens, as it did in the past, are the con artists during this Carnival. They pretend to support a contestant, and choose to abuse their association to raise funds from private donors, who are in favour of that contestant, at the Bowling Club, the Golf Club and the Yacht Clubs, where they would take their personal cheques and the contestant charity chest sees nothing of it. And this should be controlled because these wonderful expatriates and business owners write thousands of dollars worth of donation per person!!! They are that supportive!!!! So maybe the Hibiscus Committee should issue each contestant a fundraiser's id of sorts?!


The deception always was - that the Hibiscus Charity Crown is of equal weight and importance as the Hibiscus Crown. The truth is - it is not. All they want is the money. So the clever contestants backers, are that of those who are "knowing." Their concentrations are on the irqueens for the Hibiscus Crown without paying the Charity Chest any mind.

Did Sukhdeo raise the 2nd highest amount of money Kiti?  If that is the case, then sa na qai toro sobu ga na sum ni i lavo, nodratou na kenavo.

Nah...i think Vinod Patel had the 2nd highest collection

Too much drama and alot of bush layers ready to prey on an opportunity to make money..no shame to the wicked. Good luck FBC...




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