Is the Church Today an Acurate representation of the Body of Christ ? Is what we have been taught in church the TRUTH?

Has the church lost touch with God ? When we look at the early church in the book of Acts have we realy gone forward or have we gone backwards.
I realise we have huge churches wealthy churches and great communicators and we see countless people come to Christ, but do we bare witness to the words of Jesus, "that greater works will you do in my name", the bible says that all that came to Him were healed of there deseases, it seems today we are better at finding excusses as to why people are not healed than finding out why.
In a church I attended a precious sister died of cancer after the entire church prayed and sought God on her behalf, when she passed on to glory no one asked the question why?? and when I asked the question I was told it was her time, God's ways are not ours, and maybe there was something in her life that blocked God's healing power, and God had taken her home, have we become so distanced from God and His truth that we believe such garbage that does not even resemble the truth in Gods word.
Does it make sence that Jesus bore our sicknesses on the cross only to have the Father smite us with it, Jesus recieved enough lashes on His back that nearly all His flesh was torn of so that we might be free of sickness and desease, would God use sickness to bring someone home? Jesus did not only die that we might be saved alone but He died that we might become overcomers in THIS LIFE, that means overcomers over all the works of the enemy. The bible tells is that He was cursed that we might be Blessed, to understand redemption is to understand that everything we lost through Adams fall and every curse we recieved because of the fall was reversed when Jesus Christ died with our transgression on Him, and God judged Him in our place, hence He paid the debt we could not pay. The full weight of God's judgment was on Jesus, and when He cried my God My God why have you forsaken me God the Father actually turned His face from Him because the sins of the world were now on Him, Jesus.
Every blessing every promise in God's word is ours because of Christs sacrifice, and when we recieve Him as Our Saviour it becomes our inheritence and birthright as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, Jesus's obedience at the cross has purchased us that rite.
The church today is rich in knowldge, finance, eloquent teaching and and elaborate networking, have we become rich in the natural only to lose our spirituall ties.
Is the church a natural reflection of the Body of Christ or has it lost its way.

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