I beg to ask these questions in light on the heavy involvement of the citizens of Fiji the the celebration of Diwali yesterday :


1. If our students are asked to wear sari to school to celebrate, does it mean that we are "yoked together" with unbelievers?


2. If we accept invitation by a neighbour to enjoy sweets and company, are we yoked together?


3. If we eat sweets offerred by our work mates, friends, are we yoked together?


4. If we say "Happy Diwali" to anybody, are we yoked together?



What do you think in light of 2 Corinthians 6:14

"Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?"

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Just a suggestion ND that it might be helpful that you kickstart your own discussion by sharing what do you think of those interesting questions that you raise. Surely you must have some opinion about them or you wouldn't raise them for discussion?

I'm more concerned about your first question though. Are there school kids who are being asked to wear sari to school for Diwali? Which schools are these? And where are they expected to get mini-sized saris from?

As for sweets, I have eaten all kinds of Diwali sweets since I was a kid : barafi, mitai, lakari, fried rourou, peas, halwa, gulab jamun, murukku, toffee, fudge, mango crisp, caramel apples, chinese toffee apples, trifle pudding, milk vadai, milk poli, ladoo, puri, fruit salad, strawberry delight, etc.... and as a good Christian, I always ask God to bless whatever food, sweets, drinks before I consume. I hope you all do too. Yoked together? What's that?

Yes thank you mrz, indeed I also do the same in eating everything believing that our God is far greater those other gods.

Somehow my conscious is challenged in light of the scripture quoted above - meaning that we partake in the celebration we are one with them and I think this may be somehow aligned towards worshipping their god.

The priciple is the same as consumption of Halal meat by Christians, drinking of yaqona, ect. I guess its the inner conscious of people that is at work here.

On the schools to wear sari, yes my daughter goes to a school who tells the students to wear sari as the school was officially having a Diwali celebration.

My mtvvl id is mzs, and not mrz, sa kua soti mada na YALOCA kei na YALOVELAVELA, se va i vei ND? LOL.. If you have an issue with that particular school,  use your common sense and take it up with the Principal of the school or relevant authorities, if you're unhappy with your daughter being told to wear a sari. What is the name of the school btw? How strange as I've not heard of students being told to wear sari to school on Diwali or is that only imposed in your daughter's school?

Isa vosoti au mzs...sa rui matalailai, kau sa qase mai sa sega ni raica vinaka na matanivola !!

Believe me I have used my common sense way before I posted this thread and had complaint to the HT on that regard. But the essence of my thread is not on the school thing alone. Its more to that. The name of the school is not an issue unless you are an Educational Officer from the MoE and attend to complaints raised on this forum.

Apologies accepted although I think you're a lot sharper than what you've tried to portray yourself to be. 

But the essence of my thread is not on the school thing alone. Its more to that.

Yes, so I've gathered. Do you care to elaborate on your concerns about Diwali, eating Halal meat, drinking yaqona, etc etc ND?

Hehe... a funny thought just entered my mind with those who are suspicious and paranoid about food/sweets being blessed by gods that they do not believe in. Haha au dredre mada... well, I was thinking that if you didn't want to share your meal, sweets etc you just have to chant some gibberish feverish yadayadayada and presto! they'll all say "NO, THANKS!" and run off the other direction, then you can sit back and enjoy all the sweets to yourself. hehe...

But seriously, there's a verse in the Holy Bible (chapter & verse experts please help me out here) where Jesus said to the pharisees who had accused him of eating on the same table with 'sinful, tainted people' that it is not what you put in your body that is dirty but it is what comes out of it. I guess he was trying to teach those idiots that we were all born with free-wills that we exercise daily for good or for bad - given our inherent dual nature.

So what is it gonna be, peeps? A choice to do good or make good the cards (i.e. circumstances) that you were dealt as much as you'd rather not have to deal with it OR are you going to pursue evil and let Satan reign in your hearts while lamenting why oh why Lord couldn't you have just given us a perfect homogeneous society and have all our itaukei ducks lined up nicely and obediently in a perfect row.

Ni sa bula vinaka na wekaqu,dua na noqu nanuma.Na noda vanua lomani oqo ko Viti sa da mai bula veimaliwai tu qo keina veimatatamat (tabu yani)e vuqa Idia,jaina ect.Ka tu vata keina nodra dui vakabauta.Ia da dikeva matua sara ni sa soli tu na galala vei ira oqo mera vakavuvulitaka na nodra vakabauta.Na vakabauta vakaKarisito(Christians)ena noda vanua keda kaya tiko ni lotu vakarisito kada saga meda vakaLotu taki ira qo meda vukici ira. ena via drakidrakita toka.Na ka ga meda cakava meda dikeva nai bale2 ni nodra soqo vakaLotu (Diwali)qo e nodra,au vakabauta e sega sara ni dua na ka ca keso vei ira na wekada vei ira na gone se na taba qase mera marau vata keiira, tu dei tu ga na nomu vakabauta (Christian).Dua talega na i bale2 ni "Diwali" Festival Of Lights"kena marau taki na rarama ea kauta mai na nodra Parofita Sri Lord Krsna ena rauta ni tolu na udolu vakacaca na yabaki ki vura2,ena yasa ni vura2 kadua(India),Ka mai valuta na matavalu ni buto2, ia a qaqa ena ivalu ka vakararamataki Idia (India)ena nona iveiyalayati keina nona i vola Tabu (Bagavad-Gita).




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