Dear Friends and Well wishers


I wish to express to you all my deepest appreciation of your tremendous support, encouragement and best wishes during my High Court trial.


The sentencing by the Court will be delivered tomorrow, 3rd August, 2012.


Whatever the court decision I thank God for his blessings upon all of us and for your support.


I also wish to thank the many prayer groups, individuals, and families, both in Fiji and abroad, who have been praying for me, my family and for Fiji during this difficult period.


God Bless you all and God Bless Fiji.


Vinaka Vakalevu.


Laisenia Qarase

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Mo ni kaukauwa ka qaqa tiko Mr. Qarase. No matter what this Illegal regime does, to discredit and smear your good name; You are still our legally elected PM, and we will always acknowledge and respect that ... God Bless you and your Family, Sir..!! Vinaka AC.

Oopps... Ok, First of all, get a proper name so we can address you by. Sega na betena vei keimami na mai vakalusia neimami gauna na veiba vata kei kemuni. Yalo vinaka laki vaqara e dua nomu dictionary and just start with two words...COUP, and LEGAL. Ko sa na rawa ni sauma ga nomu taro ke o sa kila na i balebale ni rua na vosa ya.

Malo vaka levu Tau a qaravi Tavi......may God be with u in this tough time.

U still a lot of supporters out here, who voted for you before and will vote for you again in the 2014 Election.

Thank you for your courage Hon. PM Qarase. It has always been a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with you OB. Your courage and humility inspires many of us. No doubt the Lord, God of heaven and earth has a special place for you where He has promised you will be. May you and your beloved family be blessed always.

PS. Even during and after your court trial you are still a tremendous asset our beloved Fiji and her people.

E dua na ka mo ni kila saka tiko na turaga na PM Laisenia Qarase,o kemuni saka na neimami paraiminisita tikoga na kai viji.Ni tu saka vakatagane ni kua saka ni suka i muri e na dua na i kalawa,mo ni kila saka tiko ni bula tiko  o koya  na turaga ni lewa levu dodonu taudua sa i koya na noda Kalou bula ka vakatalega kina na balavu ni liga ni lawa e na sega ni lekaleka vakadua ...e na qai yati ga mai na colo.Ni tucake saka tiko e na SAME teguva saka tiko na loma ni vuvale na vakacegu sa  mai vua na noda turaga.

Vinaka vakalevu Tui Kubuca, nomuni vosota tu na ka rarawa kei na dredre ena vukui Viti. Ena kalougata sara na nomuni vanua kei na nomuni tamata ena nomuni sa mai solia tu na nomuni yau, gauna ka vakabibi na nomuni bula me baleti Mavana kei Viti. Kemuni na turaga yalo qaqa! God keep on blessing you and the family Sir!

Qarase, a man of integrity, Beddoes tells court
Nasik Swami
Thursday, August 02, 2012

FORMER opposition leader Mick Beddoes, the third character witness in the trial told the High Court in Suva yesterday that Laisenia Qarase was a man of integrity and honesty.

And though he frequently opposed policies brought up by Qarase's government, he said he had never heard or was told anything that would say that he was not a man of honesty and integrity.

"My role as the opposition leader was to keep government accountable for its work and I opposed Qarase on many of his policies. I also agreed where the policy was at the best interest of the people," Mr Beddoes said.

He said that Qarase served all communities and did not favour one community.

Mr Beddoes said there was no question about how hard Qarase worked for the people of Fiji, his actions were in the best interest and did not favour anyone.

He said he was not aware of or seen anything that Qarase did for self enrichment.

He told the court that Qarase was a peaceful man and Fiji needed him going forward.

"It is my view that Qarase remains not only the leader of the largest political party but I still consider him the prime minister of Fiji," he said.

Meanwhile, an affidavit was also presented by the Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa as she could not come to court because she had gone to Australia.

'He's always polite, patient'

Thursday, August 02, 2012

FORMER prime minister Laisenia Qarase was hailed as a man of respect and professionalism by Bau chief Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi.

A character witness in the case, the country's former vice president Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi said Qarase was always polite, respectful and professional.

He said when he was the vice-president from January 2005 to December 2006, he used to meet Qarase together with the president every fortnightly to relay matters of national interest.

"At all times, Qarase was polite, respectful and patient even if when they disagreed on some matters," Ratu Joni said.

He gave examples to the court of Qarase's involvement in the reconciliation, tolerance and promotion of Unity Bill, Qoliqoli bill and he always remained polite and engaged.

Ratu Joni said Qarase remained polite and professional even when they had differing views on the Reconciliation and Qoliqoli bills.

"Mr Qarase was the prime minister for the country for six years and was a public figure, secretary for the Public Service and managing director for Fiji Development Bank, which showed the character of the man," he said.

Ratu Joni also claimed that he saw Qarase's conviction as a humiliation to his reputation.

Isaiah 54:17
“No weapon that is formed against you will prosper;
And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.

Amen to that!


The Fiji nation and its people will always remember what you and your family have sacrificed and done. My family voted for you and never regretted it till to this day. Thank-you,vinaka and Faiak se’ea for everything. 

God bless you & your family :)



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