How Can Fiji Sevens Team Improve its performance against the two Giant South Africa and Enland.

It is disappointing to see our Fiji Team fell short of Glory against this two Giants.

Invite suggestion and view from members on how we can defeat them.

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Bula Tom, noqu cau lailai ga ..stick to Ben Ryans Recipe..and that is to ensure 1) the boys are physically fit 2) the boys are taught to be mentally smart and 3) be part/one with them Spiritually...kena levu

Dina Taucoko Waisake.

The boys have 1 already but without 2 and 3 the 1 just worn out and they looked fartigue on the field.


Currently the boys have nothing, ZERO , they only have the Individual Natural Talent..watching the last four Series..the boys are weak in counter rucks, slow in supporting the ball carrier, not winning any kick offs, weak in the scrums,there is no speed,too many weak tackling causing too many yellow cards,lack of communication on the field, they are totally lost when under pressure..kena levu

Bula Tom, dua ga noqu cau:

If Baber cannot maintain or improve on the standard set by Ben Ryan, should he then be subjected to the same scrutiny the players are subjected to? In other words if his performance isn't up to scratch should he be shown the door?

Why persevere with someone who's not producing the result we expected.

Vinaka Joe.


It seems like Baber is being remote control from outside the field somewhere.


He doesn’t know when to bring in replacement player and he doesn’t know what to tell the boys during half time breaks.


Someone is dictating what to be done and if he (Baber) let that person to control him than he won’t be able succeed in any tournament.

Bula Tom, au tokoni Joe saraga vakalevu, If he doesn't has a win in the Series, chop him..the 7s Fiji Team is the IRB / World / Olympic Champion and for us to accept or  just say go with the flow and be patient/wait for them to Gell, this is a poor mentality of Sportsperson who wants to be a Champions da na qai vaka tuga na soata gauna ga e kaukauwa kina na ua da toso e liu..

Vinaka Waisake.
In order to move forward we have to accept facts apart from the buzz world.
Now the fact is that all other teams in the series now knows how to play good sevens. That is the reality.

Fiji can only win with seasoned players combined with raw talents thrown in the mix.
But Fiji have been doing well reaching finals in the series even with the new boys. It is development at its best. Forget the seasoned players for they have attained contracts overseas which should have been the ultimate goal of every rugby players.

Just an example: Nadroga does not have a Level 2 or Level 3 coach in Esala Nauga. But they have a very good development mechanism in place that now it has come to a time when they field different set of team every week but they still managed to retain the Farebrother and Skipper cup.

Seruvakula did not do well last year in local competition even though he has a Level 3 coaching certificate. He took a Fiji team late last year which comprised of 13 seasoned players from Nadroga. They did very well compared to the Fiji test team which toured a few weeks later. So development is also very important in order to maintain our standings while not losing touch with reality.
Vinaka Tomasi.
Matai ni ka me da vakavinavinakataka na vanua e ratou yacova tiko na noda timi. Sega sara ga ni dua na ka e rawarawa e yaco tiko e loma ni rara oya.

E levu vei ratou boys gone ka dodonu me ratou na qai via jell vinaka e na yabaki ka tu mai. E wini tiko o England vata kei Aferika baleta e levu na ka makawa ka ra sa matua e tiko kina.

Dua tale na ka levu ka levu sara e ra vosa wale tu ga ka ra sega ni bau raica tu vakalailai na noda bula vakailavo vakamatanitu. O ratou na gone lalai vovou qo sa bau veivuke sara ga vakalevu e na kena kilai o Viti i vuravura kei na nodra kau mai na dausara vanua kei na dauvakaduri bisinisi. Na i lavo levu taudua nei Viti e rawa mai e na tourism. Da waraka ga me ratou veikilai vinaka.

Da marau ni sa ra tiko ni ratou sa Lai konitaraki ki vanua tani na ka makawa. Sa rawa na cakacaka ka kauta tale mai e dua na i lavo levu I Viti.

Tou marautaka ka vakavinavinakataki iratou tiko na boys e na cakacaka levu ka dredre ratou cakava tiko e na vukui Viti. Me kua sara koya ka cakava tu o talatala Atu e na dua na gauna ya ka cursetaka yarayara tu ga na timi ni Viti e na vanua kece ga e lai vunau kina. Oya na mataqali rai qiqo vagonegonea me kakua ni tiko vei keda.

Sa dri yani Tomasi.

E dau dua tani ga na nodra qito na noda cauravou ka da vakavina2ka vakalevu ena nodra solia na nodrai gu ena vakaitavi taki ira ena qito a vitu, ena yacai Viti druka se wini qoka na qito.Na fitness sa tiko, na yalo ni qito sa tiko na veikilaitaka na moici ni veisau na wale2 sei moi2 ni qito ena gauna ni yaco na pressuretaki, yellow/red card mera taura matua toka kua na tavayaya se tubu mai na yalo duatani ka vakavuna na lutu2 ni polo, tataqomaki ena tackle ena luluqa mai ect. ia qoka e dau yaco ena veiqito ena veitimi kecega. Na noda cauravou e dodonu kerawa mera dau vakabauti ira yadua kua na loma2 rua, ke vaka sa yaco mai na veipasi(backs) kacuru maliwa mai na fowards, kera vakabauta keina kauawa mera gutuwa ena nona "pace/speed" ka botea na tadrua ni timi kadua totoka oya, me vaka na qito ena final e Rio, na rucks na vanua ga e yaco kina na totolo taqomaki na polo noda kua ni soli mera kaliraka na polo(speed/pocessions) Na defence/counter me vakaqaqacotaki ena gauna ni pressure vakatalega ke mani yaco na yellow/red card ia eda dau masulaka me kua ni dau yaco, Io rau na timi lelevu qoka England/South Afrika era sa vakaraitaka ka moica nai tovo ni nodrau qito2 me vaka era dau qitotaka na noda timi ni viti. Tiko na gauna mera moica na nodra tovo ni vakatulewa e loma salavata keina yalo ni rawata na qaqa veiira yadua, kua ni lomalo2rua, tovolei ni matamamarau yalodei tiko ena veigauna nira ukucavu tu vakavakarau na lai valu (qito) laveti cake tiko na yalo rawa ni mamada taki kina na yago ka vakavurea mai na "speed" mevaka nai ikeli (eagal) Ni sa tu rawa na Fitness qai sema mai na yalo dina ni gone ni Viti veitalia sara na i vaka2rau sena bai tu mai matadra ena rawa ni basuki ka yaco na qaqa. God Bless Fiji Go Fiji! Go

Fiji won in Hong Kong.

Thanks to the Fiji Sun for rightly  taking the blame off Gareth Baber baleta e sega sara ga nona leqa.

Hats off to the coach and the ice man. 

They finally gets their acts together and they demolished the mighty South Africa.

Although it is a bit to late for the overall Title, but with the way Fiji played in Hong Kong they can be re-assured of the remaining legs title. 


Ice Man prove himself in HK despite being critised by many on his selection back into the team.

'Silent tears'
Serafina Silaitoga
Sunday, June 04, 2017

Fiji 7s rugby player Jerry Tuwai has opened up about the negative
comments on
social media.
Picture: SUPPLIED+ Enlarge this image
Fiji 7s rugby player Jerry Tuwai has opened up about the negative comments on social media. Picture: SUPPLIED
FIJI sevens halfback Jerry Tuwai has pleaded with Fijians to respect the players and their families even when they lose a series or an international tournament.

Foul language, criticisms and swears cast at our national heroes on social media, Tuwai said, caused a lot of hurt to the players, who would only look at each other during training sessions and shed silent tears.

He said the pain of reading such degrading comments about them and their families on social media sites would only show on the players' faces.

During an interview with this newspaper at Fiji Link's third birthday celebration in Labasa on Friday night, Tuwai said the players had been injured, hurt and some were on medication because of the impact of the games.

"When Fiji wins, we all win but when Fiji loses, only the players lose and we feel that because we are not supported or thanked or praised for playing tough matches," he said.

"We feel the pain of our

injuries and muscle tear or broken bones and it is even worse when our people back home criticise us and swear at us and our families on social media.

"I have seen swears directed to me and my family and other players as well have seen Fijians swearing at them on social media and swearing at their fathers and mothers.

"What have we done wrong to deserve this? We have been injured all because of the love of our nation but I am asking Fijians to show more respect for the players. We and our families don't deserve to be sworn at

on social media. But we deserve all your support and prayers."

Tuwai said whenever they faced a tough opponent while on tour, the players would joke around saying they had to win the match or face getting chased out of Fiji.

"It has come to that extent and the players will joke about being chased out of Fiji if we lose the match," he said.

"We don't have an easy task and we accept that fans won't take defeat easily as the answer but want a win all the time.

"But the fans also need to know we are humans just like them and we also make mistakes. We can't win all the time and especially when all the rugby sevens teams around the world are developed like Canada, which is a good team."

With preparation in progress for the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 and Commonwealth Games, Tuwai has asked for the prayers and support of all Fijians.

And he has also pleaded with fans to be patient and give their coach, Gareth Baber, a chance.

"He is a good coach and our loss in this series is nothing new. If you look at Fiji's sevens history, we never won any series for a long time before Ben Ryan came and even when he started, we didn't win a series in the beginning," he said.

"It is the same with Baber. Let us give him a chance because he has what it takes to make a difference."




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