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Bula vinaka Bond.  That's a huge question.  If I may, @deal with a runaway bride, are you referring to one whose already runaway or are you referring to an impending bride from running away?


It has become a trend of late, for the grooms to sue the brides, for incurred expenses, and defamation.  Some grooms take their brides back, and opt for a smaller bash.  


What you men need to understand, is that not all women grow up obsessing over their wedding days; romanticising the occassion, and visualising her day, so when it does come up, as relationships progress, the whole development of it all, might be overwhelming, where different brides would deal with that level of anxiety with the minimum of panic attacks to the extreme - dashing for it -> Exiting.


But from the top of my head, the best way to prevent it is for the groom to talk about his wedding with his soon-to-be wife.  If she expresses any level of hesitancy, he is to address and walk and work her through it, reaffirming that he is there, especially when the majority of us are Fijians on here, where weddings can take on their own energy in the hustle and bustle of it all, removed from the couple.  If his side, is handling most of the arrangements and she is left out of the loop, that element of the loss of some involvement for her big day, could also set off - the fear, where she'll feel alone.  The groom needs to reassure her.  This calls for kid gloves.  



   If u luv somethimg,, set it free.If it comes back, then it was meant 4 you. If it doesnt, buy a shotgun and hunt it down.


e cava e dro nomu bui???

sivia ga na va fancy!!!!!!!!!!!!

appreciate all the contribution





Sa dro biuta , cocoka tale , levu na veimataqali ika era sinai tu ena loma ni tobu.

Isa Bond, thanks for this thread which I feel compelled to contribute to just to show you that there are so many ways that one could respond to this topic.... but first, I think it'll do you good to always remember that wise saying about 'every dark cloud has a silver lining'.  


Here's also a favourite quote by a very great lady by the name of Hannah Arendt, that I wanted to share with you -

Few girls are as well shaped as a good horse. 

In other words, don't take it personally. :)


Then there's this funny story of the Prince who mistook his potential princess for a housekeeper...


Me vaka na sere ena dua na radio ad mai Viti - "crunch, crunch, crunch na Bongo". (jokes ga, hihihi.....)


I was also at a talk today by an incredible woman, she's a former MP from Afghansitan and strong advocate for women's human rights, Ms Malalai Joya and as she talked about the situation in Afghanistan and how women's rights have deteriorated so badly under the Taliban/warlords and occupied forces rule, she also showed us pictures of women who had survived terrible burns (you can check out the extremely high suicide rates of Afghan women via google to get a sense of what she was talking about).... and one of the most striking stories I recall after reading this thread was a tragic incident about a young married woman who was doused in kerosene and set on fire by her own mother-in-law! You probably might even remember a few similar incidents closer to home as reported in the media?


I think it goes to show how ignorance within the sisterhood can and does have dangerous consequences for vulnerable women as clearly illustrated in this tragedy.


Well, good luck with finding a potential better half :)

isaaa totoka Mz nomu ciqomi ena vakamuduo


Stirrer sa rauta me ra mavoa na Maleya ena tobu mai

sa dro ga laiva sara me lako, ke lesu  mai vesu sara na yavana, ke qai dro tale sa solia sara tiko ga yani nona i vola ni tiko..ha!!!!ha!!!!!...lako..
maumau na i cegu

Dou sa bula mai ker..........




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