Fiji Youths Beaten By Soldiers Over Free Kua Ni Rere March And DVD!!!!

This is from Coupfour.five blog:

Youths arrested and tormented over Free Fiji March and DVD

"These young people we made to do duckwalks, run around, crawl and kiss each other in the hot sun, while some soldiers cheered and made fun of them. They were also beaten and kicked around the ribs and backs."-

"So far only high profile figures have been highlighted in many overseas media and blog posts, so the plight of ordinary citizens detained by the military is hardly reported. "
A human rights worker in Fiji details the latest abuse!
On the 26th of February, the XXXX was advised of various arrests following a raid of the political party Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party. A concerned youth relayed to the network how his father was taken by military officers from their family home in Nausori Town on the 26th February "they came at 9pm at night, and were shouting at the gate for my father, they took him and returned him on the 27th of February at 2pm in the afternoon. He was beaten up and have bruises when he returned". His arrest was due to a DVD that was distributed discrediting the Military Junta's efforts.

On the 26th of February also, the XXXX was advised of the arrest of four youths in Wailoku. They were arrested at 1pm and taken to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. We were informed that their arrest had to do with a planned 'protest on the 4th of March', I with two other human rights youth advocates and parents of two of the detained youths arrived at the Camp at 3pm to negotiate and to call for the immediate release of the youth's, when we arrived at the gates of the camp we saw young people ( 7 youths) running around the ground in the distance (a portion of the ground is visible from the gate) and been taunted and constantly been hit by solders on the Camp grounds. 
One of the parents of the youths arrested from Wailoku identified one of the persons running in the ground as her son, she started crying and kept pleading to the soldiers at the gate to release her son. The youths were than told to sit in the sun, some were visibly injured. They were later told to get up and move to a part of the ground that was hidden by fauna. There was at least 20 soldiers in the ground.

We were not allowed to come into the camp and were kept at the gate. At this point one of our youth activists began filming on he's digital camera as I began negotiating with a Sgt Turaga on the immediate release of all those on the ground. Sgt Turaga ordered that we leave immediately. A military truck arrived at 3:55pm and a military officer grabbed the digital camera and slapped one of the youth activists, he later punched one of the parents who moved in to help our peer.

I was literally pushed several times by another military officer and ordered to "fuck off". Although a few of the solders had guns, no one attempted to threaten us with them.

At this point we saw all the youths coming out of the gate, as they walked towards us, a few solders we swearing at them. At the gate some of the youths stopped to pick up their wallets, watches, and phones. We greeted all the youths (some needed immediate medical attention), but the military officers kept ordering us to leave the camp. We all left immediately fearing that we would be targeted next. We advised the youths and their parents to write statements, they have come back to the network in phone conversation to say that they were very scared to write anything or go to the doctors.

In a phone conversation with one of the youths who was arrested on 26th, I was told of the inhumane treatment they all faced at the military camp. These young people we made to do duckwalks, run around, crawl and kiss each other in the hot sun, while some solders cheered and made fun of them. They were also beaten and kicked around the ribs and backs. 
They were told that if they complain or are seen to be distributing anything against the government, they would be cut up and thrown into the sea. The youth, also informed me that all those arrested were at a house on the night of the 24th in Wailoku, drinking grog, where they were discussing a protest planned for Suva, on the 4th of March by some people on the internet. The internet source was asking people to assemble at the Albert Park.

I have since informed the youths concerned to write statements and document their injuries, we can also meet with them to do this. They have been shaken emotionally and fear for their lives. We are very concerned with the targeting of young people in the recent escalation of human rights abuses in Fiji. So far only high profile figures have been highlighted in many overseas media and blog posts, so the plight of ordinary citizens detained by the military is hardly reported.

These citizens are hunted down, detained and abused. Many are also interrogated and forced to undergo various 'military exercises'.

I now see, that it is very important that human rights activists station themselves at military institutions when news of arrests happen and negotiate the immediate release of detainees. Also the indignity surround those who are detained is a 'crime against humanity' and we are currently drafting a letter to Fiji's Military backed President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, asking for a stop to the recent violence against Fiji Citizens.

The violence on Fiji's citizens must stop immediately. (Report has been compiled for Amnesty International and was given to Coupfourpointfive)

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Caka mada veiratou na vica na  sotia qori na veimoku e ra cakava tiko,me qai laurai e ratou taleitaka se sega..Sa vakamadua ka sega ni lasa mai na veimoku sa ra cakava wavoki tu ..


Sa oti makawa nodratou veimoku na da a tokoni ratou mai na gauna ya ke a sa da lesu makawa tale ki na democracy ka sa dua na Viti vinaka sa tu nikua.....Dua ga nai wase levu ni tamata era a moku ya o ira na dauvakacaca....drug dealers...kei ira era dau cakava eso na i tovo toro sobu vei ira na innocent peoples of Fiji......qo koya ira sa sega ni ni dau rawata o ratou na ovisa......vacava mada mo lesu mai na cakacaka, sa oca tu mai...ka kauta tiko mai vale nai lavo ni veisaumi me voli kina na kedratou na veitinani ni ratou sa walokai tu e na viakana qai mai butakoci iko tu e dua na tamata e lako sara tu ga mai vakalialia me rawata kina nai voli ni mena gunu......e na vinaka vei iko???????

AU KEREA MO SARAVA MADA NA YOUTUBE LINK KA KOTO E CAKE .....o na qai raica kina na lolovira ni rai sa tu vei ira na tamata dokadoka sa tu e viti a vakatarai tiko me ratou tosoya na mataivalu na nodra moku ira na mataqali tamata ya ke a sega ni tubu cake tale nodra i valavala....ia ka ni rarawa ni sa mai tarovi nodratou veivakasavasavataki na mataivalu e na vuku ni veilawa eso ka da suguraka tiko mai vaka na human rights......

E vinaka cake vei me ra moku me kua kina ni tubu e Viti eso na i tovo ka sega ni salavata noda bula na i taukei....Kedatou na kai Viti tou dau moku sara tou qai vuli.......

E ra marau na daunibisinisi mai Viti ni caka tiko na veimoku....baleta ra sa rere dina sara ga na dauvakacaca......

Vakasamataka mada vakarua...i vei e bibi vei iko...nodra maroroi na dauvakacaca se nodra bula na lewe i Viti vinaka???????

Bula Tuks


Au sa rogoca na clip ni youtube ko ni biuta mai .Au a sega talega ni qai sucu e na noa meu sega ni kila na kena duidui ni DVD koya ka vosa tiko kina na wekaqu ko Daunitutu me baleta na matanitu cala vakalawa kei na clip ni katokatoni ka ratou vakasausa tiko kina na vica na gone sese ka ratou vosavosa ca tiko kina...E dua sara na kena tamani duidui levu .


Sa dina sara me ratou vaqarai na gone ka ratou vosavosa ca tiko qori e na katokatoni ya,musu mai dua na kedratou taba ni moli ,se hosepipe me ratou kanakana kuita vinaka sara ga vakagonelailai e matadra na tamata me yacova ni ratou qasi ka ratou kolotaki yani e loma ni cell.Me play mada i liu na sere me ra rogoca na tamata me kilai na vuni nodratou kanakuita qai ratou waboraki . E dau tarovi mada ga na sere vakavalagai ka vakayagataki kina na vosa ca kei na yaloyalo ca[pornography] e viti ..Koya ratou kitaka na i lala gone bakusi qo sa over tale .


Ia noqu kerekere ga me kua ni mai were ubiubi taki vata kei na nona sasaga yaga nei wekaqu ko Daunitutu na kena vakalesui ni matanitu ki vei ira na lewenivanua .Vinaka.





Hmmm! very interesting, next!

tutu na sere vena u tube qo ka.......ka qo.......e vakalolovira taka na yacada......even our kila sa sega beka na sere me lagati..........filthy and degradg..........i suggest kua na bosoka vata...........vakaloloma levu.........


Ummm not very nice... pray for a better tomorrow..

This is indeed a sad situation for our Youths, I pray that they continue to fight for democracy for Fiji and when the time is right all those that have mistreated, abused, tortured etc those soliders will face the consequencies.
Bula Frank, hope you are well.  I agree with you totally.  Let's continue to pray for our beloved Fiji.  What it's become is really sad.
wont be surprise if RU gave the orders....

What all Native Fijians and island veiwekanis and vasus should realize,by now.When James Michener wrote The Book Tales of the South Pacific,all this was predicted in a the short story in the Book Titled"The Minah Bird".That is the reason the Indian Community tried to Ban his proposed visit to Fiji some years back.The Natives including members of the Army,Police,Navy,Turaga and from all walks of life within this community regardless of how you term it,should know that Kaiyum the Illegal self appointed AG is a part of the prediction in Mecheners writing.

They will draw and initiate the moves,work on boycotting any appointment of active service for them,fight for pay rises in whichever discipline Force they are a part of in other words form trade unions within,and watch and instigate such moves using the natives.They will always act like the Mynah birds that was brought from India during the indentured Labourers arrival,where ever this group of mynah birds land all other groups of birds will scatter.So all other communities in Fiji should realize that all the illegal rules that Kaiyum has designed is only to make money and to pit fijians against fijians get all the Muslims to run the country like he is doing now...with Nur Bano...Shameem...and co conspirators and Gates and Pryde...Where were all the great grand parents of these few when The grand and great grandparents of Bainimarama,and Mara,and Ganilau,and Cakobau and the Tawavanuas were heeding to all their traditional obligations into making Viti Fiji....and along they came....and as predicted.Wake up.....The Native and relative communities should get together relook at rebuiding and reconcile like sensible humble human beings fijians,chuck them out now before its to late.....Look at what happened to Noriega of Panama,and Sadam Hussein,and Pervez Musharaf,and lately all that is happening in the middle East....The international Criminal Court is matter what any one says..for one person proven to be tortured and harmed at the hands of a chief a king a Military Ruler,A chief justice or whomsoever it may be...There will always be a day of restitution....and when that day comes Aiyaz will be deep in the Mountain caves in the Peshawar Mountains waiting until the American President to send a txt message to The Pakistaki Prime Minister to giving full citizenship coz he will be a waste of valuable time and money to even think about bringing back to decent society.      

Au vakabauta ni sa dodonu me da sa toso ki liu!!! Ke da na kauta tale tiko mai na ka makawa ena vakavuna ga vakalevu na yavavala, na ka sa oti sa oti, au sega ni via totaka e dua na yasana, na ka au gadreva me da sa toso ki liu, sa voleka na veidigidigi!!! We all want a better Fiji!!! Da kua tale ni vakelia tiko mai na sui mate me tubu kina na veicati kei na yavala ni vanua!!! Nai wali kece ni ka e yaco tiko qo na veivosaki ga, ke da na kauta tikoga na noda muana o Viti ena sega ni vinaka rawa, sa dodonu me vinaka o Viti, sa levu na lotu, sara masu tiko na tamata ni kalou me vinaka na vanua, vinaka vakalevu, GOD BLESS MY FIJI!!!!!!!
What a shame for a small island like Fiji .............. beating up its people.  VB and Khaiyum deservs a life term  in jail.




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