For those of you who haven't read the charter, I will post on this discussion board the 11 Pillars of the charter. There are some pillars such as Pillar 1 that are long so I will divide into 3 parts and we can always tear it apart constructively and objectively and lets all keep an open mind. So, here goes;

Pillar 1 - Ensuring Sustainable Democracy and Good and Just Governance
The following key measures and actions must be taken with due priority and urgency.

~ Abolish the communal representation system as provided for under the Constitution and the Electoral Act 1998, and replace this with the use of a common roll system for all future elections.
~Establish a fair system of voting so that all the interest and wishes of the people of Fiji can be represented in the Parliament as expressed through free, fair and honest elections and for this adopt an Open List Proportional Representation (PR) Electoral and Voting System.
~Incorporate specific and anti-discrimination measure into Fiji's electoral laws to ensure no person is discriminated against by political parties on the grounds of race, religion, gender, or circumstance.
~ Remove the mandatory power sharing arrangement as provided for under the current constitution.
~ Reduce the voting age from 21 to 18 years of age.
~ Maintain compulsory registration and abolish compulsory voting.
~ Promulgate and Anti-Discrimination Act.
~ The electoral system be removed from the constitution and enacted as law so that it may be amended and reformed from time to time according to the will of the people. However, the fundamental recommendations of non-ethnic voting, equal franchise, and Proportional Representation be enshrined in the Constitution.

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The charter is only good for toilet paper.
Can we have it made into lavatory rolls so I can use it more effectively and really start the clean up campaign in earnest ?
Anyone who supports either needs an education or their head read.

Maybe they can sell the charter toilet paper to tourists visiting Fiji. It can be a hot seller for much needed foreign exchange revenue. Now thats a free business idea for the this no money illegal regime!

Naita Ture,

Don't try to make smart comments about the "Blueprint" because you have no inkling of what it was, what it did or what it was supposed to do to the indigenous Fijians. If you say that it was racist then why is your race called "Fijian" in your birth certificate? Why are you registered in the "Vola ni kawa bula" and not the indians and other races? If you want to really know why I left Fiji then go and ask your Land force commander why? He will enlighten you with the truth.....
Sa rauta mada na Avorosa tiko naita! Get the facts, not the Bullshit!

@ ture
There is only one race, the Human Race !
I think Frank Bainimarama and your KING and SAVIOUR Mohammed Abdullah Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum have brainwashed you.
Naita Ture,

There is nothing such as "Elite Fijians" in democratic progress, only hard working committed Fijians who listened to their teachers in school and their parents at home. The only "Elite Fijians" are the Chiefs and their children who think that everything should be shared everything without sweating because they are entitled by birth to it. Get real and and look at yourself in the mirror and ask the question "What have I achieved personally for my family and my People?" Race is a fact of God and life and the sooner you realize that the better you will understand who you really are in your own country. If you do not want to accept the realities of race then I advise you to rescind your VKB name and change it to "Ram Dulari Kaiyum Seganimacala" of Vuci, Tailevu. That would then sound non racial and politically correct wouldn't it.

@ Frank and Sam
Maybe it should be made out of fine course sandpaper and provided to the Soldiers of the RFMF to toughen them up, bunch of pussies.
Can only beat up innocent unarmed civilian men and women indigenous fijians.

Mate! That would scratch the shit out of them aye! Lol....

@ Sam
haha, well said and I concur my friend !
This so called charter as they promised will be the way forward for Fiji, but looking back the last 4 years, they have broken all what they stand for and have consistently contradicted themselves with their never ending decrees.
If they think that this the way forward than tell me why is that they say last consititution was to be respected and than they abrogated it.
They print something and do the totally opposite, there is just awhole lot of contradictions and it has made the authors and the executors look real stupid to say the very least. I don't believe this charter and never have and never will.
here comes the charter,then express then the via rauta mada..we all ready on the line my friend ...from nov 1986 ..we were add to the charter....just the process of time .....1987 coup...nnnnn on it goes.....still more coup to come .....
here comes the charter,then express then the via rauta mada..we all ready on the line my friend ...from nov 1986 ..we were add to the charter....just the process of time .....1987 coup...nnnnn on it goes.....still more coup to come .....
This charter is an illusion of a toxic leader and has no bearing whatsoever. The decision to create this document was borne out of their attempt to impress the public at large. It has never been implemented so that the public will witness its effectiveness, they are only using this so as to legitimise their excuse of the coup and to make them look as if they have accomplished a milestone.
This charter was and still is a phsycological attempt to cloud their motive in the total destruction of the Fijian Institution/our very fabric way of life. They preach about transparency but never done anything to implement it, they preach accountability yet they shun it as if was a curse on themselves. They promise the world and yet they have been found lacking in honesty, they promised a corrupt free Fiji and yet they are the worst offenders. They walk the corridores of power to lead and yet they are corrupted by the very powers they took by force. They produced a charter that they themselves have made a mockery of and yet they still have the illusion that alls well, what a toxic waste of the worst leadership ever.




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