Over the week-end I attended a Detox Program at the 'Three Angels Missionary College' at Nacilau Pt in Rakiraki.

It is a little place set against a hilly terrain overlooking the Sea - in the distance floated the little islands of Macuata Lailai & Macuata levu and Malake and a little island whose name I could not get. It was a perfect setting for a program that I believe changes my life for the better

After being unwell for the last 6 months, doctors visits, sick leaves and time off work and living on 6 different types of pills - I took the plunge and attended this clinic and for an overworked workaholic always on the go woman - this was exactly what I needed

The Detox program ran for 4 days or longer if your condition was serious - heart diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, gastric ulcers etc, etc...You go in feeling very old and tired and about to reach your 'used by' date and you come back rejuvenated and ready to face the world again

I lost 5kgs in 4 days and I have a 21 raw food program that I am following to ensure that I meet my goal of becoming a very healthy person!

No meat, no sugar and no salt, no butter or margarine and down to 2 meals a day - one of fruit and the other of vegetables I know that if I can stick to it faithfully - I will have embarked on my mission to be around when my twins get married and  have children and yes I want to be around to kiss my grandchildren

For all of you folks and friends members of our Matavuvale - this program is a must if you are living in Fiji or if you are abroad and need to detox - this is one of the most effective ways of doing so!! 

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Bula Siliona

I only have their phone # 628 2960 or mobile # 945 2703





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