The Native Land Trust Act (NLTA) was created by Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna to assist Fijian landowners to lease their land. His aim was to ensure that landowners benefited from leasing their lands, while also retaining land for their future needs. The Native Land Trust Board (NLTB) was to administer the NLTA for the benefit of its indigenous Fijian owners.  However, they proved incompetent and a number of landowners felt cheated.

It will be worse un...der Bainimarama’s Land Use Decree where the PM of the day has total control over all lands deposited into the Land Bank.  There is nothing the landowners can do once their lands have been deposited into the Land Bank.  The landowners will be the legal owners of the land in "name" only.  They will not have any control at all over the lands.

Effectively, the landowners will have lost their lands for up to 99 years or for as long as the PM wants. They will also have no say as to how much rent they should receive for their lands and they cant complain to any court, even if they want their lands back.  So be warned and don't be easily fooled by Bainimarama's lies and cheap bribes.

Your lands are worth far more than what Bainimarama is offering you in premiums, mud roads and mediocre services.  You have been too used to receiving small amounts because of an incompetent public sector that you jump at the smallest thing.

Please think and discuss amongst yourselves, before you give away the key asset that can get you and your families out of poverty.   Bainimarama's Land Bank is not the answer you seek - its all a trick.

Remember, Bainimarama has broken every promise he has made since overthrowing a democratically elected government. Bainimarama has also insulted you as a people, insulted your chiefs and your traditions and your religion and your God.  And if Bainimarama can insult your religion and your God, then there is nothing he wont do to get what he wants  - Your highly valuable lands.   

So be warned and don't deposit your lands into Bainimarama's Land Bank!  There is another and better way.

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Ninjas in Action

Lol :)

or as Wadan Narsey puts it "The Powerful Two"

Mr Niko Nawaikula's speech in parliament really puts them where they belong and all the things they had been doing to undermine the i-taukei institutions.All of a sudden i heard the speaker saying a decree about making comments in the parliament.Sa lai yaco sara me caka na decree e na palimedi.Sa yawa.God bless Fiji.

If decrees are to be made randomly without being introduced and debated in parliament, then the recent last elections were performed in name only. Perhaps just to appease the international community but not to bring fairness and justice and true and proper democratic governance to the people who are to be directly affected.

If the elections were done in the true moral and spirit of genuine democratic governance, then decrees  engineered at the whims of one or two people only, should be a thing of the past. The Madame Speaker, I hope, as well as most of the citizenry do, should do well to shift away from the old regime paradigm of "dictatorship mentality" and not stagnate herself in Bainimarama's and Khaiyum's selfish-type egoistical "ethics" which are not sincere and genuine ethics at all.


PM disappointed with Nawaikula’s comments

17:11 Yesterday

PM Voreqe Bainimarama

Taken from/By: FBC News 
Report by: Maggie Boyle

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has expressed disappointment in comments made by Opposition Member of Parliament Niko Nawaikula in parliament yesterday.

In his maiden speech yesterday, Nawaikula called for the establishment of a Constitutional Review Commission, failing this would be an invitation for another coup.

Bainimarama says he wanted to see Nawaikula today about his comments.

‘’I don’t think they were very serious, we were quite disappointed in the way his was speech was made, the way his statement was made especially with regards to the threat that he made, but I wanted to see him today to tell him that composition of a threat and how the military perceives threats but apparently, unfortunately for me, he’s not here because I want to tell him the composition of a threat, the composition of a threat is that of intention, will & capability and we are very worried about what he came up with yesterday, but what he should have done is listen, we should have all listened to the Minister of Defense, when reassured everyone that we will have a stable Fiji, that we already have a stable Fiji, that will continue to have a stable Fiji and that any sign of disruption to this stability, we will come down very hard on these people’’.

Bainimarama was frank, adding that any suggestion to get rid of the 2013 Constitution will not be allowed.

‘’The idea of him getting rid of the constitution is not going to happen, the idea of him having a coup to get rid of the constitution will definitely not going to happen, but I will tell him when he comes in, when he does come in that we will be keeping an eye on him, any form of disruption that will into the lives of the people of Fiji, we will look for him and bring him in for questioning’’.

Niko Nawaikula did not attend this morning’s parliament session and could not be reached for comment.

- See more at:

Nawaikula now threatened by Bainimarama is fearing for his life.

So nothing has changed then with the "New Fiji" .

 I believe it a very good strategy that now Landowners can work together with the Govt and develop its land that has been empty/idle for so many benefit the next generation..of course we have to see the legal side of it..which where the heads of the Mataqali/Yavusa/Turaga ni Koro should first seek legal guidance from the so many ITAUKEI lawyers/Firms..better to do it now than regret gauna me da yadra ka rauta na vosa kei na veidusi..I hope and pray that the  Opposition Party which has some Turaga Bale and Marama Bale will not change the dividends of the Land ( Ilavo ni Lisi) that has been shared equally to all of us..vinaka

Mr. Bogirua bula vinaka.

I on the other hand have been and will continue to be apprehensive on the the subject. We do not need to occupy every bit of land in Fiji with hotels, commercial enterprise, farms,mines etc. I believe the answer lies in fixing the current systems. We can fix the loopholes and shortcomings of the TLTB without having to create a completely new body. We can boost agricultural production by improving the current farming practices, not simply by opening up more land so that the same poor production is repeated again.We can improve lease money payout to landowners by addressing the arrears problem accrued over the years. We can do so much to improve output from land that is currently leased without having to touch land that isn't.

I fear that farming and developing every inch of our small Fiji will harm the environment. Lets leave some land for our future.

Bula Tau . I think your opinion is best left to the landowners to decide on the future of their land . They desire progress , prosperity - can only be provided by proper utilizing of their land . TLTB is there to provide guidance , the agriculture sector will provide the technical advise . High tech innovations are now forthcoming . Eg The new rice initiative to boost the rice production has been offered by the UN . Its just plain tapping into the right places compounded with " the not sitting down syndrome " like used to be done in the past . We must TRUST this Govt because they can walk the talk and are very vibrant . Sa oti na gauna ni sogosogo Tau . There is the environment department who can advise on EIA impact on land . Ke ra sa tukuna ni na vakaleqa na environment than that's it . Let the govt machinery that is avail be fully utilized . Give landowners a fair chance to develop their land . Reforms have been made at TLTB and the landowners are now reaping the benefits .


The Minister of Lands has now spoken...Vinaka vakalevu Vuniwaqa

Lands and Mineral Resources Minister, Mereseini Vuniwaqa is concerned about the continued misinformation that is still being spread around by the opposition on the security and protection of i Taukei land.

Vuniwaqa said during the election campaign, she was shocked to discover the extent and magnitude of the outright lies being told to the Fijian people.

She said she was shocked to hear these lies being repeated in Parliament.




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