I guess you can sort of call.. the title of this thread "how to date your boyfriend/girlfriend to start over again" lol!!


Perhaps you can never really fall out of love with that person. In time, it gets easier and easier to let go, but that person will always have a piece of your heart.


People fall in love, become broken hearted, fell completely out of love with him/her and then a few months later get back together and I fall in love with him/her all over again.


Some don't believe so. When it's gone it's gone for good. And while it hurts like hell at the time & seems like the end of your world, it's often a blessing in disguise.


My opinion.. people change as they age, acquiring new experiences and perspectives, at the same time retaining or discarding old viewpoints. This happens with both parties in a relationship. At some point, you may find yourself disassociating from your partner for any number of reasons. Later, you may find yourself once again attracted to your former partner because either or both of you have changed in some important way. I don't believe it is possible for people to fall out and then reform
their relationship, without at least one of them changing.


Even if this change is something as simple as "I think I made a mistake in ending our relationship". Even that represents a change within yourself.

OK...MATAVUVALE FRENZZZ!!...how do u see it?? Comments & Opinions most WELCOMED!!







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Have you? lol
Hi HeadZtone,

LOL!! No my friend...it is foolish & senseless... & everyone's different!!!

Thanks for the interest.
I changed my name! And if she said is me I said no..........before I was Tom and when we met I was Dick now I am Harry!! And Harry is better and stronger than Dick!lol....

@Motoka.....Tom, Dick & Harry yani hahaha!!!!

You can fall in love again with the same person if you start focusing on all the good things that person does.
Hi Motoka,

Ha!ha!ha!...personality changes...so in with my new name & changed in a heartbeat.....
I'M just guessing?? LOL!!
What's the purpose my friend?
Hi Kate,

Some people come from the opposite school of thought in that they do believe that one can do a lot to influence whether or not someone feels love for them. It is something that they believe strongly.

Because it's hard to say what is lacking in one's situation without more information, One can only comment in the most general of senses. One's intuition says that if he/she fell out of love with the person, then something in their behaviours changed.... like started acting differently during your time together. Something one may want to consider is whether one is still doing the things that one did when the two first started dating. Did one go out more often? Did one talk more often?

In my experience, the falling out of love phenomenon occurs because the man gets too comfortable with the relationship and stops doing the things that caused her to fall in love with him in the first place. He stops being the man she fell in love with. If that's the case, then the key would be to become that man again. (it all depends...if it's worth the girl/woman)...lol!!

Hve a lovely week!!
Vinaka JRBS 66 Quer...

With all the advice out there to "make" someone look twice and reconsider....I've never found one single bit of it that actually works. Letting go, finding peace of mind and allowing he/her to make up her own mind is the only way, I think...

Appreciate the sharin!
Sometimes u don't realize what u have until its gone, so maybe the second time it will work out better, b/c u learned how much u really love and miss each other. ♥
De sa guilecavi dredre beka ga na mavolo
Yes Matt, that maybe sooooo for some folks!

IF THEY both want to stay in a relationship/married, my opinion is think about how you were back when you first got together, how you treated him/her, what you did to let he/her know how you felt about him/her, those are really the only things one can do I think besides talking with he/her and listening to his/her feelings without judging.
I think that a lot of what makes people fall out of love with someone is that they stop feeling valuable to their someone, or their someone stops being the same person they fell in love with (stops "trying" if you know what I mean.)

Anyway..good luck to people who find themselves in these situations...

Many thanks for your insightful perspective Matt!!
... hahahahahaha ... go marble power go ... oilei don't go marble in the head ga over Good 'Ole Avenai!! :))



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