Fiji Government Misrepresents Human Rights Record to UN







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ISSUED UNDER STRICT EMBARGO 00:01 GMT Wednesday 10 February 2010

Fiji Government misrepresents human rights record to UN

The Fiji Government has misrepresented its human rights record in a report to the United Nations, Amnesty International said today.

The government has submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council ahead of a formal review of the state of the country’s human rights scheduled for Thursday 11 February in Geneva.

Amnesty International disputes many of the claims made in the Fiji Government’s National Report, including assertions that religious freedom is enjoyed in Fiji; that the right to free speech is respected; and that the censorship of the media is a necessary security measure.

“Government assertions that human rights are protected in Fiji are an insult to its citizens, who have had to endure surveillance, intimidation and threats by the military,” said Apolosi Bose, Amnesty International’s Pacific Researcher.

Amnesty International rejects government claims that that the abrogation of Fiji’s constitution, in April 2009, did not have an impact on the respect and enjoyment of human rights, and that the independence of the judiciary remains intact.

“The abrogation of the constitution dealt a devastating blow to the enjoyment of human rights, the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary in the country,” said Apolosi Bose.

The entire judiciary was sacked in April 2009 and since July, a number of magistrates have been summarily dismissed without any official explanation. Local media continue to face censorship on a daily basis and people are fearful of voicing an opinion that may be contrary to government’s view.

“In an assault on religious freedom, the authorities have specifically targeted the Methodist church of Fiji and have banned the church from holding its annual conference until 2014. Since July 2009, more than 25 pastors and senior administrators of the church have been arrested, briefly detained and charged under the Public Emergency Regulations,” said Apolosi Bose.

The Public Emergency Regulations (PER) which came into force in April 2009, have enabled the government to violate key human rights, while ensuring impunity for those committing these violations. Amnesty International maintains that the interim government has applied the PER to protect itself from any criticism or dissent and to suppress any comment or news item that may be critical of the government or the security forces.

“More than a thousand people have been assaulted, threatened, intimidated or subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment, arbitrary arrests, and detention by the military for either being critical of the authorities or on trumped-up charges,” said Apolosi Bose.

As recently as January 2010, senior officials in the Fiji military have openly threatened critics and dissidents. The government has also begun terminating benefits to pensioners who have been critical of the regime, violating their rights to freedom of speech and social security.

“This speaks volumes about the Fiji government’s lack of commitment to respect human rights,” said Apolosi Bose.

Amnesty International urges the Human Rights Council to conduct a rigorous examination of Fiji’s fulfilment of its human rights obligations and commitments and to call for practical measures aimed at addressing serious shortcomings.

The organization also calls on the government of Fiji to engage in the examination in a spirit of openness and frankness and to act on recommendations to improve the human rights situation in Fiji.

Amnesty International has documented a litany of human rights violations since the military overthrew the elected government in December 2006. As part of the UN Committee’s review of Fiji, Amnesty International has prepared a submission to the committee which examines in detail the human rights situation in that country.


Note to editors:

The UN Human Rights Council formal review of Fiji’s human rights record is part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process by which the United Nations Human Rights Council examines the human rights record of each of the UN’s 192 Member States. Each State is reviewed once every four years on a rotating basis.

Amnesty International’s submission on Fiji may be found at:

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Last Sunday, 14 Feb 2010,I was having lunch with a sacked legal expert from Fiji, who had to leave the country like a fugitive, tipped by an insider in the Military Regime itself, who focussed, the impending closing in of the Ilegal Regime continued suppression of the rights to the citizens of Fiji- this person was to have the voice of democracy clipped.
The Everyday Scene IN Fiji:

1. Man on the ground deal with bread and butter issue, The issues of human rights is not an issue since they want to feed their stomach first. Its those brotherhood who are tasked to see that you have food and not only food, your shelter, your finance, your voice and you right to self determination intacked who being hunted down, so that citizens who just knows the bread and butter issue are acclimatized to the erosion of human dignity and so believe everything is right as long as I have food on the table and in the stomach.

2. Military Everywhere. In every corner of the Public Service there is a guard stationed as a Permanent Secretary, a Company Director, A CEO, A Leading Supridentant of Police, A Director of Services in the Municipal Council, Taxi Supridentant, A Shipping Master, an Immigration CEO- Reminds me of the Hitler and His Failed Regime. You cannot have a few suckers, be master over 3/4 million people who are more sophiscatred, more intelligent, more proficient, more qualified and have proven record on human rights nonviolation,capitalism, and know the meaning of true democracy
Master, could you be more specific on how that legal expert was sack??

E vaka vei au e mataqali vata ga kei na dua na dauveiqaravi e gole ena weekend qai lesu mai sa soli yani vua dua nai vola...Thank you, your service is no longer require.Eda sa na kila sara tu ga na levu ni vosa ni vei vakacacani ena laki caka me baleti koya e veisosomi taki.

Anyway,qai Kalougata tiko na bula ni veiqaravi mai yasana qori,drau moce.
Thanks to the 2006 coup and its ramifications, it is now clear after the UN Human Rights Council's review of human rights practices in Fiji earlier this month in Geneva, that Fiji ranks very high in the Pacific for human rights abuses.And the misrepresentations in the Fiji government's submission has to be read to be believed!
@ Apete Naitini, This is not surprising should we trace the lies emanating from them ever since 06/12/ 2006. Its amazing that some people are so gullible that what this illegal admin says is gospel to them. I am just overwhelmed that with all these so-called educated officio(s) that they would submit a misrepresented report on the abuse in Fiji prior to the review, thinking that they would get away scott free. Did they ever consider the repercussions of their false report that was presented by Vocea.
How on earth can you have a bunch of liars wanting to lead this Nation is beyond comprehension.

@ eck....people are sacked and victimised for standing up and saying what is right and not who is right. You see thats the problem with people who can not be told otherwise, they are under this illusion that they know whats best for the country.

What part of your military training were you taught to threaten your country men eck? Answer me that question. The Fiji Militarys role is to provide security, provide assistance for rural development by the Enigineers, patrol the Fiji waters by the Navy and provide ceremonial duties by 3FIR nothing more nothing less.

I am reminded of a Chinese proverb...quote "NO MATTER HOW THE WIND HOWLS THE MOUNTAIN WILL NEVER BOW TO IT" unquote.
C.E.K'S I can arrange person to person meet, disclosure is feared on this wavelength since there are brothers, sisters and backhome, then again this peron might fear meeting you since you might be quick to holler the Illegal Government, since comming across your views you have aired,you are so much in bed with them.

When you stand up and say your piece you get sacked and only happens in a government that abused HUMAN RIGHTS. What I do not understand is the people that are siding with this Illegal Regime. One might argue that this Illegal Regime is building this, is doing that, of course it has to do that,(WHICH HAS BEEN YOUR DEBATE SO FAR)remember that, that is the normal function of those in Government and that is nothing different from ordinary.

And the extra-ordinary that it does,which then proves their Illegal Government, is sacking people on the spot, or working towards it, by putting in unreasonable tasks, no discussion, no recourse for apppeal. This is the military style, and if it is such,then it looks like DICTATORIAL just waiting to identify itself as such....and that is only think it lacks, the stomach to say that it is DICTATORIAL ADMINISTRATION, or is it the level of mentality that exist at Delainabua and Togalevu that the cannot distinguish one from the other.

We have heard, read and told, that this Illegal Government is doing many good things. But the question is, who is it for. Is it for their exit strategy or for their continual existence of their ILLEGALITY. The Writing is on the WALL.
@ Funky, please for sanity sake, don't even break a sweat in trying to talk sense into nonsence, it will not register.
I always wonder what does UN represent at All. If we Fiji as a Nation been used by the UN to protect, serve the interest of the United nations principle around the World , than there is no argument that UN has gone disrepair from its original objective .
UN stands for all that is conventional and bidding. It takes time to make its legal opinion and it stands as a beacon not wavered by personal vendetta and unsubstantiated reports.

So honoured as it is, and at times it looks like a lion without its teeth, remember, it has it claws.

It purrs and slowly and surely it will get there.....remember it has to draw closer to any situation that arises around the world. Fiji is no different.

The concern human community should continuously bring them to attention.
That was just a matter of time before it happened and spot on too!




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