Sometimes we randomly make a decision without thinking properly, sometimes we choose the side our friend or family is on, sometimes we let others determine our choices. Decision making shouldn't be taken lightly-it is the one thing that our Creator gave us-we need to think wisely. With everything else we have a manual to refer to but to make the right choices is it common sense or do we need a different power/source to help us. They say it is written in the bible that what men think is right can be wrong in Gods eyes and what men think is wrong can be right in Gods eyes...where do we stand, how can we complicated can decision making be?

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This is a nice piece of discussion that we face on all our daily routine. People take it lightly but a Good Food of thought. We are all expected to make Decision in life and at times we depend on someone's decision before we take the next step.


It is the Power of Choice that We All Humans were Born With , it is not the Chances that you Take , it is the Decision that you will make ! that will Determine the Out Come of Everything that You Wants to Resolved in Life , or in a more Practical Term ! Your Destiny .


Easily said point is when its written that what is right to men can be wrong to God and what is wrong to men can be right to God. When we think its the right thing to do and later find out that it wasn't the right thing..this is an example..Na Kalou e dau vakayagataka na ka beci ena nona cakacaka but a man would look down on certain people and wouldn't even think twice. To choose between two people or two things isn't easy as a simple decision making. vinaka


lolovaka,masulaka waraka..ena saumi dina sara,,,sega ni rawa ni laivi iko na turaga,,mo lako mataboko,,,keo kerea vua,,me liutaka nomu gaunisala..

Im not sure....



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