Is there anyone out there who design or interested in the craft of making things out of tapa (masi

Gathering informations and and creating a pattern that suite the texture of the masi, this is what my daughter wore in her wedding last Jan was thrilled by it. My pleasure to release to you my matavuvale friends, and just enjoy. thank you all for your contributions in this project.

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Are you looking into this as a business venture???
Yes, I am already in business using Masi for contemprory crafts. I have not used masi to make and outfit like a wedding dress. I now have a project to be completed in a month. What I saw on photos of some designers is alright but to achive the flow of the design I have, I wonder if one will tell me how to make the texture of masi plyable, how to join seamlessly. and the best possible way of thinning. Is there some kind of glue or chemical that I am missing out?
Hi Lavinia, My mother has a special glue and the key ingredient is tapioca starch. I remember when Adi Litia Mara-Dugdale's wedding dress was being prepared. At first Adi's Kiwi tailor wasn't satisfied with the original texture of the masi and she, along with her aunt Adi Viti brought it to my mother to work on at my cousin's place in Nabua. I know for a fact that a lot of work...the best work was put into creating Adi Cakobau's dress. I will try and ask my mother if I can post those pix.
That's cool@pics
Is the masi you are using now too stiff???? Will you be using some sort of lining - say soft cotton ??? I can find out for you if you can tell me more as I do have a friend who designs wedding gowns and dresses with Masi fabric - but will have to find out if he is here or abroad and get you too together and you can discuss and share ideas!!
Reapi, this kind of you. You see, what I see on most finished products of masi particulaly dress is not always how I would like this one to turn out. IF your male friend is available for consultant base, I shall be to happy to pick his mind

Masi is not new to me but I am only stuck in this area, for I have experiment some adhesive glue and it does not lust. Fabric glue is no where to be found in here I and it is kind of you to try and help.
La - my friend is currently away ...why don't you try emailing - I saw this today when I was googling and searching on line for more info on masi bridal outfits....I hope that helps you out...
Bula La...are you btw Nei Sega's daughter?? Am on Facebook with Kata so are you in NZ too?? Good to know that you're into you have any pics of your work?? Would love to see. Thanks!
Mirise Lewa, it is Nei for you guess right. Abby is getting married in Jan 2009 and I am doing everything that needs to be done including the dress. I am cordinating and be the supplier as well, and I have 4 months to do all by hand, and loving it. By the way I saw your mom with all the ACS old girls gathering at Dolphine for the reguregu for Adi Kainona. She is always looking well. When Oni gets home I will show her your page.
An experienced seamstress, Kelera (formerly of Klertz company in Fiji) designed and sewed my daughter's wedding outfit. She did a superb job, pays attention to the tiny details, check out Suzy Vulaca's wedding pictures on matavuvale under Selai's album and Pau Vulaca's album. Unfortunately i dont have Kelera's phone number, but i know she is a supervisor at Walmarts West Sac Drapery dept. Hope this info is helpful to you.

Bula Ami. Thought that picture is of a gown designed by DiVuya Raratabu whilst she was attached to Rosie Semisi. Rosie Semisi was highlighting many of her gowns in the Fiji Times Online Features last year, until Divuya branched off again by herself. Very talented she is.

From memory Adi Litia Dugdale's gown was a long sleeved, sweet heart neck slim fitting gown - traditionally catholic in construction ... from the videos shot by Kata anyway. The wedding I'm referring to is the one where the reception was held at the Atoll Hotel in Pacific Harbour which was rented out for the weekend by Ratu Mara. That's what the owner said was the agreement between the owners and the Mara's who had guests names tagged onto the doors in masi envelopes. Thereafter leaving for Lau.

To the lady who wants to get the ball rolling, you may try the following email addy: It is the contact for the Fiji designer who made all the gowns I've attached. Her name is DiVuya Raratabu.

Forgot to mention that Adi Litia Dugdale's gown was designed by Annie Bonza - a well respected Kiwi designer of Cook Island descent.

She did not use Rosie as her designer.

" Release: 06 August, 2006
[Source: Fiji Dailies; through promoting Suva]
Adi Litia Mara's wedding dress to go on display

The wedding dress of Adi Litia Mara, daughter of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara (former Prime Minister and President of Fiji) and Ro Lady Lala Mara, will go on display at the Fiji Museum in Suva from next week. The dress is made entirely from masi (traditional tapa cloth), a fabric hand made from the bark of the mulberry tree and its texture resembles fine lace. Adi Litia wore the dress when she married Harry Dugdale of England. The dress, which has since the wedding been in storage at one of the former President's home, will now go on display at the Contemporary Art section of the Museum. Adi Litia's dress created a trend in the use of masi to make wedding dresses and most young women who get married today tend to have the same contemporary design and look to their wedding dresses."




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