Habits become automatic through consistent repetition and reward. This applies to both helpful and unhelpful habits, whatever it is you repeat and reward in a consistent way for 30 days will become a new habit, whether it is helpful or unhelpful, good or bad!
Ultimately, it is what you DO that matters in life. Helpful habits lead to positive futures.
It has been said that human beings are "creatures of habit".
Habits are routines of behaviors that occur outside of conscious awareness.
Habits differ from addictions because they can be controlled by the will, whereas addictions are negative behaviours that are no longer under the control of the will. Many people hang on to unhelpful habits because they meet an important emotional need.
There are so many helpful habits one could develop so that one can replace unhelpful habits.
MATAVUVALE FRENZ.......Please feel free to comment, share an interesting opinion or viewpoint.

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Uhmmmmmm......how about cyber habits?? Thea r so many habit ways like :bad n gud ....clean n dirty. Example :Like if married n still loves to flirt around acting like m still single n ready to mingle...heheheheh - wat say @Lady HC.

THANX Luvlicious ME.....

One thing for sure is the rise of the Internet as a means of regular communication between our children has opened up new doors for those who wish to bully other children. Chat rooms, MySpace, email, instant messaging and other online tools have all helped create the cyber bullying epidemic.

On a lighter note...one may ask...should I hire a Internet surfing coach?ha!ha!ha!... Is there such a thing?
There certainly seems to be plenty of social media people that will help you improve your online social skills. But there is no training program on how to be a great Google surfer, now is there?

Hve a blessed week!!!
Habit is my sidekick! :)
Lady Lindell....Wow, that habit takes a LOT of work! ha!ha!ha!
I could be wrong...lol!!
A few guesses...When I get bored, I become(whichever applies).. left or right-handed, moving eyebrows (move both of them and do the wave), & perhpas chewing ice....lol!!!

Thank You - Appreciate the response...God Bless Yr Beautiful Famiy!!
THANX Szinestro,

As they say...Habit a poor master but a useful servant, cultivate it wisely.
“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

Charles C. Noble quotes
THANX blanco....

What we need to learn is to create beneficial repetitions rather than negative ones.

We must remember William James’ phrase....
Sow a thought, reap an action,
Sow an action, reap a habit,
Sow a habit, reap a destiny.
Bula すばらしい SuE's,

We know that the key to change is in creating new habits to replace the lifestyle habits
we wish to change. We find inspiration in the quote above by Charles C. Noble, thanks to Blanco.
This is where philosophy can help us. We must put our thoughts into action.
We must build good habits of action. And then the power of habit will work for us and not against us.

Bad habits are hard to change therefore they are called bad. Its something you do unconciously, so first you will have to get aware of this bad habit and then try to get rid of it.
In my opinion it can be difficult, the human brain thrives on habits. it is about re training the brain.


Wishin you a fabulous weekend!
Habit is a cable, we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.



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