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Na Cala levu Ulaya, Ko na raica mai na Jeremaih 30:7 na tikina e vakamacala tiko kina o Jerex.

Nowhere in the Bible where you will find Israel is America or Jacob is Britain. Jacob is Israel and it hasn't been change.
I know this will come Waqa.
Tell me something, when the Israelites separated into two nations, why wasn't Judah called Israel?It is because the tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim is with the other tribes. They should be called Israel because Jacob gave them his name.
Israel were exiled by Assyria and was lost from view.
But careful tracing by historians and biblical facts locates these tribes in Europe. Eg Denmark from the tribe of Dan,France from Rueben and so on.
But get back to these two.Jacob says Manasseh will become a great nation.Who do you think can surpass the United States of America with its superior power?
To Ephraim Jacob blessed him with a company of nations.World history record no company of nations other than Britain's Commonwealth nations.
That is why the term Jacob's trouble refers more to America and Britain than to the Jews. Why? Because Jacob said in Genesis chapter 48,.."let my NAME be be named on them." In case you forget Jacob's other name is Israel. Israel in the Middle East's biblical name is Judah.
Moreover Brit is a Jewish word and it means covenant. Ish is Jewish for people. Put them together you will get BRITISH.
Oh by the way Waqa the Royal family of Britain can trace their family tree through King Zedekiah, up to David and all the way up to Abraham and Adam.They also possess Jacob's pillar stone where he rested his head on when he dreamed of angels on a stairway up to Heaven.
You have to know history as well in order to share the Bible correctly.
Thank you.

That would be regarded as an assumption because you don't provide any references to your finding or your claim

It is not a claim Waqa.You have access to Internet. Everything is just a press of a button nowadays.
Search out "The coronation stone Jacob's pillow"
You will see how history supports the Bible.
Few things will happen next month September
1. Shemitah - A huge economic crisis

2. CERN will run a test on their hadron collider

Can't do much aye ...Pray Forgive Love and Live ..if it's your time to go then be it... Amene :) 

1 Dec 2015

"Close to half of the German population doesn’t want the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to serve another term, a new poll has found. The result indicates a major fall from grace on the part of the Chancellor, mainly due to her handling of the migrant crisis which has beset Germany in recent months.

Germany is due to go to the polls in 2017 to elect a new government, and Merkel’s Christian Democrat Party had been riding high in public opinion, even daring to hope for an overall majority, the Telegraph has reported.

But in a survey for Bild newspaper, 48 percent have said they would not like to see Merkel continue as Chancellor in the next administration, against 44 percent would be happy to see her stay."

The above article and current events in Germany shows the mindset of Germany's people. Are they going to elect the new strongman of Europe in the 2017 general election?

Yes they will!
Karl Theodore zu Gutenberg is studying all developments and in all probability he will stand for the CDU party.
Psalms 83:6
"The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the HAGARENES(Syria)."

The withdrawal of Russia from Syria should not be a surprise to believers of God.Psalms 83 talks of a group of nations in the Middle East taking side with Germany.
Assad the president of Syria will have to go and Syria lost from Iran's grip.

Psalms 83:8
"Assur(Germany) also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot."

The Bible says so.
It is a disturbing feeling to realize that time is now running out very fast. Of all the nations mentioned in the end-time Psalm 83, now only two of them are still out of place:

1. Syria- it should not be a surprise to see President Assad of Syria getting toppled soon.According to the Bible Syria should be in the moderate camp.

2. Egypt- we should also expect to see an escalation of tension and the fall of president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt.Psalm 83 shows that Egypt should be in the Iranian camp.Radical Iran the end-time biblical king of the South. Very soon there will be a swelling of terrorist activities in Egypt.

To get a clearer picture see Psalm 83 with Daniel 11:40-43.




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